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Aesthetics 4 Answer: 5th Generation


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Division 5-VD

Designs 14

Voting Rules

-Vote for your 3 favorite designs based on looks or the idea behind the look. Clearly indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes, along with their respective design numbers.

-Competittors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs, and are only allowed to vote on one of the 3 sites in which this contest spans.

-Voting Ends Dec 31, and results will be posted during New Years.



1 Ruhm








3 Pure-Pure Undine










5 Empyrean





6 Rathian










8 R62 Manhattan





9 Testify (AUTOBAHN)





10 Chubby Buddy










12 Starstalker Undine





13 Edelweiss II





14 Brachydios



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1st: [#13] Edelweiss II


2nd: [#5] Empyrean


3rd: [#1] Ruhm




The leg choice gives this bot a real solid stance, and the extra armour bits do a lot in helping give off the impression of a Valkyria Chronicles shocktrooper. The gun inspired the name and also matches up really well with the source material. Very solid bot.


Chubby Buddy


It's a pretty neat lookin' tank with simple but still nice looking paint. I might be biased though, since I like tanks and am CANADA.


Pure-Pure Undine


We saw an Undine last contest, and see another further up in this division. They all look good, but this one doesn't do as much for me as the others. I feel the frame isn't as cohesive, and the paint is more messy than exciting. Still solid.




I dunno how I feel about this bot. Either the core or the legs or the arms seem off, I'm not sure which, and the paint is well laid out but I'm not digging the palette. It's just okay to me.




This bot is like Unnamed was for me last time, though not as good. I really like its stance, and while the legs seem too small, they connect well and give it some personality. The paint seems pretty standard, but I like it. I feel like this bot just is really cohesive and I like it a lot.




There's a lot of neat elements here, like the way the paint is distributed on the arms and guns, the emblem, and then just the frame choices in general. It's a bit too much green for me, but it's a themed bot and sometimes you just gotta go for it.


Chubby Buddy




R62 Manhattan


It's got an oldschool :plane: vibe going on and looks pretty rad. I really dig the rusted look of the guns.




It's hard for me to criticize this bot since my big "complaint" is going to be that it lacks impact, but that's not really a bad thing. The frame is slick, and the paint is sleek. The highlights add some oomph. Using that much black paint, my personal preference would be for it to look really aggressive, and I'm just not getting that out of it.


Chubby Buddy


Seeing it three times isn't making it grow on me. Somehow I don't hate that paint.




I feel like the paint could've been a bit gnarlier, but man, look at that frame. Shits about to go down. THUNDERDOME.


Starstalker Undine


I'm not sure if I like this as much as Rainia, but it's still pretty damn cool looking for the same reasons as that was.


Edelweiss II


Valkyria Chronicles is great, and I've already mentioned how much I like the look of tanks in this game. This one in particular does a really good job of looking more like a tank than a bot, especially the legs and arms. Combine that with the theme, and it's a pretty easy top pick for me.




Somehow the bot has a real stealthy vibe to it, especially down the middle. That's a great shade of purple on its own, and it happens to go along really well with the green. I don't know too much about the inspiration for it, but looking at pics has me thinking it's reaching for it in a few areas. Ignoring that, it's still a really cool looking robit.

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1. fuck LRJs.


2. Heat shot WA looks cool on tanks. The core looks awkward. The UW is awkward. The head is the only upper that goes well with the treads. Keep 93/D and the heat shot WA burn the rest.


3 very cool looking. It would look better with a different SR/PMG and something other than a KE shield.


4 I wish there was a shot of it from the right, and a down blouse... Clearly put some work into paint, the fade looks nice but somehow the black/blue/red doesn't jive to my tastes. IMO KT3N4 or one of the lighter HBPs look cooler with those uppers and weapons.


5 +1 for laurel. -1 for cycad... seidenbaum or zlatko imo. The paint meshes the legs/core but severn throws all off. It would look cooler with the pile equipped, and a recon jammer (a recon jammer would make it a better build too...) Fuck LRJs.


6. Thats bad mkay.


7. cool autos


8. +1 for the don. The WW2 fighter theme is awesome. The head is an interesting choice but could be better. Right arm looks great, stealth bomber on the left doesn't. Arms and UW look retarded top heavy no matter the zoom. With a different frame this would be #1, paint might be cute enough to earn a runner up spot on its own... but you've disrespected the don...


9. +2 for a proper don build. I really like the frame, the paint is ok but it would look better with more contrast between the main/base layers... the blue shade ends up looking kinda like camo and doesn't do anything to help the subdued decals pop. Shotguns and shields r a bad tho. That CMG is cool but not in the bay... My only point of contention is the core. I see what you are going for but again can't stand the i-beam arm receiver thingy ostara has going.


10. I really like the way the core/arm shape flows with the treads. Head part looks stupid. Wepons r dum.




12. This is a fucking work of art. Paint is intense. Not much else to say. The rifles are a safe bet but the left is really drab next to the frame and laser... 3BR always looks good on HBPs and would go well with the level of detail... Cercis would work... The right rifle is just an eyesore... anything could go there, a ke shield would be better or dual wield the blade. All things considered this is hands down my vote for #1.

edit: the right digi-camo scheme might make the rifle less of a blank spot.


13. very cool looking but any tank looks dope with SC WA. I like the paint and the decals but they look unfinished.... I like what you've got going with the uppers but not so much on the treads. Chromeye doesn't look right on tanks, it goes well with the core but splits the build 50/50 curves/angular. Raiko would make it perfect. ABOVE ALL ELSE... -2 for no arm weapons. Laser and sniper cannons, or any cannons that fold, look wicked pisser badass. If it had proper back weapons and a less bipedal head it'd be a strong #2.


