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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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YUNG EPSOM SALTS: Oh, okay, hers is the one on the right, lol. I guess the frog eyes on her head are weird, what about the dude she's fighting, that turned into a big, bloated version of her avatar? lol


Top Notch Cock: Yeah, all those species are real, lol. I'm wondering why people don't domesticate them.


I want to make two episodes a week, so I would need to go even faster. This here is my fastest, style, the lines appear a little thickish, but at the same time, it sort of gives the art character I think, I do't know. I usually ink over these so they never get seen. BUT, what if I used this as the "INK"? Does this line style look ok? IF I colored it, maybe it be passable?



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Anyways, preview pages from 02. On page 18, got like a dozen more pages to go.




















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Thanks, sorry about the mispellings, I posted it when I was tired. This time, I looked it over to see if there were any mispellings, but I was tired again so I might have missed a few. Anyways, episode 02 is up.




Almost went the shading route, but then I saw it would take another day and wouldn't be out until Friday. How's this shading look compared to the flat color anyway?



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i kinda like the flat more, but its a semi tough call for me


reading ep 2 now


i can't put my finger on it, but the first ep was better...and i don't think its cuz of the plot, its something with the writing and art


i wish i could figure out exactly whats bothering me

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For episode 01, I used a thin line for all the art. For 02, I used a variable line, which kind of makes the lines look think and sketchy. Maybe its that. Also, 01 was 33 pages, while this chapter was 24 pages, maybe I should go the full 33 pages per episode?


it was suppose to end where they meet this weird rich guy before the tournament, but I rewrote it so that it would happen after the tournament.


Upcoming characters for 03 and 04.


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Yeah, I can't wait for those fights, have them planned out already. The girl with the moth wings is the in-game character for that girl at the end of the episode. I probably shouldn't have tried to appeal to a wide audience by trying to appeal to both dudes and gals, I ended up appealing to nobody and maybe thats why episode 02 is lacking?
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maybe...I'm not sure that's exactly it but one thing I'll say is u should just try to tell your story without worrying too much about who to appeal to


if anything, think more about who you might offend instead lol, meaning avoid racial stereotypes and what not which you have none of, and avoid any other kind of stereotype and ur good


girls will like it if its a good story anyways they're not that much different from guys tbh, the main thing is overdoing the machismo really which im not seeing either


my basic point is a well-made story will find an audience generally, you won't need to target for it

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I almost forgot to post some sketches dating back to almost a month ago. It's about the other main characters, since I've tried a few times to redesign them. The top pic is recent, but the bottom left was copy and pasted from the original sketch of episode 01, where it was his friend he was fighting rather than a random guy. He uses a Harvest Fly/Cicada motif to his ingamer, the techniques he uses are short ranged sound attacks mixed with melee attacks.



The ogre in the second pic is the speedy ogre I was talking about before, but I'm still working on the design. There are 3 different players so far in my notes that use an Ogre character, with different builds revolving around the use of a bludgeon weapon.

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the bug guy is interesting, im not feeling the first plant girl tho


the two ppl on the 2nd page look cool too


i sorta like how the bug guy is a combination of kamen rider and the question/rorschach


also is the ogre dood supposed to be sort of like a yankee? it seems like it which i really dig but I was wondering what other weapons make sense for them, gotta be club or bat-like since that's what they'd use...I was thinking a bat instead but idk still thinking...what's another traditional japanese club weapon


oh uhhhh those one things...tetsubos. That would make a lot of sense imo


i offer that cuz i felt like u already used that club why not vary it unless u had a specific reason?

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Yeah, I still need to keep redesigning the plant girl. I want her to have a different power from the rest of the team as well. Right now, she either makes plant decoys and powder effects or uses a solid melee style.


True about the bug guy, I'm trying to make him original, with a serious theme to him, while showing the hero roots.


Yeah, trying to make him a futuristic Ogre with the clothes. He was suppose to have a metal baseball bat so he could be agiler, but another comic on the website with a similar name gave the main character a metal baseball bat as a weapon, so I was like, "I'll think about it later" and just gave him a sorta smaller version of the stone club after thinking about how a agile character fights with a heavy weapon meant for strong characters, and it looks epic. Since the other two Ogres have a giant boulder club, and a medium stone club, I thought a small stone club, thats still heavy, would fit. But maybe you are right, I should vary it, still keep the weight of the weapon, but change its outer appearance and such.


Yeah, I know about the Tetsubo, ever since I played a fighting game that had it as a weapon for just 1 installment of the series and then took it out in all future games, lol. But I thought it's better for characters that use an Oni as their ingame character. Since the Ogre's and Oni's are a bit different like Knight's and Samurais. Their are Oni's in the game, but their style of fighting and looks are different, but they both share carrying a heavy weapon.


Here's an old Oni group pic I did like 2 years ago, but this site doesn't let me embed the pic.



I did give the original ogre I draw a Tetsubo, because he trained with the Oni's above to switch styles from euro club to asian club fighting or something, and he returned with a Yuki-Onna{Ice monster) as his fighting partner.



