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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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Hey, if your wondering why I haven't made any manga in a while, its because I've been working on game development and art for it plus my freelancing job. Play it and tell me whats up with it.


Mobile size: http://franco.netau.net/burstblade.html


Desktop size: http://franco.netau.net/BurstBladeHDdemo.htm


You have to wait a few seconds for the level to load, so the character is invisible during that time.


The keyboard controls mapped to the on screen GUI is z- red button, spacebar - blue button, x - silver button. Arrow keys for directional input. For the icons at top, the guy with sword, press to change your characters shooting direction. The bubble toggles attacks for the red button. Blue button is basic attack. Silver button + arrow key is boosted movement. Silver alone is native move.


Any feedback is welcome. The characters in this game use the moveset of the charcters from a comic I made late last year.


Said comic:



Here is a page of other possible characters that might be in the sequel, with 2-3 being selected from this list, boosting the number of playable characters to 4 or 5. The characters at the top left are definate selections. For the 5th, it will be a dragon most likely.



The lineart which will be the basis for the sequels character screen.



I say the gameplay is like a 2D version of Armored Core/Dark Souls. I'd say the graphics style is based off old genesis Sonic games and Megaman X games from the Playstation X time.


Dayum, it's been almost a month less of 2 years since I've last posted in this forum.



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facebataraxis: Thanks, took me a good part of the summer to make that comic.


BishopMushroom: Tried to make the comic cool.


Top Notch Cock: Where? LOL I need a screenshot of the part of the game your talking about. That dragon is never gonna live itdown.


Theres like 5 different dragons in the game so far, the warrior, the sidewinder, the horn dragon, the flamer, and a robot dragon in the second level if you click on the screen with the mouse instead of hitting enter when "mystery level" appears on screen. The early enemies are just gargoyles whos graphics I gotta redraw.


This reminds me, I have a penchant for unfortunatley named or unfortunate looking characters. My first being a horned lizard called "Horny" back in 5th grade. I was still fresh from south american and had learned english like two years before, and read science books about animals, so I only knew the defination of horny as "something covered in lots of horns." At school, you can imagine the laughter when people turned the page to see a character named "HORNY". Somebody finally explained it to me and I changed his name to "Spikey". There was also "Stalker" and another I can't remember, I still have that character book I made, I should give it a scan and upload it for poops and giggles.

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u think owen slipped him the double d


fragrant I'm reading this comic now I just made some coffee so I should be able to get thru some of this tonight


ur art's improved even more my guy good work


is english ur first language?


ur paneling is excellent might be the thing you do best imo


also the ogre dood is my favorite i like him


oh and dual bolton was super cool, so basically I liked bantro and DB, I didn't like the main guy so much I like his outfit at least, the girl was okay but the other two were cooler to me and showed more personality


k i finished, yeah ur panelling is great, seems you got a real knack for it, layouts, page design, the whole shebang


definitely keep us informed if you do more of this


gave this 5 stars off the strength

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@BishopMushroom Thanks for the review. I'll be making more comics when I'm financially stable or after I moved. Spanish was my first language, I learned english late in elementary school after coming here from South America. Over there, the teachers are hardcore and hit you im anyway possible if they even think you misbehaved, lol. Just at the drop of a pin.


Bakahatsu Penguin: Thanks. I wanted to know if the game is too hard or if its easy to kill the dragons?

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BishopMushroom: Thanks for the help. I'll let you know when I make another.


SumerianBloodGod: Which character did you use and what attack was it? The red button has six different attacks to toggle through using the orb icon at the top of the screen, which reminds me, I have to make better icons for each attack.


Some attacks for the Knight don't get their full drain until impact with the enemy, the more enemies, the higher the drain, making those attacks bad for groups but good for single targets with high hp.


