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The Queen's Beauty Pageant: 5th Generation

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Division: ACV-ACVD

Designs: 19

Competitors: 11


Voting Rules and Info

-Must vote for your top 3 designs, listing which comes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, please vote using design number for my convenience when I do scoring

-Competitors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs

-Design order was chosen using a random integer function on my calculator, so order is completely random

-The voting threads are on ACU, RR, and ACL, vote on only 1 site for a division

-It’s your choice whether or not to state why you voted for a design

-Scoring will be as follows: 1st choice gets 3 points, 2nd choice gets 2 points, and 3rd choice gets 1 point

-Names of designers won’t be revealed until the end of the contest

-Voting ends July 20th


Design 1

Name: High Roller

Game: Verdict Day





Design 2

Name: Loquat

Game: Verdict Day





Design 3

Name: Viohelt

Game: Verdict Day





Design 4

Name: Emerald Weapon

Game: Verdict Day





Design 5

Name: Kumo Pegasus

Game: Verdict Day




I literally made this in about 5 seconds in my head because i was too lazy to turn on the game

Queen’s Note: I charmed the designer into making a design, and this happened.


Design 6

Name: Char Imitation

Game: Verdict Day





Design 7


Game: Verdict Day





Design 8

Name: Alphonse

Game: Verdict Day




This is based off the AV-98 'Ingram' from the anime Patlabor (which can be seen here http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090916121536/patlabor/images/8/8a/Av-98-patlabor.gif). Decals were added to enhance the likeliness of the mech.


Design 9

Name: >(>__________<)<

Game: Verdict Day





Design 10

Name: Soft Drizzle

Game: Verdict Day





Design 11

Name: How? It’s a miracle.

Game: Verdict Day





Design 12

Name: Zenith

Game: Verdict Day





Design 13

Name: Venatrix

Game: Verdict Day





Design 14

Name: Wyvern

Game: Verdict Day





Design 15

Name: SL in VD

Game: Verdict Day






Design 16


Game: V





Design 17

Name: RIOT

Game: Verdict Day





Design 18

Name: SRS UNIT 7

Game: Verdict Day





Design 19

Name: Half-Baked

Game: Verdict Day




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Design 11

Name: How? It's a miracle.

Game: Verdict Day






Design 10

Name: Soft Drizzle

Game: Verdict Day






Design 8

Name: Alphonse

Game: Verdict Day




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Last time around, this division was honestly pretty abysmal. A lot has gone into improving it, and the results are good. Higher picture quality is probably the most important thing, but having a standardized background for all designs, as well as more pictures to give a better overall impression of the more intricate parts in play, add a lot to the overall experience. That's not to say the entries themselves haven't improved, because as with most divisions, they definitely have. I like to think it helps that I have some experience with the game now, too, which wasn't the case in the last contest (then again, I was able to appreciate fA with no experience there).


One of the key things I'm noticing that I didn't last time is how the ability to have a bot do actions in the garage has resulted in the opportunity for some really unique looks and cool poses. A few of the bots have a picture with a crouched stance, clearly showing they're ready to throw down. Char Imitation and Riot each have a neat shot with the camera staring down the barrel. Kumo Pegasus and Half-Baked both have one with their arms extended outwards, the former perhaps trying to show of its other "guns", and the latter...I'm not sure what's going on there, but I like it. Overall though, the best poses happen to belong to my number one choice for this division:


1st - (4) Emerald Weapon


My general dislike of FFVII and its fan[boys/girl]s are an easy excuse to put this at third instead of second, but I've always kind of like Emerald Weapon, and this is a great attempt at recreating it. The two really are close, though, so I've got to use what I can to make a decision. I don't feel there's a lot for me to say on the bot itself, given that I think it's pretty spot on. Great attention to details. Perhaps the only improvement would've been to use decals for the...eyes? The parts it shoots lasers from. It was an opportunity to add more colour. I'm not sure if it actually would have looked any better.


2nd - (13) Venatrix


Let me be clear: This bot has a lot more going for it than just poses. The frame has a really lean but solid look to it, which it needs given the juxtaposition of the smaller frame with the massive weapon set. I do think a smaller gun would have been better, but I like the overall look it creates. It also helps that the weapons have an even more understated paint scheme than the rest of the AC. That they're coloured differently than the bot itself is a plus that half the entries don't have, as well. The frame paint is a bit outside my usual colour preferences, but the palette works as a whole, and the blue light effects are a nice touch.


