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Aesthetics ACDC 3: 5th Genereation


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Division 5-VD

Designs 15

Voting Rules

-Vote for your 3 favorite designs based on looks or the idea behind the look. Clearly indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes, along with their respective design numbers.

-Competittors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs, and are only allowed to vote on one of the 3 sites in which this contest spans.

-Voting Ends Dec 31, and results will be posted during New Years.



1 Hecate





2 Baby’s Wish





3 Rainia Undine





4 Cancer Killer





5 Ais Anzu 001





6 Wyvern





7 Unnamed





8 Redhorn

A fearsome AC with a peerless pilot, Redhorn has been spotted terrorizing countless bases and opposing ACs, even fighting against groups in dire situations. The pilot is rather mysterious, and only referred to as "Uncle" by any allies he has.

“Creator’s Note”: I kinda had the infamous Red Zaku in mind when designing this, even though I've seen very little of any Gundam. I'm very pleased with the very aggressive feel I get from this AC, with the large arms, blades protruding from the core, and the heavily armored head piece.





9 Disgruntled Bob





10 Hamfist





11 Devistator





12 Gladiator





13 Viper










15 Boltbot

An AC that has been roughly used, it's constantly re-painted to get off the scorch marks and obfuscate the multitude of dents in it's armor. Boltbot is a cheap reproduction, used primarily for instructing new pilots in combat. Despite it's heavy damage and cheap construction, it's quite capable in skilled hands






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12 Gladiator

Man this is great I'm not sure what else to say, it's so dope



13 Viper

This looks clean as hell and really menacing, like something elite AC pilots would use to trash doods



6 Wyvern

This reminded me of Einhander (old ass ps1 shooter) and I loved that game


shout out to Hecate and Ais Anzu 001 tho those are super dope too

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It's staying, I never said repeat entrants weren't allowed so I'll honor it.


Btw everybody make sure to click the pics for expanded view. When at their native resolution they aren't as blurry. That goes for every division.

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1 - Hecate


The bright crosshatching with the racing stripe is a real cool look. The weapons are also well painted. I like the frame too, but to be honest, I like nearly every frame in this division. These bots are fairly well put together.


2 - Baby's Wish


I'm not a fan of the weapons being the exact same colour as the frame, but other than that, I've got no complaints.


3 - Rainia Undine


I really like the chaotic look and the aquatic elements this bot has going. Everything comes together to create a look of aggression and violent waters, whether it's the decal work, the colouration, the patterns used, the details of the parts (e.g. armoured scales of the legs), or the parts themselves (the head gives me the impression of a shark). Real solid bot.


4 - Cancer Killer


The bright ass pink is the coolest part of an otherwise pretty tame looking bot.


5 - Ais Anzu 001


Neat bot with some real cool elements that simply suffers a bit from being too busy for me.


6 - Wyvern


I think I said it was more flash than substance last time, and I hold to that. Your decal work is real clean though, no denying that. Maybe I'll vote for it next contest.


7 - Unnamed


This is it. This is the thing I didn't know I liked but I do. This bot just looks so ugly, hunched over, angry, and aggressive. It's got a personality to it, and a certain...je ne sais quoi. My only fault with it is the name (or lack thereof). On the one hand, it seems fitting, because maybe it got abandoned or something. On the other, it totally looks like an 'Igor' to me.


8 - Redhorn


It captures the look of the Red Zaku well, but the patterns cause a bit of a disconnect for me. I suppose it's not specifically supposed to be a 'cosplay bot' though, so it works well enough.


9 - Disgruntled Bob


There's things that need doing, son, and you don't look like a do-er to 'ol Bob. Soft hands need not apply. I'll take care of the barbeque afterwards too, since you probably think "well done" applies to the meat. Oh, and if you can't taste the seasoning, that's 'cuz the marinade is an honest days work. You know what that is, son? No? I tell ya, kids these days. What's this world coming to. Ah well, back to the task at hand.


10 - Hamfist


I see the hamfists. I don't want the hamfists.


I'm not sure if there was more to the idea or what, but this is the only bot whose frame I'm not keen on. It also has that thing going with the frame and the weapons being all the same paint scheme. I think having some separation there would've at least made it more interesting.


11 - Devistator


Uhhhh the leg/core/head combo looks like the direction I would've tried going, too. I know some of these are competitive bots, but this is the first one that seems to have more focus on that to me.


12 - Gladiator


In a division where I like most of the frames, I like either this or [5 - Ais Anzu 001] the best in that regard. This bot also has a really great concept, perhaps second only to [9 - Disgruntled Bob]. The execution, on the other hand, is pretty far off from that (to be fair, he did set the bar pretty high). The colours here aren't quite right, and while some of that might be due to lighting, it absolutely could use some work. That applies to both the frame and weapons.


13 - Viper


Solid looking bot whose agressive stance and clean decals make up the bulk of its visual impact. Sometimes red and black just seems more appropriate than the other options, and to me this is one of those cases.


14 - SN-VD014DCAC


It's kind of got a similar overall look to [13 - Viper], but the impression it gives off is completely different. I'm reminded more of video game AI robits (e.g. MTs) than anything. Still, it's a good look, and this bot probably has the best standard paint scheme in the division.


15 - Boltbot


A fairly simple looking bot with solid execution. I like the safety stripes and the weapon set a good bit, but I'm not sure where I'm at with the patterning on the weapons. I feel like because the front two are, the back one should be too, but maybe it'd be better if none were? I don't know.

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Fucking write-ups man. Why I'm doing them for a game where I can't even tell what I'm looking at half the time is beyond me.