EDIT: The games been updated, lessened the active drain of the first special attack and increased the ultimate attacks active and usage drain{The Fire tornado as some call it, lol.}

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On the comic:


My comment about your clean lines still stands, and your style in general works well. It looks like you've set the majority of it to a level where you can draw comfortably and efficiently, as I felt you broke out a bit on a couple spots and added extra details (e.g. the panel where Bantro says "Good, I like fighting"). If I'm right, I definitely think that's a good move.


I agree with PD (BMT) on your paneling; it's very well done. Your pacing is pretty good overall, you had good tension building, the plot was comprehensible and effectively carried out, and the setting and characters in general are interesting with some pretty clever ideas going on. The dialogue is straight forward and gets the job done. I felt like I chuckled at appropriate times.


On the game:


It runs smooth for the most part, though it got a little sketchy when I was using the Knight's dash skill (gotta go fast). Also, I felt like my normal attack was pointless. Actually, attacking in general seems kind of useless. I made my best progress by using the Knight and just airwalking (which I enjoyed doing) through and dodging as much as I could. Tbh right off the bat there I'm feeling like those dudes that spawn should be dying to like 2-3 sword swings but even using attacks with my special meter they're taking way more. Also I'm not digging that it takes special meter to charge my sword and then once charged it takes special meter again on top of the charge to attack with it.


Movement is good and the attacks seem neat.

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Everybody: I updated the game mechanics so that by default, energy regain is fast instead of having to manually increase its speed, now like in AC, you can dodge and do something else while you wait a few seconds for your energy to fill up. I left the attacks at the same cost sincei t would make sense for them to be drainy if your energy is always refilling at a quicker rate. No more snail speed regen. I've also updated the initial enemy's graphics, which I've been meaning to do for quite a while. No more placeholder graphics, it just got it's actual look, a stone gargoyle statue that drags itself around and shoots energy bolts. The dragons will take a little longer to remake their graphics


facebataraxis: Yeah, you are right, I did use an efficient method for most of it, only breaking out in some points for emphasis. Yeah, I made sure the story had build up before making it, before that, most of my stuff was all over the place or a bit confusing, like that old webcomic I had. I'm glad it was entertaining, I put a lot of effort to make sure it would be interesting and have some funny moments.


Siri: Thanks, glad you liked it, I'm hoping to make a new webcomic eventually, when I'm financially secure, since comics for me, take a lot of time and effort to make at this quality. After the game is done, I have to focus on working for a while, until I have enough money saved up to be able to pursue both.

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Also, I've almost finished updating all the enemy sprites as of today. Last remaining sprite, plus a new enemy thats a high speed dragon, and I begin level development.


Here is a link to the updated version of the game I'm working on:




New Dragon graphics, shown against the old graphics:







And a picture of some alternate colors for the hero characters. I'm thinking the Knight's name is Grafto and the Princess will be Pyf.




The last two colors are what I want to use for a webcomic story I hope to draw someday, different characters, but that very same color scheme.

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New version of the game, all graphics finished being remade like days ago.



Some of the bigger dragons have a new move, which is a fire element grenade launcher similar to ACMOA, where when they detonate, they have a huge blast radius, and even if it misses, when it reaches the end of its range, still blows up.


Edit: Heres the right, link, and some art too.




The game is still a test level with no score, no rules, and enemies from early to endgame levels rush you.


As for the nature of the game, it will go two ways. Depending on if I can make the September 19th deadline. It will be a survival arena if I have little time and will only be in that level and a second level that has graphics in place already. You survive wave after wave of dragons, with occasional health drops. IF I go this route, the characters speed and attacks will be slowed down by a lot, around the speed of his basic red button attack. The enemies attacks, even endgame enemies, will have slower projectiles, or they have shorter firing range.


The other way is that its a five level platformer, where you can just run as fast as possible through the level and avoid enemeis or destroy all the enemies if you wish.


In either case, I plan to have an HP display for the enemies. Kind of like in this demo, made with a different game engine and the buttons work with idevices, its very, very unfinished and just has basic stuff.



Also art of the last enemies and some level art:




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