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ACV Game Rating, Review, and General Discussion

Harakiri Tiger

ACU Community Rating for Armored Core V  

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This Rating and Review topic is focused on Armored Core V.




To help add a touch of personalization to the ACU Wiki articles covering each AC game, I have decided to add a section in their infoboxes that showcases what the ACU community feels about each game. This section is a rating of the games quality and approval by the ACU community and it is titled "ACU Rating". This rating is based off of a five point scale, ranging from one (a horrible game) to five (an incredible game). Only votes cast using the poll will be counted towards the Wiki's rating system. I will periodically check these topics and update the ACU Rating section for each game. The rating for a game will be the average of all of the votes cast for that game, rounded to the nearest integer.


The other important feature of this topic is to give us a source for the content that will go on each games main article page. This means everyone should write some form of review for whatever part of the game in question they feel like writing for. Even a few sentences giving your view on the games mechanics, story, or part balance can be highly helpful. We need as many viewpoints as possible to help insure the articles accurately reflect community views on the AC games. Also, this helps give us extra material to work with when filling in the main article pages for the AC games.


Of course, you're free to rate and review the games on whatever categories you can think of. If you can't think of anything, I have provided a list at the bottom of this post that can help you with picking things to rate the games on. There are quite a few categories to pick from. You do not have to rate the games using all of these categories, though.


You're free to be as biased as you like and discussion of the AC game in question is highly encouraged.




Rating & Review Category List

  • Overall Game Difficulty - How hard was it to do everything you wanted to do in the game?
  • Default Controls - Did you like or dislike the default controls? Could you customize them?
  • Gameplay Mechanics - Did the way the game handled and the way things interacted in the game appeal to you?
  • New Features - Anything new to the series that you enjoyed or disliked in this game?
  • Bugs & Glitches - Were there any incredibly useful, useless, annoying, or funny bugs or glitches in the game?
  • Storyline Quality - Was the story coherent or entertaining? Were there any memorable moments?
  • Mission Quality - Were the missions fun, entertaining, repetitive, or just downright dull?
  • Arena (If Applicable) - How did the AI handle? Were the fights memorable?
  • Part Balance - Did you feel like the part balance was disappointing?
  • Part Diversity - Was there a satisfying variety of parts, regardless of or in regards to balance?
  • CG Art & Video - How do you feel about the games CG cutscenes and special movie scenes?
  • In-Game Graphics - Did you feel like the graphics and picture quality were sub-par or great?
  • Voice Acting - Were there any memorable voices in the game or voices that really fit their character well?
  • Sound Effects - How were the sound effects? Were they impressive or dull?
  • Background Music - Were there any tracks that played during the game you particularly enjoyed?
  • Multiplayer Mode - Was the multiplayer mode well-done or difficulty to utilize?
  • Other Stuff - Do you have anything else you want to mention about the game?

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  • 1 year later...

  • Overall Game Difficulty - so hard at first, but much easier if you learned about it. 4/5
  • Default Controls - doesn't mean I dislike default custom. but I'm the AC : FA pilot so I'd change control set-up to be like this. 4/5
  • Gameplay Mechanics - nothing epic like this. 6/5
  • New Features - a lot lovin' it. 5/5
  • Bugs & Glitches - I didn't play bugs and/or glitches for any case, anyway, didn't find any bugs. 3/5
  • Storyline Quality - let me end the story mode first, then I'll give a score later. ?/5
  • Mission Quality - much better than any oldies AC series. 4/5
  • Arena (If Applicable) - hope there are still have any harder AI, btw I'd been killed by AC tank in test room for many times. 4/5
  • Part Balance - let me played for few days for better know the stats. ?/5
  • Part Diversity - less designs, but each design had many variations. 5/5
  • CG Art & Video - intro movie make me feel like this world has already had ACs for real life. 4/5
  • In-Game Graphics - with 720p, it is much better than 1080p of ACFA. 5/5
  • Voice Acting - for english, it was better than ACFA. 3.5/5
  • Sound Effects - very realistic. 5/5
  • Background Music - "why don't you come down?" 5/5
  • Multiplayer Mode - didn't play it yet.
  • Other Stuff - make in-game user interface was easier to use. (for assemble menu only)

will added score rate to other choices later.