Thanks for suggesting it though anyway. Just in case I didn't know about that kind of weapon. A few years back, I researched weapons from everywhere, even Tetsubo's and Kanabos. Even put in stuff that normally wouldn't be a weapon like a magnifying glass. And futuristic or weird weapons like a blob that turns into any weapon at the cost of being slightly weaker and not being able to change back for a while.


I'll probably give the agiler Ogre a metal bat to match his modern clothes. It would be epic when he fights the medieval ogre and his rock club. But I also might still stick with a rock club for the modern ogre because of it's momentum during fights, or just make it a larger metal bat, cause their some cool moves that can only be done by an agile but strong character with a heavy weapon.


Oh yeah, I got those pics from this gallery of mines, it's from like 2011 to 2012. Some of you might remember some of these pics.


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Escrima or quaterstaff, hadn't thought of it, might make a good fast club weapon. I know there's like a Mayan club made of diamond or something, lol. I'd have to do a good brainstorming and just lay out all bludgeon type weapons before me when I get to the ogre guy.
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you're prolly thinking the aztec club, it's bscly its a piece of wood lined with chunks of obsidian


couldn't be diamond they don't have any and they'd have no way to work it anyways, plenty of obsidian tho and it gets really sharp


my first thought was those but i wouldn't cuz it doesnt make sense thematically with ur char, at least not to me


mayans used that thing as well, which is predictable since they were next to/conquered by aztecs anyhow

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Oh yeah, your right, I could have sworn it was made of pure diamond or something similar, since I also remember reading they didn't see any monetary value in gold and jewels, which is why they made it into weapons or other stuff.


I'll have to do some fact checking and not let my imagination exaggerate stuff, but then again, maybe I should make a solid jewel of some kind club and it would be different from normal clubs by being good at shooting ranged energy attacks but being harder to use in melee due to being heavier than normal. I think Dark Souls did that with the Moonlight Sword and its long range magic attacks while still being a melee weapon with some drawbacks.

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I'll have to do some fact checking and not let my imagination exaggerate stuff, but then again, maybe I should make a solid jewel of some kind club and it would be different from normal clubs by being good at shooting ranged energy attacks but being harder to use in melee due to being heavier than normal. I think Dark Souls did that with the Moonlight Sword and its long range magic attacks while still being a melee weapon with some drawbacks.


Nah, Aztecs/Mayans/Incas didn't value gold the way the Spaniards did, but they most certainly valued them, but like I said they didn't even have diamonds, you don't get those in those regions


there's no fucking way its made of pure diamond, that's absurd, you gotta think about the logic of that for a second lol


we have diamond tipped saw blades now tho, they cut real well


anyways the reason they used obsidian is cuz its plentiful (volcanos everywhere) and it gets sharp as fuck and its pretty easy to work


Also, think about what you're suggesting. Why would a gold weapon be useful? Gold is mushy and heavy, worthless as a weapon. Jewels are almost always the same issue, and aside from that they almost always have value even if it's got characteristics for weapon (Chinese with jade, for example)


you gotta keep in mind im a walking history book for this stuff, fuck wikipedia, I studied this shit most of my childhood lol


and in my adulthood I've been to the sites/countries of all these fucking things we've talked about so far anyhow shout out to machu picchu


altho I havent been to japan yet but w/e give me a month and I'll have that off the list too


anyways enough bullshit real world nonsense, I think a diamond club could be p cool, altho that doesn't make sense either for ur char (as I'm understanding it) you gotta tell me more about him I think


moonlight in dark souls is a metal sword with the blade covered by a bigger blade made of crystal, greenish-blue, and it shoots waves of energy cuz of seath the scaleless' magic power


the mooonlight's story in demon's souls and dark souls 2 are different, and of course moonlight's story changes from FROM game to FROM game, as you might have already learned it's a weapon that is in every FROM game ever made pretty much

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Ah, that's awesome that you'e been to various sites around the world and your knowledgeable about that stuff. I use to be, but like years ago, and only from textbooks. It be cool to visit all those places, like that place in Peru with all the sphere rocks everywhere, really freaky, like some aliens left them there or something. One of the interesting places other than Machu Pichu is that "gate" that's suppose to be the oldest place in the New World and somehow aligns with the sun. Kind of like somekind of south american stonehenge.


I should use proper terms too, I call any kind of gem a diamond, but I should look up the proper terms, lol, I too meant obsidian. But the gold I did call as gold, so yeah, gold would be worthless as a weapon except to look fancy.


The Diamond/Gem club wouldn't be for him though, lol, it would be for a ingame character that has stats in energy projection and strenght so they could actually use it. Maybe an ogre type with a long beard. The modern ogre is pure physical strenght and speed.


Oh I see, I thought it was cause the blade was made of crystal or something, letting it transfer magic and shoot it. But I was playing it on a small TV, so I didn't see it was a metal blade.


I've been to the andeans before, but only as a kid, because Incans are a fraction of my ancestors.

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