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Well it has been almost two months since anyone posted on this, and I was the last one that did post. But eh whatever.


All 56 maps trailer:


Livestream 5: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/37095045 Mostly just a concert from FreQuency and some other stuff.


Livestream 6: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/38684327 Shows off the garages fore being a merc, or a part of: EGF, SIrius, Venide, and some other garage with some other stuff.

Video showing only garage gameplay, guess the garages are dlc or something:


Samplings of 20 out of the 38 songs form VD's Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/fromsoundrecords


30 min. of gameplay from the Network Test with an Italian guy talking over it:

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lets start it back UP! OFF TOPIC( this entire forum is sadly, very dead i guess theres just not alot to talk about AC :( tis a shame when you leave for a long time and you still have stuff on the first page.


whens the USA date? I've heard every thing from as close as 9-26 to this fall. does any one know 100%


P,s its good to see that there is someone that still cares about this other then me. Keep up the good work Fallen!

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Eugh. They got kinda preachy there, as if they're gonna make a Jesus allegory next. "THIS RAVEN DIED FOR YOUR SINS. BUY VERDICT DAY!" It's kinda funny in an awkward way.


I hope the gameplay is better.




I believe it's more of a reference to ACV's story. Supposedly, The Corporation must've been some alien/ancient entity that tried to save Mankind through the establishment of 'Father'. Thus, the experiment a century ago. However, those damnable rebels didn't like the gift offered to them, and screwed everything up. 'God' was left confused.




Now, 'God' is attempting once more to reach out to Man, through these mysterious ships that contain valuable resources. Or, perhaps these ships have been around for a while, and we're only just seeing them now that humanity left its concentration camp.


After seeing some teaser footage, where we see some familiar structures such as Motherwill and the Cradles, I have a feeling there MIGHT be some connection to AC4A. Perhaps, after Thermidor's revolution back in AC4A, those Anti-Satellite Batteries managed to clear the way... at the cost of the Cradle's flight. Mankind had to seek refuge in a small area of the world, where outside entities kept their watchful eye over the remnants of humanity.


Perhaps, there was a good reason for those Anti-Satellite Batteries. But this is just speculation, since From likes to be a tease.

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