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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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@Yung Epsom Salts Yeah, I should change the colors once I begin the comic, something more serious and less pinkish. Yeah, theres gonna be several ogres through out the story. The afro would cover up the horn on the head, lol.


@Top Notch Penis You should go watch Queen's Blade or some anime like that, because I ain't drawing no hentai, lol.


@The talentless I haven't drawn that kind of art, but those pay a lot for the work given, I was reading a job posting just the other day, where somebody was paying $200 for like 2 pages of erotic art, lol.

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Hmm, I was trying to speak simple words, but it came out sounding wrong. I know he's joking and stuff though. But since it was on the subject,


@Top Notch Cock Reminds me of those pick up chick vids.


@Yung Epsom Salts Well, I probably shouldn't say what is and isn't healthy with that stuff. Some people watch hentai, and maybe thats okay. Maybe you can't find a girlfriend in real life, thats okay too. Some get real life girlfriends, and thats good, and if you get an awesome girl, then lucky you I say. Maybe they all their up and down sides. I don't really know, lol.

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I read some article like 2 years ago, where this anime director said that guys getting waifu's instead of human girlfriends was part of the reason Japan was having an epidemic level of falling birthrates. But I guess he didn't consider the change in modern social structure, compared to the old days.


I don't know.

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Ya, nobody in Japan is making babies.


Grills all go out and have male escorts pour them drinks, then they go home.


Dudes buy pillows with anime characters on them, or pay creepy Jap girls to cuddle with them in booths before talking about how holidays make them wish everyone was dead.

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@Young Empsum Salts Oh, dayum, I thought it was just rumors. Who's idea was it to start getting animu waifus lol.


@Top Notch Cock That reminds me of that vid I saw on yahoo news where some asian guy was marrying this anime girl in his phone or gameboy thing, and they had a wedding wiith guests and everything, lol.

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yeah fragrant its actually a pretty big problem for japan, I want to say they are only 1st world country still posting a negative population growth


also they I think have highest average age


you can get paid to have kids there, there are programs for that, very serious issue that goes all the way back to when I was in college (I learned about it there in the libraries)

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work ethic is what fks them up the most


if u arent working selflessly 24/7 then youre worthless


they spend so much time into work that they dont get enough time to put into relationships so they go to stripclubs and get escorts


also relationships in japan happen really slowly by western standards. u basically hang out in the friend zone for a few years before getting romantically involved and then your main concern is the financial status of the other individual. asking a chick out too soon makes u look like a perv


check out this time schedule of a manga artist




maybe if their hands were bigger they cud get more work done tho



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