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Armored Core: Verdict Day's Story

The Fallen Raven

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Can we estimate a time frame from ACV to ACVD? It didn't seem too long ago, but when you fight some of the enemies you hear comments about how some things are "ancient technology." Notably, some of the AMMON kamikaze enemies, and when you fight the Beehive mercs (their profiles state the Beehive team was an ancient mercenary team). Edited by Py687
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Can we estimate a time frame from ACV to ACVD? It didn't seem too long ago, but when you fight some of the enemies you hear comments about how some things are "ancient technology." Notably, some of the AMOS kamikaze enemies (are they called AMOS or something?), and when you fight the Beehive mercs (their profiles state the Beehive team was an ancient mercenary team).

Pretty sure it says somewhere in the intro that it has been 100 years.

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It makes sense. Think about how much Chernobyl has been overgrown with plants and animals even though it is still radioactive. The Kojima particles have been displacing for god knows how long since AC4/FA so it makes sense without the Dictatorship that was in V gone that people would start exploring the areas once off limits.


I actually really like the overrall AC4 to VD connection. It really adds a mystic and aw to what we experienced in the 4th gen games and even more so with the old PSone-PS2 era games.


When it comes right down to it, we the players since the first gen games are now story wise the legends and myths of 5th Gen.


If this were Dark Souls you could say we were all playing as the Lords fighting off the Dragons.


I think the big picture is pretty freaking epic even when you include how nightmarish it was to play the worst installments of the series as a whole.

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Thats an interesting idea.


I was thinking, what if The Corporation from V was the League of Ruling Companies that merged into one corporation and went off into space, leaving the rest of humanity on the surface to deal with Kojima contamination. Maybe thats why The Corporation had such advanced technology, and then The Foundation was what is left of them. The Towers were probably built by The Corporation and if they were The League then they could have had information on White Glint, Joshua O'brien and other NEXTs and LYNXs stored there for some reason


And also J, the Reaper Squad Leader, could be the inital for Joshua O'brien somehow. In JP they have the same voice actor, and he pilots N-WGIX/v which i'm guessing means something like NEXT-White Glint 9. The information of Joshua could also have been somehow implanted into J giving him the skill to pilot a NEXT.


Maggy's body isn't found inside her AC's wreckage but seeing as how supposedly her injuries made it impossible to pilot an AC, she and the rest of Reaper Squad are probably all H+/Zodiac pilots.


Or From is a bunch of sadistic bastards and are trying to see how long we go aorund in circles trying to figure out something that doesn't exist.

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My main question would be asking FROM how much do they actually think about how gameplay and story intertwine. I mean with these last four games they do seem to connect pretty well just as the Souls games online gameplay ends up being perfectly merged with the lore of the series.


I guess that's off topic and has been discussed extensively before. Haven't beat V-Day yet so I'll add more once I actually have finished the story.


That UNAC invasion mission with the cocky pilot was by far one of my favorite missions so far. So much glorious AC destruction.

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I actually really like the overrall AC4 to VD connection. It really adds a mystic and aw to what we experienced in the 4th gen games and even more so with the old PSone-PS2 era games.


I was feeling the same thing, even though I haven't played 4th gen.


You know whats the best part, if FROM keeps this up we might end up with a return to AC1 style AC's for the next gen!

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I was feeling the same thing, even though I haven't played 4th gen.


You know whats the best part, if FROM keeps this up we might end up with a return to AC1 style AC's for the next gen!


So in other words, it creates a stable loop where the Chief and the Foundation, in attempting to keep humanity from destroying itself, creates the Nineball program from all the UNAC data they gathered, as well as combat data from the mercs that keep wrecking them?

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I am very impressed with what's been sad; if you go back to The AI systems of the pulverizers were similar to A) UNAC behavior B) the reptile like bird mech thing (never know the name but when I hear that sound...) on the autonomous unit you face in "Forgiveness of an Angel" mission I can't help a déjà vu. It would be interesting to see IF and/or HOW FROM WoD bring the about. Also, the "Foundation." Um... AC3; The "Controller".
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Why do i make such an outrageous comment. Because in one of the missions, you will notice that you are fighting on top of a buried arms fort.. the spirit of mother-will... I can't remember which mission it is but its before 45% story completion. And don't worry there are no spoilers given away either.
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I don't remember who said it but "Unified Armored Core Theory" sure suits this well. I waited a while to post here because my timeline was all jacked up. Here we go


AC timeline seems to run in the following order excluding handheld titles.


