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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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@Tofu I see, yeah, it definitely has more impact.


@Nomrah True, definitely fits with the style too.


Here is a sprite I made of the pixie girl, right now I'm in the early stages of the game's development, so I'm trying to figure out if to go the 2D sprite or the 3D route. If I go the 3D route, I can either turn the 3D images into 2D sprites or make it an actual 3D game, it would have low specs due to being on mobile though.




Some sketches of the pixie girl.



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Finished the Pixie, and made the Gunslinger. Now just gotta add everybody's weapons, and animations, and then I can start on the game itself.















If anybody feels like donating, my paypal is paypal.me/francojordan


Right now, I'm waiting on a refund from a failed ram stick that I sent back to newegg. So this new PC I have is sitting there withour RAM, which if it was working, I'd have a ton more stuff to show. This old computer renders these simple 3D graphics so slowly.

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Some possible characters for the game, this time the Ogre is a fire ogre, his special move might be "Burning Homerun" and he hits a powerful projectile attack back at the enemy, adding a fire attribute to it as well. He also has a more melee oriented mode where his hair turns to fire and he becomes faster and stronger, but he can't use BH in this mode.


The Warrior with the scimitar is based off Alkali/Sikh stuff from India. Had this particular character on my mind for years, but never really drew him until now that he will be actually relevant.


Panda Wushu girl same reason, I've had her on mind for a while, but I thought it was a bit of a cliched idea, but for years I wanted to use the butterfly swords with this type of character. So those two, plus the Elf from before are all characters I see in my mind, but never really drew until now.



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Made the lines thicker on the knight and princess, and made their rivals too. Made lineart for some weird random cover thing with a photobomb roach in it.




When I'm almost done with the game, gonna make misleading, not-even-like-the-game box art type art, like they did in the 80s for a lot of games they where trying to make look "cooler", lol.



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@Tofu Thanks, yeah, I plan to improve the models and do something about the animations.












The Ogre's hair is red for now, but I might change it back to orange if I change the Knights orange hair to white. Wanted to try the ogre with new hair color, since I mentioned that he can use fire element powers earlier I think. I changed it from him using rock element, which I'll give to another character. When the Ogre's hair is on fire, it's due to him using a technique that amplifies his strength through heat. He will apply fire to a swing that turns immolates anything it hits named "Burning Home Run". It's both an attack and a move that sends back a projectile to the opponent with added fire element.


Figuring out how to do black outlines and trying to make the shading toonish, will keep researching.


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not for nothing but this might be the two best colorways for those chars you've done


exemplary work tbh


they just look way more distinct now relative to the ideas they were based on and the rest of the cast


amazing what simple color changes can do to a character's design i guess

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@YUNG MASTERLESS GLENCOUR Thanks, I think it is the best coloring for those two. I struggled a bit with the ogre, since I was trying to decide between orange, yellow, and red hair. I picked red since nobody else had red hair minus that Oni lady. I think it's from experience that I was able to pick better colors this time around.


Here's some new stuff, trying to get a 3D style that looks toonish. So I've been playing around with different methods to get that effect.











At 64x64 to 256x256 sprite size, this style looks sharp. I'm ready to start making 2D animated sprites of the characters. I've got a way to get the sprites out of 3D animations now. Just adjusting line widths and stuff to see what works best.


EDIT: All of the finished 3D models so far.





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Lol, yeah, they do look like toys. Technically, the Knight's "sword" is a blunt medieval weapon called a "waster", which was used by Squires.


Anyway, been working on the Fairy's stance for fencing, tried to make her look upbeat, and her face animation messed up a bit, but I'm too tired to fix.



HD render:



Still trying to decide if the style should be lineless like in these fairy pics, or if it should be outlined.


EDIT: Full render, plus her weapon is done:



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Thanks, lol, she'd say that.


Right now I'm just experimenting, especially with this slash, need it to get the energy trail effect, I know a way, but I want to make sure there isn't a faster, more efficient method before using the method I'm thinking of.





I need to get the energy burst effect from the knight of the previous game:




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Getting the "flarish" effects down, although, I gotta edit it manually myself. I could go even further by editing every vertices halo material size to get a pointy look at the end of the flares, no automated process like with some other stuff like the inverse kinematics thing.






The darker shade version of the burst blade is more accurate to his power than the one with more shine to it.

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