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Rating & Review Category List

  • Overall Game Difficulty - pretty easy, with the occasional hard boss or w/e 5/5
  • Default Controls - fuck default, but ac's always had custom controls as for what they do 4.5/5 some redundancies are kinda wack
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 5/5 totally different but fun and fresh
  • New Features - 5/5 love all the new stuff they added, game retains old heart of ac with so much more strategy
  • Bugs & Glitches - 3/5 hard to find people, not really a glitch, but goes here. also game lobbies get stupid sometimes
  • Storyline Quality - 5/5 story was pretty decent for AC, totally NOT ac themed tho (corporations, etc.) but the new "controllers" were cool and original
  • Mission Quality - 2/5 gotta nail them here, usually fighting same 3 mt's with occasional ac, story missions were good tho
  • Arena (If Applicable) - considering the ordered ac matches as arena... kinda lacking like in older games 2/5
  • Part Balance - 5/5 part balance is amazing, every part has it's use, just gotta know how to use it
  • Part Diversity - 5/5 ac's kinda look the same but everything functions differently and they have 3 kinds of blades, c'mon.
  • CG Art & Video - loved the intro vid, and all the cutscenes are great 5/5
  • In-Game Graphics - 3/5 VERY sub-par textures, but I know they did this to leave computing power for decals and other shit
  • Voice Acting - sounded like the two chicks were voiced by the same person, but liked the various voices, especially they gay-annoying sounding evil guy 5/5 (for AC)
  • Sound Effects - 5/5 I really like the new sounds, miss the "chick WHOOOOOSSHHHHH" of OB tho
  • Background Music - there's background music? 2/5 LR's OST was the best
  • Multiplayer Mode - pretty decent I'll give it 4.5/5
  • Other Stuff - OB needs to work in air.....

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Overall Game Difficulty - Ok, not too much trouble to get parts and money. 3/5

Default Controls - I liked it, because it made things a little less dated to me. I was slow in comparison to others in adaption to that, but was fine. 3.5/5

Gameplay Mechanics - Recon system and scan mode. The radar function was easier to find the other. With that gone, it encouraged me as an attempt to circle and surprise others with one of my close range AC designs while saving boost, rather than to go head on too much. I liked that they added a little more to the melee system for a charge rush from boost, which create combos with other weapons, but not enough depth in the area as I expected. There should have added more to the physical and laser blade use. 4/5

New Features - Customizing terriorites and invading them. I would give this a max score, but it's not used most of the time. 3.5/5

Bugs & Glitches - I assumed it as a bug when my subquest missions disappeared off of the map when I ended order missions and it prevented me from continuing the last chapter of the main storyline. 2/5

Storyline Quality - Average. 3/5

Mission Quality - I would say that it is (was) something to pass the time. 3/5

Arena (If Applicable) - Nothing special. 3/5

Part Balance - I am indifferent on balance.

Part Diversity - Somewhat interesting, on the subject of the Physical Blade and Ultimate Weapons only. 3.5/5

CG Art & Video - Typical. 3/5

In-Game Graphics - Ok. 3/5

Voice Acting - A little better than I expected, but ok. 3/5

Sound Effects - Decent. 4/5

Background Music - Average. 3/5

Multiplayer Mode - Strangely, I didn't have connection issues with playing the few times against humans in invading terriorties, but with rank and player match on my side most of the time, experiencing constant frame skips (regardless if the ping appeared excellent), which gave me misinterpretations on hit collisions and movements in sessions. I can adapt to a certain amount of lag, but this is different. It reminds me of GGPO's application netcode for fighting games. That's my problem, I guess. For this, I wish that alot more people defended territories, which will never happen, because I didn't have connection issues in that mode so far, which mystifies me. 2/5

Other Stuff - Short-term interest. I felt that it was better than the 4th Armored Core series, but it's not worth keeping long-term from a inconsistent netcode, plus my save file was damaged yesterday. I don't have the patience to start over.

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Territory combat uses servers, free match uses peer-to-peer. That's why one lags much more than the other. Haha.


Either way, great reviews! Especially yours Lyg. Keep'm coming people. We use these reviews to flesh out the ACU Wiki page for the game once we get enough information from them.

