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Street Fighter V


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I suspect some are pissed cause it's PS4 & PC exclusive so if they had it on the other consoles well they're fucked. Sony apparently is co-developing it or some shit.


It could just be fans being pissed for the sake of being pissed. Idk.

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wat looks dumb tho is its got OTG combos and i like street cuz i dont have to combo as much compared to other games


I was thinking the exact same thing, SFxT got boring for me real fast with its heavy focus on combos and not much else, fights are dominated by boring extensive combo trades that are very repetitive. I hope SFV can restrain itself from that, although vid sort of hints otherwise.


Also yeah Ninety KI came to mind when I first watched the vid, I think because of the impacts.


It's still too early for me to gauge how much I like or dislike it though, I gotta feel it, unless I'm really exposed to something I can't ignore.

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I don't like it cause it just looks like a ps3 tekken game. There's not really a huge jump in visuals-- at least from this footage. I don't really think sf fits these kind of visuals either. I'd rather have more cartoony or flat art-style. The movement gets to me more than the art though, or rather the movement in combination with the art. Animations so choppy seem like they'd naturally go with flat and cartoony characters, and not realistic ones like as seen in the teaser.


Anyways it's still pre-alpha footage I'm assuming, and there's very little of it. My opinions could change with more footage later down in development, but for now it's not really that dope looking to me.

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