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Attack on Titan


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Pfft I was raised on stuff more fucked than this. It's just not shocking me all that much beyond the fact that it has been awhile since a new manga has come out with this level of writing and world realization.


I'm running on cheap energy drinks.

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anime really bloody like elfie lied but i say better then manga or something any term we need keep watch and see what we think about it it CAN be deffrent then manga...


I think you said the anime is better than the manga. I don't want to explain why that's wrong though, cause I don't know if that's what you're saying.


Also, Lied is bloodier than this. And also as well, Titan anime has toned down the gore from the manga.

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Yo my boy showed me this animie and I was hooked!!! I watched every episode, currently its up to 9. I can't wait till the next one comes out tomarrow!!!


spoiler stuff


I fucking HATE those titans man. That stupid expression they have on their face like their drunk or something its so annoying. Japanese are so creative.


That armored Titan is the shit hough, dude is cool as hell like a track star smashing through everthing.


I'm wondering how Erin can become the titan like that? Do you think it is because his blood mixed with the Titan DNA when he was in the stomach of one of them?


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