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Overall Game difficulty - Overall game difficulty was a bit awkward at the beginning as i didnt really know how to feel but as the game progressed it felt a lot more fluid. AC battles werent walk in the parks once you got into those upper Order mission numbers, and Story missions were well paced with what needed to be done, though i wish the made it restricted on how many times you can access the garage during a mission. 5/5 ONLY because of how well early game and late game are divided.

Default Controls - Just like any FROM or past AC game, every button does something. The overall controls are great and feel normal. Though the changing of firing to the R2 and L2 buttons do take a bit of time to get used to. 4/5

Gameplay Mechanics - Overall all things felt good but sometimes wall kicking is a pain on any kind of rounded surface. Melee combat is something to be terrified of for PvP since its awkward to begin with but thats just my opinion. But explosive objects is a nice addition. 4/5

New Features - Explosive objects, no constant boosting, no blade spam (yet?), nice balance on the usage of armor types, over weapons (even though they arent that practical), operators, more technical maps for battles. 5/5

Bugs/Glitches- The spawn glitch where you can be entering a mission, or entering/leaving a cut scene and get stuff in mid air and cant do anything forcing you to quit mission or some other dissatisfying action. You can still fall through floors in certain spots. 3/5

Storyline Quality - *SLIGHT SPOILERS* The story of just another AI thing seems awkward and out of place. Most characters arent anything special and are easily forgotten. Overall its very average. 3/5

Mission Quality- Though most missions are the same thing repeated there is a nice mix up of missions tricking you into certain situations, or lying about their conditions. Subquests are nice to get and some are real challenges. 5/5

Arena (If Applicable)- AI intelligence does raise as the game progresses but sometimes you do feel the AI is just failing in random directions to mimic ability. 4/5

Part Balance - Seeing as FROM will be patching from time to time i will say everything is alright but people will always be looking for the next cheap weapon tactic. 5/5 for patch support

Part Diversity- In all reality there is a nice choice of weapons but other than that parts are limited, and even then you will end up using similar weapons over and over just because thats how things end up. Maybe with patches we will see changes to parts to make them actually able to be used with more variety and possibly content patches with more parts. Wishful thinking. 4/5

CG Art/Video - In game cut scenes are fluid of entering and coming out of but sometimes the graphics can be a bit lacking though i wouldnt dock it since they do have quite a lot on screen at once in terms of quality of each separate aspect. 4/5

In-Game Graphics - Graphics were fine and played out great during gameplay but during cut-scenes you were left asking for maybe a little bit more. But i still would say that the overall style and use of what FROM had is absolutely amazing. 5/5

Voice Acting - Nice voice actors, though some come of stale or forgettable. 2/5

Sound Effects- Sounds are all very crisp and obvious, you know whats happening and where. Keeping in mind where sounds are coming from and what the come from is key. 5/5

Background Music- Personally i normally play my own music in the back ground so i mute it regardless of how it sounds. N/A for score

Multiplayer Mode - Multiplayer is awesome and has a very great feel. Aside from the lack of players currently (which will change, we all know it) it is loads of fun to attack and defend areas and run into someone elses group. Online set up matchs are a breeze to set up and join. Lag isnt to bad though it mainly will depend on whether or not the players have good connection (P.S. stop playing online with wireless, you are ruining everything, get a cord and man up) 5/5

Other Stuff- This game has a lot to offer and has great opportunities for constant intense fighting between teams and players. Dont be quick to judge this game on face value, its just like all other AC games, play it, get it, and enjoy it.

