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Armored Core 1 released on PS3 as a PSone Classic


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This week (Tuesday, probably), the PSN store will be releasing the original Armored Core under its PSone Classics. Great news for guys like me who didn't play the PS1 titles.


It's gonna be good to get back in the saddle.

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I was happy when I saw it on the list. I might pick it up so I can play it on my Vita, even though I shouldn't and fuck AC or w/e.

I only have to wonder if this means the other first-gen games will get re-released on NA as well, since they're already available on the JP store and have been since like... 07.


unless the others can be played over psn there's no point imo


ac1 is the only one that's a quality game (in the entire series)


the only reason to play any of the old games would be to play with my friends cuz fuck ac, what made the game good was us, not the game


and bloodborne comes out tomorrow so there's 0% chance i play it again anyways

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Awesome news, I'll be picking this up when it's out. Or maybe just wait till it's on sale cause I'm a big ass cheapskate. I hope the other 1st gens are released on PSN, but if the PS2 games come out I'll be hesitant to buy them unless they have online mp, or I'd have wasted my money grabbing physical copies on ebay. Edited by Siri
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as i said on ACL, (ew) no online modo?




Maby LR though? if that ever happens? don't they already have a server or some fucking spider-web filled closet for the PSP port?


or am i an idealistic luddite with no real love for amor core….

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There's just something about playing on a console that feels more genuine and true to the game.


Why is that? From what I understand, many of them sold quite well.

No clue, I'm just speaking from observation. If they are gonna make more it likely won't be for the PS3.
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