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What Browser do You Use?

Bakuhatsu Pengin

wut browser u use for dem internetz  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. pick 1

    • firefucks
    • internetz exploder
    • chrooome (iz awesome; click)
    • opera
    • safari
    • random shit not listed here

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Sort of. It integrates heavily with Facebook so I can post links and stuff on my wall/my friends' walls without having to copy the URL, go to their page, then paste. I can just do it from the site. It also has sidebars for FB chat on the left and website feeds on the right. I can glance over there and see articles from NYT and Gizmodo without having to visit the site and wait for them to load. It also has instant search previews.


Basically, if you use Facebook a lot, you'll probably love RockMelt. If you don't, then it's not that big of a deal.



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I prefer chrome but im at school so im stuck with fucking safari. damn school and damn mac computers. it seems that no matter what i do, i cant use chrome on here because its one not installed and two i cant install it myself because of the lame ass security sys thats installed on the server. i hate my school.
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Dude, no it isn't. We run that at home with no problem.



Something something XBOX One. Google succeeds with subtlety and gradual implementation.


Voted Firefox. Occasionally used Opera in the past. It was nice enough.

At least you're not using Safari. We have to use that at school. We have Mozilla but it doesn't want to run right.
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Nah, I know Chrome is good. It's about the only browser that works on my XP at home.


Otherwise I don't give a shit and use the prepackaged browser, i.e. IE.

Strange. what OS is chrome on for u? we ran it here on 7 and it works like a dream.

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