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  • Overall Game Difficulty - 3/5 learning curve is the only difficult part. afterwards it is farily easy on execution
  • Default Controls - 2/5 default is bad. custom is a must (and a great option)
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 4/5 mechanics are neat. definitely different from any other game, including previous AC games
  • New Features - 4/5 the entire game is new. everything is pretty cool
  • Bugs & Glitches - 3/5 glitches do exist and most of them will end up killing you. they are rather infrequent however
  • Storyline Quality - 2/5 big bad people in control. viva la resistance. pew pew no more bad guys
  • Mission Quality - 3/5 they are long but they are very easy
  • Arena (If Applicable) - no arena
  • Part Balance - 4/5 balance is pretty dynamic and there is no all-powerful meta (there is a lot of FOTM though). there are a handful of useless parts however.
  • Part Diversity - 3/5 fairly diverse in terms of types. many redundant/useless parts within those types though.
  • CG Art & Video - 2/5 the actual CG stuff is amazing because FROM is good at stuff like that. in-game cutsenes use low quality textures and shaders and there is heavy use of cheesy full-screen texture overlays for things like rain and static.
  • In-Game Graphics - 2/5 read above. one important thing to note though is that it is hard to see how bad the graphics look when actually playing the game
  • Voice Acting - 4/5 better than past AC games for sure
  • Sound Effects - 3/5 i do not have an opinion on this
  • Background Music - 3/5 i do not have an opinion on this
  • Multiplayer Mode - 3/5 multiplayers is definitely a core focus, but the inactivity makes it hard to play team vs team
  • Other Stuff - emblem creation is amazingly awesome for those who are talented. otherwise it is convenient and simple

overall 3/5

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  • Overall Game Difficulty - 3/5. Hard when you don't know what you're doing, but becomes considerably easier when you do.
  • Default Controls - 5/5. 5/5 Not just because I like the default scheme, but because you can completely customize your controls. Not often seen in console games.
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 4/5. Ranged interaction works fine, but close range interaction is clunky, i.e. melee combat. Don't like the z-axis boundries on maps.
  • New Features - Haven't played previous AC games.
  • Bugs & Glitches - Bots being able to insta-charge attack is slightly annoying. Sometimes get stuck on nothing in certain Story missions, have to quit to fix if playing by myself.
  • Storyline Quality - 1/5. Confusing story for even long-time AC players. Frankly, the story is lame, lacking in character and plot. I'd have to look a long time to find the box of fucks I give about the story.
  • Mission Quality - 3/5. Story missions were semi-entertaining and fun to play in co-op, Order missions are repetetive but still enjoyable.
  • Arena (If Applicable) - 3/5. I will assume arena would mean 1v1 or 1v2 (2vX if co-op) fights between your AC and AI AC. Fun way to test your weapons for multiplayer.
  • Part Balance - 5/5. For almost every part there is a counter part, so there is no one or two "prefect" ACs. Upcoming patches will resolve many balancing issues.
  • Part Diversity - 4/5. Not as many as I would have assumed, but more than enough to play with.
  • CG Art & Video - 2/5. Opening cinematic gets a 5/5 but the rest get a 2/5. Not very impressed.
  • In-Game Graphics - 1/5. The AC itself is alright, graphic wise, but everything else looks like it was skinned in the late 1990s.
  • Voice Acting - 1/5. Annoying female voices, childish script.
  • Sound Effects - 3/5. Not blown away, but not dissapointed. Couple of annoying sound effects when running out of bounds or low on energy. Favorite sound is the emergency alert when encountering resistance on Invasion/Stronghold missions. Though the sound effect that plays when you select a button could stand having it's high-pitch powers being nerfed.
  • Background Music - 1/5. Typical synthetic, repetitive, brain-numbing, ear mush expected from Japanese game developers. Couldn't they at least hire a 5 year old dubstep artist or a real orchestra?
  • Multiplayer Mode - 4/5. Love the multiplayer. Only thing wrong with the multiplayer is that there aren't enough people playing the game.
  • Other Stuff - Emblem and AC color/decal Customization - 5/5. One of the best emblem creators I've ever seen in a console game. AC coloration is not all that impressive but being able to add decals to your entire frame makes up for it.
  • Observation Mode - 1/5. Why do we have to move around in that useless pilot observation mode when destroyed? Would much rather have a video link to active teammate cameras or operator type overview lacking operator capabilities like scan and mark. Would love to have the option to be able to go into pilot-mode/camera link mode/overview mode be put into the "Settings."

All in all, a good game, but could have been better. It just feels like Bandai/FROM didn't put as much effort into this game as they could have.


For instance, they could have implemented more stealth options. For example, you do not get detected by recon drones if you are in scan mode and immobile (lower energy, heat and weapon signature). Lower detection range when walking, increased detection range when boosting and dramatic increased detection range when glide boosting and/or firing weapons. Redefine stealth missiles? Stealth sub-computer?




