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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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Their even paying people? Dayum. It's really serious over there then. And practically working 24/7? AND spend years in the friends zone before anything can happen? That explains a lot. Rule of thumb should be that if more years that pass past 21, you reduce the friendzone time by 10% per year. I don't know. It take a super intellectual to figure out this kluster fug. Edited by Fragrant
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Hi, I've got 12 pages already inked, but I don't want to post them all until I colored them. My only problem is if I should go with the shaded or non-shaded version? Which do you prefer?








Something that was getting shaded and inked.




The comic would need 5-6 more hours of work to be ready. = _= Maybe 2 hours minimum. But I wanted to make it for monday night at the latest, I can't really post it on a tuesday. I'm trying to get a weekly schedule that is either every monday, friday, saturday, or sunday. Whatever start date will be the weekly date. I should probably post the rest of the comic, as the first few pages are an interview and then the scene switches to the protagonist.

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the shading looks off to me especially on the news anchor, um i wish i had some real advice on that maybe the other artists here have an idea on how to figure out light sources and stuff in their art?


normally i just try to imagine a light bulb coming from wherever but thats hardly useful here

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Main problem with your shading in that pic is the light quality. You're not going to have such deep shadows on a TV set, especially on their faces, since there will be lights from several sources that knock shadows out. Any lights will also be high up but you have some shadows (e.g. on the anchor's breasts) that would only get cast from a lower light source. You should keep in mind cast shadows and reflected light but I don't think you'll need to get so detailed as to worry about reflected light too much. Edited by SUMERIAN BLOOD GOD
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Valid points on either side. If I leave shading out, I could put out more pages, but if I do leave it in, it could put more depth with each page.


Thanks for the advice on lighting. I didn't know they tried to eliminate lights in studios, that explains a lot.


The order of that post was Epsom, Top, and Blood. I don't know why I forgot to put names.


Anyway, how do you feel about what the comic is about?

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The shading in the comparison image doesn't do anything for me. Based on those two images I'd say don't do it and save the effort so you can pump out more pages.


If there are panels that really need shading maybe you could use it for those panels only. Things like that sometimes break continuity for me though. Also, while I don't think the shading is completely necessary, I do like the shading on the left girl's shirt more than on either person's face. Maybe it's the coloring that throwing me off, I don't know.

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Thanks for the input Exo, I'll probably try to figure shading out before Sunday when I post the comic, but if it doesn't work, I'll just forgo it. I'll try again with shading in March since my skill at this time with it is questionable at the most. Edited by Fragrant
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I don't want to spoil it fully, lol. The game the comic focuses on is like Armored Core in the way it controls, except with those in-game characters instead of mecha. I was gonna use a different game style, but I thought this was best, as I could draw the most experience from, and still incorporate some fighting game stuff into it.


Dayum, if I had stuck to the original 12 pages, I could have posted it by yesterday or today, but it escalated to 31 pages, but whats scary, is that it would usually take me a month to do that. I just gotta finish putting the finishing touches on all 31 pages now. O _0


I have 31 pages drawn out, just have to put the dialogue and colors now, I'm trying to finish before the end of the day. I'll show some pages, and an alternate to page 3 with some gradients. Gradients clash too much with the style right? I've also randomly posted page 12 to show the other method I'll be using instead of gradients, which is to just detail the background with lines. And I also posted page 26 to show that most of the comic is just lines right now.










EDIT, 5-9.












I guess I'm getting the hang of the flat style, especially for the attack effects.


Here are pages 12, showing that I began using detail lines for the background, page 26 is just to show that most of the comic is in a black and white state as of this posting.






Here are the alternate shading methods. I guess it still clashes with the style, and I don't think I can shade the characters properly to match.






I guess I'll be going with lines to detail stuff like on page 12, but with more lines{I put those after I put the dialogue}, and forget shading.

Edited by Fragrant
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read it, p good


lots of fresh ideas and stuff


a few typos here and there, the sentence structure is also awkward on a few statements


i think the exposition needs to be better to, maybe even alter plot a bit to try and get those details in better


the top girl's avatar looks kinda lame tho :(


maybe it just needs to grow on me

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Thanks, yeah, I wrote it when I was tired, I'll try to rewrite the dialogue later today. Also forgot to put the character's names over their life bar.


You mean the blonde, or Ranasa's? The blonde upgrades her avatar to a more humanoid form later though.

Edited by Fragrant
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