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Aesthetics 4 Answer: 2nd Generation


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Division 2-AA

Designs 13

Voting Rules

-Vote for your 3 favorite designs based on looks or the idea behind the look. Clearly indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes, along with their respective design numbers.

-Competittors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs, and are only allowed to vote on one of the 3 sites in which this contest spans.

-Voting Ends Dec 31, and results will be posted during New Years.



1 Bombastic





2 Buoy





3 The Lightbringer





4 Deep Sea Fish Loves You Forever





5 RNGesus 2: Another Algorithm





6 Renfred The Hound





7 Deadline





8 Care Bear





9 Riposte





10 Orbital Rabbit



With all this spin, plus vibration and flutter you`ll be rockin` and rollin` then meltin` like butter! The Waterproof Orbital Rabbit is packed full with vibration, speed and directional control with a push button control pad. It stands 10 inches tall with an insertable length of 5 inches and a girth of 4.75 inches (diameter of 1.5 inches). It also includes a clitoral oscillation for the best stimulation with a rabbit looking clit stimulator on the side of the shaft. This will be the most exciting vaginal penetration you have with its dual rotating twist.




11 Snow Blind





12 Matt Murdock





13 Ranger



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1st- #7 Deadline


2nd- #3 The Lightbringer


3rd- #10 Orbital Rabbit







This entrant reminds me very much of the previous VISE entries like Junkyard Dog and Retenie, but probably more specifically Retenie. Vise arms are almost always a big buff to the AC’s aesthetics, and helps here too. The trim on the arms also plays well to coordinate with the weaponry. The legs and core are also beefy and rigid looking to complete the look. The arm-mounted rockets look good as well. What’s throwing me off is the head choice and the purplelish-gray on the backs of the legs. Otherwise it’s a solid contender in my book, but at its current state it doesn’t stand out to me.




I like the paint scheme a lot on this one, and even though it doesn’t look like an actual buoy, the name and aesthetic of the bot make it look very much like a typical AI ranker, giving it some more charm in my book. The copper colors and blues give it that same soothing and tranquil type of paint that Rushjob did for me in the MOA section. Detailing such as the copper stripe on the shoulders of the arms and the inner workings of the hover legs add to the dynamism of the look as well. I’m not too fond of the weapons though; I’d be interested to see what it could look like with different backmounts and a different right arm weapon. This was in contension for top 3 for me.



The Lightbringer:

Looks like he wants to purify all of dirty civilization with his brand new Sawa and Moonlight that he just got is in undergoing new toy syndrome. He completely changed his alias and personality to aid in his transformation of being a white knight. I like the blue back weapons and boosters a lot here, I only wish they could have been incorporated somehow into the paint scheme as trim or detailing color—blue and yellow always go pretty well together, like lapis lazuli and gold. The legs were thinner, but the change to these slighlty bulkier one balances out the frame well, and of course Vise arms are a cheat card at this point. The head suits the name real well. I’m not too sure about the extensions, as they feel too ‘dirty’ compared to the rest of the frame and weapons. Anyways, those nitpickings aside, the frame and coloring is super solid, so it gets high regards from me.



Deep Sea Fish Loves You Forever:

When I saw this entrant, the name hit me out of nowhere, and drew a couple laughs. Someone’s a fan of AC music it seemes. The name could be completely random for humor’s sake, but I also sorta see some mysterios organic qualities to the AC that could be taken as perhaps a deep-sea fish, though maybe I’m stretching that idea. The head and legs have this wonderful biological quality to them, and the copper highlights on the core and head mirror the weaponry really well, as well the more subdued brown parts on the undersides of the legs. Seems like blue and brown is the paint scheme of the contest so far. Anyways, this was a top 3 contender for me.



RNGesus 2: Another Algorithm:


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Renfred The Hound:

This is one very bulky looking and menacing AC, even though it’s not using heavyweight parts in particular. The curvature of the legs, arms, and core all play off each other really well, and the head is evil looking. The weaponry matches really well with the menacing frame, with their rudimentary and aggressive appearance. The shotgun, rockets, extensions, and standard laser blade all come off as battle-tested veterans for weapons. The paint scheme is very subdued, which tends to fit the overall look quite well. I also like how the boosters mirror the details in the top-rear of the legs. I don’t quite get the name, but he is rather Hound looking; I just never associated Renfred with something so aggressive looking.




