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Making ACs a Reality

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The only real advantage that a mech (or vehicle) with "Hands" would have over other ones would be its ability to switch weapons without needing a whole team of guys and other machinery to do the swapping... apart from that they wouldn't really work.


That being said, there could be a use for robots on the field, but they would most likely end up being pack horses, like Big Dog.

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  • Would an armored core do good or bad for the world?

Good, they're so cool, many people might try become soldiers or mercenaries.

  • Does the world need armored cores?

No, there are better alternatives.

  • Are armored cores even an engineering possibility with, say, our current technological breakthroughs?


  • What purpose would ACs serve on the battle field? Think about the roles current weapon systems serve and find gaps.

Match the best weapons of the opponent(in my dreams). Mascot of the group.


An AC can be just a cosmetically better combination of tank and Harrier. No need for limbs because they only for fighting with artillery unlike humans which need it for multiple purposes. The weapons can just be mounted in the body. The AC strategies can be done by a tank or Harrier.

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In my opinion IF we were to try to build giant mechs to use for whatever purpose (such as war) the closest that we could probably get to, in this day in age, are the mechs from Chrome Hounds.


That game was pretty much based off of that, if we were to try to create giant mechs today then that is what we would have. No way would we be able to make a mech that can jump and fly and stuff like that with what we see in AC.


Granted it would be cool as hell but very unlikely.

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In Armored Core 2 humans lived on Mars. They had advanced technology. There is no air on Mars. If there was a war on Mars the best way to fight would be inside airtight robots. also there is less gravity on Mars. it wouldn't take as much to move the ac. if you were to fight inside spacesuits you would have a bigger chance of dying. do the ACs have to look exactly like in the game. no. It would just need to make it so people would be able to breath in war. yes it is most likely possible but probably not any time soon.
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it gets real hot on mars i bet theyd need ACs to keep them cool huh


itd also supply them with air so theres that

Not according to NASA.

The temperature on Mars may reach a high of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) at noon, at the equator in the summer, or a low of about -225 degrees Fahrenheit (-153 degrees Celsius) at the poles.
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