AC4 > FA > ACV > ACVD > unknown > AC > PP > MOA > AC2 > AA > AC3 >Nexus > *Ninebreaker > Last Raven

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SL >

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nexus?> *


MY reasoning on this is essentially the same as anyone here could likely point out.


From AC4 to FA is obviously stated in game.


FA to ACV, is a stretch though wildly hinted at.


ACFA to ACVD however is where the three are connected, broken arms forts, VOB, etc:


ACVD > Unknown : This explanation could be two things, "The Great Destruction" could very well be the events that happened BEFORE ACV, or after Verdict Day. Judging from the naming conventions i would assume that Verdict Day saw the rise of a nineball like unit with J and his AI programmed self. Along with the mention that Maggie's body is never found. This leads to a wild possibility of the three people responsible for the "Nineball" systems creation being the original Foundation AI as a human. J's controller if you will. J himself being the last of the Lynx pilots to be alive and after disapearing augments himself because he saw the trouble from the get go and was damaged from the fight to save Anatolia. Remember it is not uncommon in the AC universe for a person to become more than a man. The foundation leader, J, and Leos Klein.


Further evidence of this resinates in our current design aesthetic. A lot of parts are becoming eerily similar to things like early Crest or Chrome parts along with a very faint hint of Murikumo and Mirage. Though to be fair my favorite part of this mythos is that the EGF's senior commander's name is Karin L. Murikumo...


Makes you think.


From ACVD to AC there isnt a lot to link the two that im aware of outside of the nineball system and one other peculuar thing unique almost to the AC world. H+ has been around since day one. Klein obvioulsy had this ability leading one to believe that any augmented human can possess the same ability to surpass the limitations of the frame they pilot.


J = First Nineball

Maggie = First H+

Foundation = First Controller


The beginning steps of what would lead up to the events in Nexus.


From AC1 to Ac2:AA nothing is really to question as the series pretty much plays out like it always has. However It is my belief that AC3 and Silent Line run concurrent timelines and that nexus possibly shares that timeline. In AC3 the controllers kept humanity underground. Essentially the only real way to keep people powerless is to divide them. It wouldn't be far fetched to show off underground creatures (the spiders from older games) to above ground people and have them not venture down. At the same time the controllers could always make the claim that the surface was a death trap. Sepiration via earths crust is pretty solid. AC3 smashes that boundary and Silent Line essentially unites the continents or country's / zones / borders by wiping out Iblis and the systems there in. No silent line, no controllers, Nexus would be the next step in that plan if not Right on the coat tails of it. Essentially the reuniting of humanity.


To that end Ninebreaker would be a system since humanity could no longer be kept apart the Nineball system recognises this and sets out to change its protocol to a method of testing for skill as they've always done (even circa ACVD) and kill them. Using these testing systems would be the easiest and most hands off way in a time of renaissance for humanity and its military power.


But were humans and peace will never last. Last Raven is a testament to this in spades as Maggie reminds me of Zinadia and nineball to a degree. Zinadia is easily one of the most cared for characters in Last Raven and with the games brekable part mechanics it could alude to the fact the AC's themselves are no longer of use. Instead of using a system to destroy other ac pilots the Nineball / Ninebreaker system shifts to utilizing that one pilot who is THAT much better to do their dirty work for them THEN try to kill them. The ending of AC LR essentially gives me the impression that you alone are essentially what amounts to AC God. Ushered or Shepherded which ever term you prefer to the end of LR you are faced with an opponent unlike any other you have faced throughout the game and Zinadia attempts to quail this as well claiming the title of "Last Raven" for herself. Your character defeats her and cannon ending to the series is written.





... or is it? From Software is never one to fill in all the gaps but they make one thing undeniably certain in all their titles, it even spans to dark souls to a degree. Someone somewhere will stab you in the back every chance they get. Last Raven as a title puts the biggest bullseye mankind would ever know on your head. Its lonely at the top until the massses who want your title attempt to come for it. What would you do? What's fifty years of mech combat in an oblong box? what about sixty? seventy? one hundred and thirty?

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Best thing to say is that the AC series is mainly built up with loosely based sequels the only dramatic change in story being AC:AA to AC3 which seemed to be more of an attempt to reboot the series rather than continue the story that started in AC 97.


Otherwise it is safe to say that humanity in the AC universe is constantly going to war and some genius digs up ancient technology and uses it to make a super computer to force humanity into a position so It can't spread it's virus across the universe blah blah.


