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Shin Megami Tensei


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how was it u cheesed it before? just with high power attacks im guessing?


im excited cuz the new dood is a wannabe demi-fiend


thats rad i hope he fights like a monster like demi-fiend does


he prolly doesn't tho that'd be too wild



he prolly just uses weapons n shit like most other MCs

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Tetrakarn and Makarahan reflect skills. You get both of them for Flynn, get them to +3 and then go to town on the bosses. Bosses that use multi hit skills are fucked. Almighty attacks are the only attacks that don't get reflected. It makes the game much, much easier.
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oh i never used them except for the times it made you (like the challenge stuff)


that's honestly not even that cheesy all things considered those skills were pretty expensive iirc


I just remember there was gun skills that were much better for cheesing the game, maybe some melee ones too, ones that were lowish level but way too strong for that level


stun needle i think it was called


you can start learning it in like the 20s and it basically works til you can start getting the top tier skills


from what i remember my big problem with combat was just that the status affects were mostly worthless

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its not totally weird for asahi to be an idiot yeah


it is sorta weird tho because she's gone through traumatic experiences at the beginning of the game so you would think it would frame her worldview but yeah...totally doesnt


that's a plot problem for me so far but a minor one


the new odin design is v strong tho he looks rad as fk

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