3rd - (8) Alphonse


I really don't care for this bot as an attempt at recreating the likeness of something from Patlabor (which I haven't seen). Just going off the reference picture, it doesn't do a lot for me. But I don't care (possibly because I haven't seen the show). The overall design stands on its own merits. It's very simple, but with purpose. Nothing looks out of place, and the frame comes together to form a bot that is great proportionally. Similarly, the paint scheme doesn't get too complicated, and everything looks like it's where it's supposed to be. To me, this is what a white and black bot should look like. The decals, though sparingly used, do a lot to break up what might have otherwise become somewhat monotonous.


4th - (14) Wyvern


It may not get any points for fourth place, but I like it enough to write some commentary for it. At first glance this bot was really high up there for me, and if I only had thirty seconds to choose, this would've taken first or second. The paint scheme and use of decals create a really flashy look that's sure to grab the attention of anyone. After looking at it too long, though, it suffers the same issue that a lot of entries in this division do: homogenization. There's not enough variance going on (mostly when it comes to weaponry, but in this case, it's as a whole) and where it does show up, it does nothing to rattle things around. The frame itself looks pretty good for the most part, and seems to fit fairly well with the name (though the colour doesn't). I find the core to be really out of place.


5th - (15) SL in VD


I can do ties now because they won't effect the outcome. Taking an intro bot from one game and trying to work it into another. It's a unique take on recreating something in AC, for sure, but boy does it fall flat. The biggest downfall of this bot is that its inspiration is a big brown monochromatic mess. A change in paint would have done a lot to help, since I really like the frame and weapon loadout on this AC. It's got a great heavy and rugged look to it.


As for the rest of the bots, there's a few standout features here and there, but really not enough for me to try and write something about all of them, especially since I'd also be repeating a few complaints.

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Wow I can't believe photobucket introduced bandwidth limitations hahaha. For how shitty they already are in comparison to imgur, now they're even more restrictive than imgur when it comes to non-pro accounts.
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wow, yeah I told Cheng when he was showing me my photos through photobucket links that he should switch to imgur. I switched to imgur years ago when they started resizing and shrinking my uploads, can't be having that.
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5th gen write-up,


#01 HIGH ROLLER : not a good competitive tank but I like to ride this tank all along. don't like how coloring of white/blue/gold but didn't hate it anyway.


#02 LOQUAT : the Hulk with long-thin legs. missile arms make this thing looks like put a hugh boosters on back. also don't like but don't hate how coloring too.


#03 VIOHELT : somehow this thing make me think about STINGER (ACPP) with black colored version. I like this one except for lagged on team battle.


#04 EMERALD WEAPON : so EMERALD WEAPON...more I cannot say.


#05 KUMO PEGASUS : I like this one and will be like it more if it was coming with black. H.E.A.T. cannon arms when un-use looks like wings and looks fine for me.


#06 CHAR IMITATION : this thing might be some of real combat useful, I can tell you that. just make it to be more red might be awesome.


#07 TYPE-TAURUS : (my bot, I don't give any)


#08 ALPHONSE : so much look-a-like Patlabor but I'm not sure I like this or not.......some CE or TE core make things be more Patlabor if you ask me.


#09 >(>__________<)< : if this one swap both pulse guns to be any laser blades might be look gorgeous and useful.


#10 SOFT DRIZZLE : I don't like star camo, and this bot is so weak on any defense but if you can played it right way...this one is one of useful bot too. (swap one of battle rifle to be laser blade or kumo for real fight)


#11 HOW? IT'S MIRACLE : the gold that I like. the HWB that I like. I will swap lasers and howies to be rifles and battle rifles for my taste.


#12 ZENITH : ZENITH....what more can I say?


#13 VENATRIX : very dangerous on combat and for what it looks except for how weak on defense it is. black and brown look nice for me anyway.


#14 WYVERN : simply, nice and dangerous. dynamic coloring between blue and white and black, and that's make me feel inspired.


#15 SL IN VD : looks like yummy chocolate for me :-p


#16 KAMEKAMEHA : (HA! this one is also my bot too)


#17 RIOT : I like how it looks like and bright of blue spots. but I wanna make weapons look closely to what the bot looks.


#18 SRS UNIT 7 : nice one blue bot. you'll have things (but not so much) to do if you wanna pilot this thing to battlefield.


#19 HALF-BAKED : sometimes just half-baked will make things more delicious :-p anyway, put somethings on arms might make this thing perfect.


that's all I got. and I give a vote already.

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1 - 8

2 - 5

3 - 14


8 is awesome.


Voting is actually over for this contest (stick around, it's very likely we'll be having another at some point) and you can see the results here:



It's still cool to know what you thought, and your votes actually would have changed which bot got first place for this division. That's pretty neat.

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