However, there is no real reference to "ancient" tech in AC4 and ACFA, only outdated weapons and machines that all have a clear past. The only pseudo alien like weapons being the newest and most recently built Kojima powered Arms Forts, Particle Cannons, and the NEXTs themselves.


From this I believe it is safe to say that there was no true Normal AC as the way we would imagine them. None of the Normal squads show any sign of customization, all of them clearly mass produced, even the ones that are supposedly elite squads. I believe in the 4th gen series that the NEXTs were in fact the first ACs to utilize interchangeable parts tech.


To that theory I would push forward that 4th Gen NEXTs could very well be considered the Grand Fathers of all true Armored Core.

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Timelines are separate between AC1-AA and AC3-LR. Those are considered alternate universes by the 10 Works Complete File, which is the only current official source for AC timeline info. AC4 was originally stated by the lead producer to be a totally separate universe from the older series as well. ACV was also stated as being totally separate from previous AC games. It seems likely they simply decided to link VD with fA after they had already released ACV.


Apparently, the implication right now is that AC4-VD may very well be lead in story for the AC1-AA series. That would mean that the AC universe (pun intended) is divided into two alternate universes. One is the AC4-AA world and the other is the AC3-LR world.


As of right now though, the link between VD and AC1 is just fan-based conjecture and derived from implication. There are no official sources that make any distinct connections between them nor validate the idea that VD and AC1 are part of the same world.


Current Known Timelines/Universes:

- AC1 -> AC:PP -> AC:MoA -> AC2 -> AC2:AA

- AC3 -> AC:SL -> AC:NX -> AC:NB -> AC:LR

- AC4 -> AC:fA -> ACV -> AC:VD


Tentative Timelines/Universes:

- AC4 -> AC:fA -> ACV -> AC:VD -> AC1 -> AC:PP -> AC:MoA -> AC2 -> AC2:AA

- AC3 -> AC:SL -> AC:NX -> AC:NB -> AC:LR

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So I'm not sure if you are all aware of this but the Armored Core Facebook page has been posting some factual info of ACV-VD's story. I'll just post them here:


1- Generations ago, there was a place known as "The City" in the North Frontier. Don Tyrell, the sole dictator of The City referred to himself as "Father" and enforced a strict apartheid. This was likely the only way to survive in the extreme contamination surrounding them, but it was also a heartless move that came at an enormous cost. The oppressed people went underground, and under the direction of the Representative's former right hand man Jack Batty, formed a resistance to rebel against Tyrell's tyranny.


The resistance, having gathered enough strength, finally set forth to up-heave the tyranny of Father. That which would later be known as the "First Rebellion", ended in an utter defeat for the resistance. The City had already caught word of their plans, and in addition to the City Police, hired a private military contractor known as "The Corporation". They waited, and they prepared. Jack Batty, who took to the front lines in his own Armored Core, was taken down by one of the commanders of The Corporation, known simply as "Chief". The battle left the resistance completely destroyed. However, Jack's loss was not for nothing. His daughter, Francis Batty Curtis, was able to survive the battle. This kept the resistance together, barely.


One year later, Francis continued her father's legacy and became the new leader of the resistance. With her aide Leon, cooperative migrants, and Rosary, she prepared for the final battle. And so the "Second Rebellion" began.


The resistance, facing an insurmountable military force, decided to use guerrilla tactics and attack Father directly. It was a two step plan that used Armored Cores as a diversion, and foot soldiers attacked Father's base directly. The resistance hired a man known as "The Mercenary", and with his help, they swiftly came to the brink of victory. However, as soon as they had captured Father, they were hit by a massive indiscriminate attack by the Corporation.


Francis and her team decided to escape from the chaos of the crumbling city. The Corporation gave chase. At the end of the fierce battle that took place, the Mercenary destroyed the Corporation Chief's mech and escaped to the contaminated outlands with Francis and Rosary.


Now the remains of "The City" are known as Alloy Gate City.


It still barely retains its shape, and the tower, that was once the base for the Father, shows the scars of the fierce battle it saw.


2- Two years have passed since the second rebellion. Frances and Rosary once again return to the outskirts of the City and begin skirmishes with the remnants of the City Police and other migrants for supplies. Many ACs seeking to make a name for themselves wished to defeat the legendary Mercenary that survived the second rebellion. This made the confusion amongst factions even more severe.


In the middle of all the different factions fighting, Frances and her team are attacked by a migrant organization know as the "Men of Honor". A leader of the MoH, Regan Stratford, took charge of the attack. She was the older sister of Rosary, aka Cordelia Stratford.