Every detail in thie AC is masterfully matched to my eyes. The detail color in the frame goes with the extensions nicely, and the back radar goes really well with the grayish inner-workings of the legs from the rear. The frame and weapon choice is very crude in appearance like the Renfred the Hound, but this frame is rigid and slinder as opposed to muscular and thick. I’m actually getting Junkyard Dog vibes from this AC, but maybe with a paint job that’s still half intact, on the verge of rusting or fading. It wouldn’t surprise me if the maker of this AC also made Renfred The Hound, as the two fit very well together as complements. Anyways, I love everything about this AC, even down to the lack of blade on the left arm, which reinforces its slinder stature.



Care Bear:

It’s safe to say most everybody knows the bear-head by now in AC2-AA. It is a hilarious looking head. While this AC emphasizes the idea, I feel that this head’s ubiquitous associtation lessens the idea and theme behind the AC. Too bad you couldn’t slap a rainbow decal onto the core. Barrel legs are dope, yes. Perhaps the strongest point of the design is the weapon arms, which do a better job at emulating a teddy bear’s stubby, outstretched arms better than regular arms would.




I really love half of this AC, I really don’t love the other half. The legs, arms, hand weapons, and back weapons are nice; the core, head, and the extensions don’t make much sense to me. The orange striping on the legs and shoulders are very nice to look at, as is the laswer rilfe and its matching poky geometry. This is a lot like Swift BM in its aestheti approach, but without the cheating Arrow legs. The core and head really break the overall feel of the AC to me. I’m a huge proponent for mixing and matching geometry, proportion, and style to see if you can create something dynamically involving, but in this instance I feel it clashes too much. The core pehraps wouldn’t be so bad if the teddy bear head was something more ponity.



Orbital Rabbit:

The name and description is amusing and funny, but they aren’t the selling points for me on this entrant. I actually like the bulkiness of the frame and weapons in relation to the legs, and Ienjoy how the colors of the weapons and frame compliment each other rather well. The boosters and some detailing here and there on the arms and legs mesh well with the large rockets and extensions, and parts of the chain gun compliment the right arm weapon and rockets. And now that I think about it, the larg rocket could be the huge shaft and tip, while the chain gun comes off looking like a motor… if you want to look at it that way. Reminds me of Lionheart from AC2 in how it looks bulky and intimidating in the upper body, and Lionheart had a very nice looking bot.



Snow Blind:

I can’t really find much to talk about this one; it just comes off as a bit bland compared to previous entries. I could probably talk more about the randomly generated bot, but not in a good way, so I guess I can say I don’t have much bad to say about this AC. The colors are nice and relaxing, the dome head and hand rockets sorta work well together, but I’m not a fan of the mirorr and back left weapons. The legs and arms create a rigid but boring stature here. The same rigidness worked well for Deadline, but seems to clash a bit here in feel. I’d like to see the same relaxing paint scheme, but a frame that’s pushed further and with more width and dynamism to it, and not one that’s so stiff looking.



Matt Murdock:

This one might be even blander than Snow Blind, primarily due to its monotone paint. I can appreciate homogeneous paint jobs, as it’s always fun deciphering the subtlety within them, but this one is perhaps too monotone. I would have liked it to be something more along the lines of Renfred The Hound, or even like Lone Stranger back in whichever ACDC it was. I can see two distinct shades of red here, one slightly darker and cooler in temperature than the other, but I would have liked to see a third hue and an even darker shade to compliment the first two, perhaps something even purple to compliment the back rockets. The extensions and arm weapons don’t fit too well either.




I can see the appeal with this one, but for me it suffers from some of the same ailements as Snow Blind. The one thing it has going for it is just how well the rifle compliments the frame in rigidness and color. It’s nice to see the detail in the rifle mirrored through to the frame as well. I’m not so set on the gray, I would have perhaps liked it a big darker, as it makes the darker shades of green harder to notice, as it creates a visual focal point that distracts from the beauty of the subtle contrast between the two green hues. Overall this is a very solid and competent entrant, but a couple of small tweaks to frame and paint would perhaps push it into my top 3.

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1st: [#13] Ranger


2nd: [#10] Orbital Rabbit


3rd: [#4] Deep Sea Fish


I'm tired and no one really cares about this. AA is dope. Let's do this.




Looks great. Makes me think of some sort of patrol unit from some sort of dystopian desert city. I could've voted for this, but I went with the three that grabbed me the most at first because there's a lot of great bots in this division.




We've got a floater! Guys, it's a floater! It's fine. Not sure why it's there, just like a real buoy.


The Lightbringer


Weird bot. Neat frame despite how mismatched everything seems. Cool weapon and booster pairings. I like how the paint is distributed, but not the way the colours are.


