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I'm tempted to go PC since the X360 version is terrible. But I don't want to spend time to unlock things because that's dumb.


I'm currently on 360:


4.2 million silver

10,000 free XP



TD (VI - Hellcat)

Med Tank (V - Sherman)

Art (II - Whatever it's called)



TD (III - Marder III)

Light Tank (III - Panzer whichever it is)


Above tier VI already looks like a stupid forever grind fest, but I'm enjoying VI so much that I haven't even bought the next tanks.

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I had a lot of very fun games today. Primarily with my Pz. 1-C and my Pz. IV-A. The IV-A was just satisfying to use cause it's the first tier 3 tank where the gun is powerful enough to finally dent a lot of the stronger tier 5 tanks I've been having to fight lately, which led to lots and lots of good kills and the eventual unlocking of the Pz. IV D (which I'm in the process of buying soon) The main issue was that my 1-C was my previous main tank for tier 3, and the complete lack of armor in addition to a rather piddly gun meant that I wasn't getting kills in any way shape or form, and I also wanted to get the IV-A so I could eventually get the tiger later on.


However, since my current philosophy is to elite a tank (unlock all upgrades) before I scrap it, I decided to start using the 1-C again after I maxed the IV-A, and basically just decided "go forward and don't stop", since the 1-C's main strength is its absurd top speed of 78kph. So I discovered a new strategy: don't bother trying to damage the enemy tanks with the useless gun, just run past them. (unless of course I find a *very* soft target like a type 91 or something that is actually vulnerable to my machine gun. in which case I wreck their shit with a suicidal charge) Running straight past enemy tanks at a top speed that high typically means avoiding shots and also distracting the enemy at the same time. This frees up teammates from pressure of return-fire for a moment, allowing them to rain down all sorts of significantly more painful bullets than my own, usually killing the enemy tanks that are trying to fire at me before they can kill me. Assuming I make it past enemy lines unscathed, this also means that I can head straight for enemy artillery, particularly when tank destroyers are too busy chasing heavy tanks to defend the base. I can start capturing the base to draw attention as well, which is amusing. So essentially, I run in, provoke someone, and GTFO while teammates deal with it.


There were two games where I actually contributed a lot by doing this. First was on a big desert, and a heavy tank, a medium, and another light were all following me as I led them to some rocks for cover. Naturally, there were already enemies in there, so I kinda just ran circles around the enemy tanks and also the rocks until the heavy and mid showed up to kill them. I shot at them, but I really wasn't doing anything more than making plink noises on their armor while I continued running in circles. I think they might have thought I was going to damage them or something, but all I did was flee back the way I came and hid behind the friendly tanks. We repeated this three times, destroying small pockets of enemy forces each time until eventually we were sitting on their base and blowing up their artillery units.I ran around in circles inside the enemy base to ring all their alarms while the remainder of my team finished off the enemy tanks. No kills, still a good game.


Second game where I contributed involved myself kinda just wandering around on a bit hilly map, trying to spot enemies that I could plink at. After I spotted an enemy tank destroyer (which was promptly shot to hell by a friendly), I spotted a small group of enemy tanks, a heavy and mid, heading straight for the position of the friendly that had just fired. I turned to start following them from behind, so see if I could get them off of my teammate by damaging their treads, but by the time I got there, a friendly hetzer (another tank destroyer) had already been cornered and was severely damaged, treads destroyed and health dropping quickly as they signalled for help in the chat. Naturally, I charged in from behind, and fired at the mid tank (dealing no damage whatsoever) to distract it, then sped straight between the two tanks to meet up with the hetzer on the other side and look for cover, so that i may hide from the giant tanks I was shooting at. However, I didn't quite make it that far, and instead wound up stuck just in front of the hetzer, magazine of my machine gun empty and the engine on the back of my tank completely disabled, a firey mess. I turned to plink at the huge heavy tank again, but didn't really accomplish much besides wasting more of their time. Which is just what the hetzer needed, apparently. The hetzer used the extra few seconds I gave them to repair their treads, and immediately opened fire on the medium tank, ripping through it with it's absurdly powerful gun, and then promptly turning to do the same to the heavy tank, blowing them both to piles of scrap metal as my own tank gave up and died. The hetzer, left with less than 10% health, then went on to use it's position deep in enemy territory to fuck absolutely everything with it's gun, sniping and destroying about half the enemy team within a few minutes. My plinks had saved the hetzer, who then went on to win us the game. Plinklplinkplinkplink.

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