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AC:LR, Why did the Python have to suck?

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So I popped LR in and was dicking around with my Shade/R3 LW, and tried the Python.


It's such a fucking cool gun, but why the hell is it so inaccurate when it's a RAILGUN?!


I'm guessing it's because everything in LR is inaccurate, unless your really close; which never happens.


What 4chan is to trolling, LR is to back-peddling, and I don't like it.


On the side note, the Python is a sick looking gun that looks even better when it's shooting.

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railgun (especially PYTHON) look badass.


but as we know....it sucks. (again, especially PYTHON)


for LR series, railgun was sucks because of charging before firing. but LADON and LADON2 both are powerful and make more heat per shot.


ps : (just only what I think) did you play ACFA before LR?

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Yeah python is so monumentally disappointing that it's rage-inducing. It looked so rad in the opening movie, it looks cool, has a nice beam color, and the idea is nice, but man it's just so bad.


Charges, inaccurate, shit damage, I think it even has lowish ammo. WTF man??? What a meaningless weapon.



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The only RG that was worth a damn was the LADON, it was the fastest, most accurate, and pretty decent ammo, but even then someone could just listen to the charge and time their dodge appropriately, which is why I used it w/ the L-arm missile launcher, to throw off their timing. But even that didn't work against the really good players.

I suppose a L-arm PYTHON would have been pretty nice, adding a railgun element to a wide variety of different weapons to throw people off. But when you add in the fact that railguns stunned anything, it could have ended up being OP.

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Python had a good bit of ammo, but not enough firepower to make that ammo worthwhile. The only way to really work Python is to just fire it like mad while you lay down hate with a HG. I tried to make it work so many times, haha. You just can't use it for much since it's so easy to dodge.


The part that really got me about it was the shitty level of stun provided by it and the shitty damage. It's a fucking railgun dammit.






EDIT: I don't remember the Python stunning most competitive bots, though I may be confusing stuff up.

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Just there for the Rule of Cool I suppose. You see a gun in the opening movie that can blow up half a city, you'll definitely want it. And FROM so capitalized on that.


I kinda wish they made it a game breaker instead of a glass cannon though.

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They should have made it have like 6-800 attack or something... then it would have been soooo worth it. It's just underpowered, underpowered and too innacurate for the chargeup... It's light which is a plus but there is seriously no benefit to offshoot the chargeup.
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Charges, inaccurate, shit damage, I think it even has lowish ammo. WTF man??? What a meaningless weapon.

I love this 3 words.

ladon can stun good ya. Python is garbage.


LX destroys a part like every hit though! So good.

so good.

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I hear to don't liek Pyfongs...


Well, the crappy cool gun is cool, but crappy. DOH


Some guy on ACO said though that FROM did not plan it like that initially. But the original concept of the PYTHON was OP according to FROM. This comes from that guy that's trying to hack the LR game code so that he may change it and make it... different?


PYTHON should've been alongside the lines of KRSW, except it does more damage, fires slower (charge time), and weighs heavier (Not sure). Drains less EN though.


NEXUS era velocity on Railguns would've been dope though.

Oh yes. So good.

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Should have been:



Weight: 764

Lock: ND

Attack: 1290

Attack Heat: 12200

Range: 720

Reload: 110~120

Usage Drain: 2879

Ammo: 12~14


With a projectile velocity between Ladon and Ladon2, if not simply better accuracy. I really think it's the shot velocity that sucks the most with PYTHON. Then they'd need to work on GARUM a little too.

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I was able to beat Lucifer with a variant of my Hindrance design.




Utilizing the Python, I guessed that the stun was adequate enough to work in a few accurate shots from the Gast to beat him.


Hey if anyone beats all six playthroughs of LR with the BJ (Apparently the real protagonist of LR) design I'll eat my socks!


Nah, I'd probably just get some cotton candy and make it look like a sock.

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I can beat LR while getting a BJ, if that's what you mean.


Hahahahaha...ha...no. Now I have an ackward image in my head which I will proceed to drown out by purposely running directly into Rim Fire's fingers of death....which I now just realized sounds SOO WRONG AAH!! Come on, RIM fire...he dual wields FINGERS, No way they did that by accident.


BJ aka Black Jack (His emblem is a playing card so it was pretty obvious to guess) the AC in the intro who uses the Python.

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