Edited by siramic
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  • Overall Game Difficulty - 3/5 It's starts off a little difficult but later on in the game it just becomes rock, paper, scissors(RPS).
  • Default Controls - 3/5 These were the first default controls that felt right for me in the series. But it still didn't stop me from changing them.
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 5/5 I feel like the hit the nail right on the head with this one. It's not crazy fast like FA but it's not slow like ps2 games. Wall jumping is fun, perma-flight is gone, quads and tanks feel like quads and tanks. The RPS game style is neat and I enjoy it.
  • New Features - 5/5 The Ultimate Weapons, Operator mode, conquests, the workshop, and the new fully online feature are all amazing new features to the series.
  • Bugs & Glitches - 2/5 There are minor bugs in the game like a mission freezing after you restock from the garage or get stuck on something invisible. They are bugs minor but for how long this game took to come out these things shouldn't be a problem.
  • Storyline Quality - 1/5 The story was a cookie-cutter Rebellioin story with terrible organization(Going from a flash back to a flash forward, back to a flash back?) and a very quick ending. It had a lot of potential, with the betrayals and the plot twists. If they hadn't put so much time in Ordered missions and them part of the story and fixed it up a bit, I personally would have enjoyed it much more.
  • Mission Quality - 3/5 Outside of the story the missions themselves were actually fun. They mixed it up just enough to keep my attention instead of just; AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE, AC BATTLE.
  • Arena (If Applicable) - n/a Didn't have one but I wish they did and got rid of Ordered and combined them with Story missions and then added the arena.
  • Part Balance - 4/5 I like using every part I can except with the occasional over powered weapons, but I'm hoping we'll get updates soon.
  • Part Diversity - 4/5 Really good selections with the exceptions to some useless parts.
  • CG Art & Video - 2/5 Only one CG Video and it was amazing leaving me hungry for more but was never fed again.
  • In-Game Graphics - 3/5 Not a huge fan of this graphic style but the explosions and the heat from UWs, and the light from the lasers weapons were very nice.
  • Voice Acting - 4/5 I like FA's voice acting a lot but this one's beat it by far. The only gripe I have was to of the main characters had extremely similar voices and I had to check the sub-titles to see who it was.
  • Sound Effects - 4/5 The sounds of metal crashing, guns firing, lasers shooting, and UWs activating all were very crisp and clear. Even the menus sound effects were quite good.
  • Background Music - 4/5 I enjoyed the World map music and lots of the mission's music.
  • Multiplayer Mode - 3/5 The North America's side has been having some issues with the launch day servers crashing and the lack of updates, and no spectator mode.

One of the best Armored core games to date. They have there problems such as story quality but with the AC games you get them for their customizable fighting mechs. In ACV they delivered quite nicely with 500+ parts, a new team member in the operator, and an all online Risk-esk type multiplayer.

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Overall Game Difficulty - The game had a PERFECT balance of difficulty. You couldn't just breeze through the game like you were the man in charge. You had to think before getting into an engagement, and even hire people if necessary. I felt this game got it right.


Default Controls - At first I didn't like the default controls, but when I tried customizing them, I realized how good they were and I got used to them. Now that I look back on it, I find the controls to be fantastic, and I love FROM even more for giving me the option to customize them at my leisure.


Gameplay Mechanics - Things took quite a while to get used to, such as the new boosting system, and the weapons that drastically changed from FA and LR. However, it's not all bad, as the mechanic of building hopping really adds depth to a game which used to have no cover whatsoever. I'd say this was an improvement.


New Features - Nothing I really disliked, except for the lack of an arena. But the ordered missions fulfill that need. I am in LOVE with the Ultimate Weapons though. They add a completely new dynamic to the game.


Bugs & Glitches - Only two glitches ever really bothered me. One was when I got perma-stunlocked in place by a really powerful weapon, and another is when I get stun-locked during a Ultimate Weapon conversion, and my grind blade just hangs there oddly. Hopefully they'll patch it, but I never actually got screwed over too much by either glitch.


Storyline Quality - ALIENS. Not the highlight of Armored Core's storytelling, but it was entertaining and did the job of keeping me invested in the single player, plus the ordered missions gave a nice side-story as well to compliment. I wish they had Disorder units though, as a kickback to AC2.