Regan planned the assassination of Cordelia and also planned to defeat the Mercenary and bring him into the MoH ranks, guaranteeing her position in the MoH. Regan tried to send attack squads in numerous times, but the Mercenary's skills overpowered them every time.


One day the group was attacked by a mysterious AC with insanely high skills in battle. The AC had an emblem with a skeleton and constellation motif to it, and was a member of the "Zodiac", a group that had been attacking everything in their path indiscriminately. The Mercenary was barely able to take it down, but because of this, he was now a target for the Zodiac.


Meanwhile, Regan was still waiting for the opportunity to assassinate Cordelia. However, there was no longer anyone on her side. Finally she sent in her personal bodyguard Oswald to fight the Mercenary. Oswald followed orders, knowing very well that he was no match, and fell in battle. When Regan tried to escape, a Zodiac AC destroyed her getaway helicopter.


With this, the battle between the Zodiac's faction and the Mercenary's faction began. Not being able to avoid the assault from the Zodiac, a great battle raged on. In the end, when the Mercenary destroyed the last Zodiac, the command helicopter self destructed, and the Zodiac was no more...


3- Around the world, there are areas where the atmosphere contains high levels of dangerous materials. These areas are called the "Contaminated Areas" and primarily have the following attributes:


*It is difficult or impossible for living things to inhabit the Contaminated Areas.

*Areas with lower Contamination concentration can be entered with the proper equipment.

*Strange colored clouds cover the sky, and highly contaminated areas have poor visibility.


The merchants that were once called "Migrants" would sell the supplies they found within the contaminated areas to make a living. However, even they were not able to enter the deepest parts of the contaminated areas. Past civilizations, history, and technologies laid lost and buried under the contaminated skies. The only known exception was the City's dictator, Don Tyrell. He led an expedition into the deepest parts of the contaminated area, and this allowed him to take over the City. No one knows what he saw there.


There are many theories as to why the contamination came to be, but everyone agrees that it is most likely not just one reason. One of the many reasons that is hard to deny is a large world scale war that took place a long time ago. The weapons of this war used an energy that utilized harmful substances that remained long after the war had ended.


After many years, the amount of uninhabitable land has decreased, and with it the lives of the people has changed greatly. Small disputes over land were no longer an issue, but at the same time various factions with differing views rose up and began fighting. Thus humanity entered into a new era of fighting.




Generations ago, most of the world was covered in Contamination, and humanity held on to what little inhabitable land they had left. Eventually, the Contamination began to shrink, and people began to inhabit more land. While fighting over territory and supplies also began to take place, communities that spanned long distances began to appear, and humanity started on the road to recovery.


As the Contaminated areas shrank, and the recovery of humanity continued, people began making organizations. Smaller groups joined and parted until eventually, large organizations formed. Eventually, large organizations formed in each region. Those are Sirius Corporations (North Frontiers), Venide (Mid-continent), and EGF (Far East). However, the various lands where these organizations formed were separated from each other by the Contaminated areas. These organizations did not know of each other.


In later years, when the Contamination reached even further, humans were able to inhabit what was once the deep Contamination zone. Large buildings known as the "Towers" were discovered and the three large organizations found them at about the same time. By investigating the towers, new technologies were gained and humanity began to regain its civility.


As time passed, the Contamination between the Mid-continent and the North Frontiers disappeared, and Sirius and Venide cam into contact with each other. These two equally armed factions began a fierce feud. After many battles, it seemed that Sirius was almost defeated, but suddenly EGF joined in the battle and things changed. The EGF faced against Venide, and Sirius took advantage of the situation. Using this to their advantage they were able to restore their previous power. With this, the three organizations began a war that continues on to this day.


Not sure if they'll do more.

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Apparently, the implication right now is that AC4-VD may very well be lead in story for the AC1-AA series. That would mean that the AC universe (pun intended) is divided into two alternate universes. One is the AC4-AA world and the other is the AC3-LR world.


Or From could pull a Zelda out of their asses and give us a branch after ACVD. Maybe one of the corporations winning leads to AC1, another leads to AC3, and the last leads to a new continuity.


Or maybe just another game will fill in the gaps.


@The Fallen Raven Thanks for the heads-up; it was a good read. Seems like a solid synopsis to me ... Did they post the source?

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so can someone explain to me what happened to NEXTs? like we're they all dismantled in V or no more linx pilots to pilot them?



wow someone actually still organizes these boards lol oh the futility.


i guess i figured out V is a reboot, probably why i hate it so much.

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