Deep Sea Fish


Rad looking bot that has some sort of alien/underwater vibe to it. Reminds me of a squid or something. I really like how the highlights pop. Fantastic colour use all around.


RNGesus 2


First gen had an example of what happens when a random bot turns out alright. This gen doesn't.




Looks mean and makes really good use of those legs. I dislike the arm choice, and with how close the competition is for me here, that's enough to keep it out of my top three.




Great example of weapon to frame colour matching done right. I feel like the radar and how it transitions is what really sells it for me. I'd consider the legs a lazy choice if the details in the back didn't look so great with that colouring.


Care Bear


I feel like AA doesn't favour joke/themed bots, and that this one succeeds in spite of that. It's pretty great.




To be honest this mostly looks like ass. There's a lot of individual elements I like, but the overall composition just doesn't work for me. The legs are the standout high point.


Orbital Rabbit


It looks so clean, and yet so dirty. I like the use of lighter colours and how everything is neatly tied together. I feel like maybe this and Lightbringer were made by the same person because the weapon/booster sets on both are great in the same way.


Snow Blind


It's a lot of one colour and I typically hate that, but something about this bot makes me like it. LS made the point that the left back unit is out of place, and I agree.


Matt Murdock


Again, a lot of one colour, but I still like it somehow. It's a better Daredevil than Ben Affleck.




Of all the bots in this contest, I think the two that demonstrate the best use of weapon to frame colour matching are this and Deadline. I feel like this one does something completely different than what we've seen in even past contests, though, and that's really impressive considering how many bots there have been. More than just matching the colour, it's like it matches the gun itself, and I really like that gun. Very cool bot.

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All the bots in this division were real slick. Was hard to deciding in which bots ta choose.


1st: #4 -- Deep Sea Fish

Love the color scheme (white, black, and tidbits of copper/rust colored metal with teal-blue highlights) and the WA and back hangar weapons combi. This AC is probably something I would like to pilot even if it was bad; it definitely got style.


2nd: #7 -- Deadline

I prob. would use this AC as well. It has a very nice dark, and mahogany red that I love added with teal-blue highlights. I like the nice and simple design of the frame overall.


3rd: #5 -- RNGsus 2

These vibrant n' light colors remind me of Easter Egg colors, and I do love Easter Egg colors. I would love to pilot a bot that hunts Easter Eggs.

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1st: #1 Bombastic

I'm a pretty big sucker for busy and bold shoulders and arms, I'm surprised I have not ran into this weapon/extension combo while designing. This is a beautifully orchestrated bot where all parts move into each other nicely. The arms, shoulder missiles, extensions and arm rockets really push AA's limits on how decked out you can make an AC's arsenal look in the game, it all looks like one complete set installed on his upper half, kind of like one of those ultimate weapons from ACV. The paint and frame is also excellent. I really love the "dull" choice of paint for each color, the off yellow and purple and the tan, really correlates well with the dull blue offered by the choice of weapons. All the frame parts are hard, rugged and full of flat angles, the head is a good choice it fits the technical vibe and features the metallic pattern seen on the legs hip plates. Truly a design I can really appreciate.


2nd: #4 Deep Sea Fish Loves You Forever

The great thing about this is that I would have thought of sea-life without even seeing the name. Totally reminds me of some sort of tropical fish mixed with crustacean and mollusk. The textures and color in just the right spots are doing really great things here. The interior of the arms, the ends of the rockets and extension and the interior of the legs are the obvious highlight of this design. The paint is very controlled with great dark and light contrast. The choice of color for the above mentioned "interior" sections hits me just right with its dark shaded hues. The brighter yellowish tan on the center strip of the core and bottom chin jives wonderfully with the midsection of the rockets and really brings the paint scheme to a crescendo. The blue highlights are great to look at as well and pop out very well.


3rd: #6 Renfred The Hound

While not quite as cleverly executed as my top two picks, this is still a very attractive design that stands out to me. The tone of the design is the main highlight here with a fitting choice of parts weapons and colors. This is a tough dude! I guess I'd sort of relate my appreciation for this design to Brigadier from the MoA division, it doesn't seem to try and worry about breaking new ground such as trying to stress some new AC form or going to the extreme with part and paint matching. The weapons and paint match well enough with all the right choices in frame parts and in the end it looks great. I love all the weapon choices, that shotgun is cool, all match a tough aesthetic. The paint jives well with the left armblade, boosters, multi-barrelled rockets and a little with the extensions. I also really like seeing those legs used, they also work well with the large rocket. The overall paint is dark and menacing, and the choice of head tops it all off with that sort of lone wolf/lone cowboy look. Overall a cool design.

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