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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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Bishop Mushroom tip: Oh yeah, I forgot, heres some art of the Ogre, the guy changes depending on the style:







This here is the original concept, where he was skinny like a troll, probably from 2012/2011. The earliest concept is from 2010 or 2009, but it looked so bad that I never bothered to scan it, but maybe someday, just out of curiosity or something.




TPC: I thought they were sort of bad@$$. But yeah, the spider motif probably has a lot of marvel influence from memory, theres like a ton of spider-people in that universe and I thought its cool how they always have spider like stuff on their costumes.

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Yeah, I agree, the buff look definitely fits him. The Ogre guy was a prime choice for extra characters added on game release, but I didn't get to finish his moveset, so the two characters that got picked are a melee, flying sprite with a laser epee, and the solid shell, single wielding Gunslinger.{The dual gunslinger wields laser guns, which would be redundant as theres already a ranged laser user{the princess}}. In the next game update or sequel, the ogre will be in it.


The game will be released in about a week for Amazon, Tizen, Windows 8, and possibly Google Play. I could port to iOS if I'm able to.








The Menu is work in progress as I gotta update that font in the corner.


A very rough build of the final game, most menu options save game are disabled. There was a shop menu, but I removed until I figure out what kind of iAP to use. The gem graphic that is the menu cursor is also an iAP item, they come in different colros and do stuff like powerup your attack or energy regeneration.

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Pendragon: Thanks, let me know what part is wonky.



New art for in game hero select:




















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Bishop Mushroom: Thanks, the game is coming along well. Almost finished with Phreit, then gotta work on Ritrika.


Phreit's got a rapid fire attack, similar to a machine gun with up to 500 ammo, a shotgun type attack with 250 ammo, 10 ammo spent per shot, an attack similar to an AC's rifle with 75 ammo, a Karasawa-like shot with 25 ammo, a steroid version of the sawa with 10 shots and a charge up time, and a Grenade Launcher type attack with 5 shots, which is the firey stuff in the last row, the blast radius of that is as big as the screen, the purple sawa shot has a giant blast radius too, but only lasts an instant, while the grenade launchers blast lasts a while, dealing more damage. The last two attacks both have high recoil that pushes you back. He also has an attack where he fires a decoy of himself, all the enemies will go after it for a while, during that time, you can run and reload. The camera fixates on the decoy so if you have ammo already, you can snipe the enemies while they're busy with the fake. Speaking of snipe, I took out his sniper attack, which is from the Long shot series of shells, replaced with the decoy technique since all he had was mobility for defense. You start out with 0 ammo on everything since Phreit's power is to materialize objects, such as bullets, which is the only time he uses up energy for attacks. Once loaded, firing the shots doesn't use up energy, but uses up a little focus. He also materializes a hoverboard for flight. Since he can store up attacks, this lets him use energy solely on movement. His basic attack is to spin his gun, which if it strikes enemies, throws them back so he can make some distance for his ranged attacks.



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Just resumed heavy work on it after having nearly paused it for 2 months.



Space- Attack Z-Special Attack A-Toggle Special Attack(6 different techniques in total) C-Movement Boost Q- PowerUp(Grafto, Pyf, Ritrika), Reload(Phreit)


2,3,W,E,D,S - Directional Manipulation (Mostly relevant to ranged attacks and some techniques)


For Phreit, his last two special attacks need the button held down to charge it up before the shell can fire.


480 x 320 default version.



Relies on RI to make its sprites look good, but I heard Android doesn't support it, so I was thinking of re-importing all the sprites at x1 instead of x2. Would this enhance performance, I'm wondering if leaving it at x2 on a device that doesn't support RI will make it lag?



1280x720, actors smaller, sprites still x2 of actor size.



I like this version as it does really well for ranged attackers and also allows for better handling of the high speeds of the characters. Drawback being the tiny size of the sprites might hinder the gameplay experience on smaller devices? As with the above, perhaps making the sprites at x1 would help with performance issues.


1280x720, actors and sprites at same size.



The actors in this version are bigger on screen, gameplay is slower, which is has its strengths. I find this version really interesting to play for its own reasons. The slower speed might be good for performance as well, is this true?


Out of the four playable characters, which do you find most interesting?


Pyf = Ranged, Energy Attacks that damage multiple targets. Floaty, Slow Movement. Has defensive psi shields to repel attacks.

Grafto = Melee, Solid Attack with the capacity to boost attack power further through energy imbuing. Quick, heavy movement.

Phreit = Ranged, Uses Solid Shells for powerful projectile attacks, has to use "Reload" to fire shells, otherwise, empty but powerful exhaust energy is emitted. Quick, heavy movement.

Ritrika = Melee. Uses pure energy for strong close range attacks. High attack rate allows for high rate of damage and unusual techniques. Floaty and quick movement.

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@Nomrah LOL, I laughed. Each character has a "player character" since the comic would be about competitive gaming. The game itself is like Armored Core in the sense that it's full customization, but instead of robots, you make a character that could practically look like anything the system allows, like a round, undefinished blob to a dragon, from a knight, to something that looks like a robot. Theres multiple categories of body types, skin types, and other stuff that lets you vary the look of your character. To me, this would be the ultimate competitive game, as there is no genre or class to restrain your characters looks and fighting abilities. I imagine some people are gonna try to make obscene characters, kind of like how people tried to make obscene emblems in PS3's AC era.


@The Talentless She's actually a major character and opponent for the protagonists, lol. Her character is a shroom chick with some martial arts type skills combined with shrooms that attach to her opponents for various effects. In that game, it's considered a unique use of shroom techniques as people usually use them for full stat alterations.

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Some sketches of the e-sports idea. The sketches below expand on that character roster I showed last week, elaborating on some of the characters on it.


Protagonists and support characters, their in-game characters: Knight, Maiden, Jester, and Cicada.



Professional players:



Local and district champions and their in-game characters, (thats a ferret on her shoulders):



Overly ambituous and eccentric characters, and yes, two of them are G.I.R.L.s(Guy in real life).



This story has realistic characters and is gritty, when compared to past stories I've done with fantasy characters.


What do you think of the "brony" and the G.I.R.L.?

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