Mission Quality - The missions were varied, had good moments when you were presented with a challenge, and were quite non-linear. Even though you had a set path you had to choose, you could approach it any way you desired. I feel bad for anyone who wanted to main a tank, though.


Arena (If Applicable) - The fights against the chief and that huge Arms Fort-like weapon were top-notch. I only regret that there weren't more fights like that. But I can't say they didn't put their all into making them memorable. However, since this category is labeled "arena" I'll go forth and talk about the AC V AC AI component, AKA the Ordered missions. They were okay. Not bad, but there's room for improvement.


Part Balance - On the contrary, I don't feel much of a balance gap between parts. I think FROM has finally learned how to balance most of the weapons at launch. Though a patch with some later buffs/nerfs wouldn't hurt.


Part Diversity - I'd say so. Every part category had at least 3 different kinds, each diverse enough to make me choose between them. They kept their promise of the MASSIVE amount of parts that would appear in this game.


CG Art & Video - Best in the series.


In-Game Graphics - My one gripe is the FPS slowdown. That's it. And it's not that bad a gripe, since I'm playing on the Ps3, and I blame that on Sony.


Voice Acting - For some reason I think I heard Tara Strong voicing half the characters, which is odd since I've heard her practically everywhere else. Not a bad thing at all, but it feels awkward at times.


Sound Effects - Grind blade is an orgasm in a can.


Background Music - Most were low beats, but they fit the mood, so no complaints on this end.


Multiplayer Mode - Multiplayer really shined, and though sometimes it was slow, it's the best multiplayer Armored Core has ever had in my honest opinion. If you don't like the territory, you can still do free battle. And that's what's important.


Other Stuff - If they make a sequel, like they always do, I'll be more than ready to buy it. As long as they fix the minor issues.



I give this game a 4 on the scale, but I'd rate it 4.5 at the LEAST. Though I admit it's not perfect, it was the rainstorm of good gaming in the drought of the vidya recession.


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  • 1 month later...

  • Overall Game Difficulty - 2/5 its really not that much more difficult than FA. Honestly I wanted something on LR difficulty.
  • Default Controls - 1/5 Default is lousy but you can customize them
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 2/5 There are a few things that were done well IMO but for the most part I seriously dislike the wall jumping. lack of flight and while scan mode is cool I would rather have radar and the 30% en redbar is interesting but I would rather have recharge.
  • New Features - 3/5 these are interesting but I feel many of them are poorly executed. The three defenses in particular need to be reworked a bit. I simply cannot get KE as high CE ot TE. Patches could fix this in the future though.
  • Bugs & Glitches - 1/5 Drives me insane when the game bugs out and I can't move, or freezes between loading screens.
  • Storyline Quality - 3/5 Average, I laughed a few times. I also like how the story and order matches kinda messed together
  • Mission Quality - 4/5 Ok the story missions are what I'm looking for in an AC game. I just wish there were more of them. 8 missions and a final boss really are not enough for a game. The Order missions kinda suffered from the FA sysdrome. 10 seconds long, too easy, ect.
  • Arena (If Applicable) - 0/5 there isn't one. So I'll rate the AI instead. The AI is horrible. Moving on.
  • Part Balance - 2/5 There are simply certain parts that completely outclass all other parts in that category. FA had a wider range of useable parts.
  • Part Diversity - 2/5 no
  • CG Art & Video - 3/5 everything was too dark for the story for me to like the new maps. IT really became hop to the highest possible point and pop up a recon to find the next thing to kill in the big dark blob.
  • In-Game Graphics - 3/5
  • Voice Acting - 3/5 Its what I've come to expect from AC
  • Sound Effects - 1/5 meh
  • Background Music - NA I didn't even hear them because I play own music
  • Multiplayer Mode - 1/5 for a game that tried to sell itself on multiplayer I'm really not impressed. Many have already given up on conquest mode which leave us with the same BRs, 1v1s and Teams that we had in AC4/FA.
  • Other Stuff - This game doesn't really feel like Armored Core anymore. AC4 felt closer to ACLR and eariler. Its not a bad mech game though.

Overall: 2/5

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