1- Hectate

I really like this robo's colours, specifically the blue used. Last generation 5 robots almost all looked like a complete mess, so it's good a lot more don't this time around. I like the frame as well but there's not a whole lot else going on with it other than it looks like an average bot. Since I'm unfamiliar with Ac5 parts I can't really comment too well on how the parts work with one another.


2- Baby's Wish

The colours don't do anything for me. Also not a fan of how the arms + weapons are jutting out to the sides like that. Bland boring bot.


3- Rainia Undine

I wasn't a fan of this bot at first but taking a longer look at it has me changing my mind. I like the blue colouring with the slight red mixed in there. I'd say it's up there with Hectate, but I'm not a fan of those legs. The darker blue on the left gun seems a bit off to me, like the designer specifically wanted offset red and blue weapons, but I don't think it fits as well as intended.


4- Cancer Killer

I get it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. That pink is just too damn bright, even if that is the point. I think the tank in general looks dumb cause the rest of the bot is so small. Also, why is there a cloud emblem on there?


5- Ais Anzu

This is another good looking bot. The patterns it's got going for it's frame is neato, and I like the blending of the colours throughout the core, arms and weapons. It's doing the same thing Undine did with it's weapon colours though, which still confuses me. The frame is nice, not offensive to look at.


6- Wyvern

I don't give a damn about this being entered twice. I do give a damn about how it ended up winning first time around. That blue is ugly, and without clicking the picture to zoom in, I can't even tell what I'm looking at. It's a mess.


7- Unnamed

That asymmetrical red down the leg is real cool. It's got a nice, soft colour scheme otherwise, and non-offensive paints are a plus for me. The only bad thing I can say about this bot is I don't know what that left arm weapon is, but it kinda looks out of place for the rest of the bot. Otherwise, I like this dude a lot.


8- Redhorn

I like that head part. The significant patterning on the core compared to the rest looks silly, and the guns are camo? That back weapon also has a lighter red compared to the rest of the bot. Mistakes were made with this one.


9- Bobby

It looks like a construction worker. Only reason it didn't beat out Unnamed is cause I like the asymmetry in Unnamed more. Otherwise, fantastic job on this one.


10- Hamfist

Its got a wacky look it it, but those things look like gross tendrils coming out the side. The red and pink mix isn't too fantastic either.


11- Devistator

It's a mean looking bot for sure, and the tagline on the back gave me a chuckle, but the paint is a little unoriginal.


12- Gladiator

Like Bobby, this guy really gets the point across. Everything about this is great, but if those parts had more of a shiny metallic finish to them, I'd say it would have been number one. I probably wouldn't have gone with that bright red detail colour either.


13- Viper

Too dark for me to really tell what I'm looking at. Similar to wyvern cept not as bad. I would have like to see more green that was used on that rail gun looking weapon. Why is there hardly a difference in the angles of the pictures taken?


14- Serial Number

The frame is kinda wonky, but I also kinda like it. It reminds me of metal gear mk II and mk III. Colour could use some work; the blue and brown mixing doesn't look that appealing. Otherwise not a whole lot going on here.


15- Boltbot

Shiny safety glow is cool, and the frame is good. I cannot for the life of me make out the head though, fucking ac5. Still, the shiny glow makes a contrast to the simple red colour that I dig. Biggest downside is that weapon doesn't have the same glow like the other pieces of the bot.

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Wyvern for glorious blue Einhander first boss thing sort of, only with legs


Disgruntled Bob because I can see what I'm looking at


Boltbot because I can also see what I'm looking at and it glows in the dark


Also, a vote to all the KARASAWA's because they are true heros.

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This was a really good divisions this time around! Not to say the last one wasn't good overall as well, but this time many of the bats are of similar build quality.



  1. #9 - Disgruntled Bob: The theme is crazy strong, and I like how the head actually looks like some dude screaming, in the second pic.
  2. #1 - Hecate: Great work on the decal. Good colors and part choice. Close tie with Viper imo.
  3. #13 - Viper: Strong decal work and part choice. Smart pose for photography. I've an issue with such an extreme black but there are more pros than cons here. (IIRC this was Stravern's work, you probably spent all your time making this guy so you entered Wyvern a second time or something wtf. Viper's good but don't let him overstay his welcome.)

Bonus Comments

  • #3 - Rainia Undine: I get the undine part but not sure about "rainia." Nice use of camo pattern and color differentiation for the pseudo-sawa. This was very close to being in my top three.
  • #4 - Cancer Killer: Jesus. You gave my eye cancer.
  • #5 - Ais Anzu 001: I liked this one a lot, she was just a tad too low-key. The part choice is all there, hrj rep.
  • #7 - Unnamed: Um, idk. It's not terrible when you consider the diversity of the paint, and that the bad colors mix with the bad parts pretty well. Just didn't do it for me overall though. (Edit: Forgot to mention its left weapon looks like an anus. Gj.)
  • #8 - Redhorn: Actually quite nice! I enjoy the weapons. Just couldn't beat out the creative uses of decal and camo in my votes.
  • #14 - SN-VD014DCAC: This was such a close call! Equally valid part choice as Viper, whose colors were lacking, but whose decals edged SN-VD014DCAC out.
  • #15 - Boltbot: Almost there. Something about the bat doesn't strike me as great, and it just may be the drab main colors. The caution decals are slightly obnoxious but did well in being eye-catching. I enjoyed the sentiment behind the bot but it's lacking something; you're on the right track. (For the record I assume Srash made this, he'd said he'd written descriptions.)

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