14. What do we say to RJs, Ninebreakers....


Actually I kinda like it.... The steez looks strong in this one. The arms are kinda awkward, but the paint makes them work and i like the green-purple-yellow. Sub in a 300/150 gat for one of the pmgs. The first gen double barrel CMG looks cooler... The head/core/legs go well together... If it doesn't ruin the paint use any of the lighter ce arms. Slotless or the KE mod ones...





#1- 12 (Thtarthtalker UnDiNe)


Honorable mention:

#3 Pure Pure (stronk...)

#8 R62 Manhattan

#9 Testify (a contender...)

#11 Thunderdome (THUNDERDOME!!!!)

#13 Edelweiss II (in hindsight i put this one through the blender... you are forgiven the sin of bipedal head on tenk and awkward decal detail is outweighed by the whole....)

#4 Signs unac... only for the sick fade bro.



Albino Scum:

#1 Ruhm

#5 Empyrean

#14 Brachydios



green quad

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1st: #8 R62 Manhattan

The definite standout for me, a well executed theme. Paint scheme, decals, weapons and parts all suit their roles perfectly. The use of junk weapons is great, the bot looks like a piece of war history. I could go on and on about how cool each little detail of the bot is, but I can sum it up by saying it is all cool. Every section has something neat to admire. I really love the work on the head and on the legs.


2nd: #11 Thunderdome

Another well executed theme. I can just imagine how this thing must sound just by looking at it. The two guns and the overweapon are just too damn good, the frame choices are great as well.


3rd: #13 Edelweiss II

The word that comes to my mind when I look at this one is Glorious. Proudly riding into combat with beautifully decorated cannon at the ready. The color scheme and decal work really excels on this bot. It is a high class looking bot.

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1st- #11 Thunderdome


2nd- #1 Ruhm


3rd- #8 R62 Manhattan






Not only is this playing deeply to my favors with the Valkyria Chronicles nod (the likes of which is perhaps my favorite PS3 game of all time), but also the resemblences here are uncanny. Never have I imagined something of such genre could be pulled off as well in an AC game. The characteristic drum magazine of the Ruhm itself is displayed to full effect; the striped thigh and shoulder shielding are represented as well. The ‘7’ emblem is a nice detail, as is the squatting look of the entire frame, mimmicking the hunched over Shocktrooper in VC. Beyond the VC references, the paint job actually works really well and comes off as slick and royal on an AC. The decision to color the head mostly white helps keep it distinct from the rest of the AC, which is nice considering it’s rather easy to make things that look like incoherent blobs in AC5.


CB Reimu Racer:

One of 3 tanks that are exactly the same but with different paint jobs or weapon positions. That fact does somewhat hurt this tank’s appeal to me, as there’s others with very similar aesthetics, rendering its uniqueness diminished. However, the most interesting aspect of this layout is how the cannons are cantilevered over the back of the tread legs, creating the visual that this would be a tank that would actually fall over rather easily, which is funy in of itself. AC5-VD perhaps have the coolest looking tank legs compared to the rest of the AC games, and I like the heavily plated aesthetic of these particular legs. The core and head don’t seem to match well with that aesthetic to me, and the paint job is completely plain jane, so the AC doesn’t really stand out to me too much.


Pure-Pure Undine:

I like the paint job a lot on this one. It’s cohesive and simple, yet subtle enough to leave the eye wandering around to look at details throughout the design. The leg plate with the decaling is the star of the show, but I could do without the text, and leaving it coimpletely abstrated. If there were some more rounded arms I would have maybe liked to see them as well.


Signs Unac D/02

I don’t know what a Unac is, but the glowy decals are the main attraction to this AC, giving it a fun paint scheme. I’m not as keen on the black/blue dynamic with the rest of the frame coloring however, and would have perhaps liked something less stark, with maybe a dark indigo for the base paint, and another shade of blue as trim or aid. The 4 eyes on the head are fun to look at, as is the arm shoulders, but I wonder if there are any weapons in the game that could be colored or decaled to look glowy in parts as well.



I think this one could have maybe used a decal or two, but anything more could render it too busy looking. I like the paint scehme employed here even though it’s rahter symplystic. The balance betweeen the darker colre compared to the whiter arms and legs works well, and that particular shae of red is pleasing on the eye. The overall mechanical look of the design is interesting as well. Overall it’s a very solid design.



Thankfully I watched the batcast otherwise I wouldn’t have known that this and brachy were monster hunter inspired ACs. This one seems to be based off a wyvern, though the choice of quad legs to mimic a 2-legged monster baffles me. I’m not too familiar with ACVD legs, so I’m not sure how good or bad the RJ legs look in the game. There might have been some bigger weapons to put on the back to mimic large wings as well, but again I wouldn’t know. The toothy appearance of the arm wepaons and the core decal are the strongest aspect of the AC to me, because they mimic the spiky Rathian pretty well, and the guns show off the two-toned green/purple paint whereas the frame does not. I would have preferred a more muddied down green, and perhaps some more variation in the green as well, and perhaps an additional yellow here and there. As it stands I see too much green here.



I have the same comments on the frame for this one as the last, and the paint scheme is still too simple for my liking. This one doesn’t have the benefit of having its cannons in an awkward position either, so it’s not as interesting as the last one. The core here has large spikes on it—wonder if it would have suited Rathian better.


R62 Manhattan

Now this one is really neat. The theme it’s going for is obvious and clearly represented, but it’s the little touches that really make it shine. A ww2-esque fighter or bomber, but perhaps one that’s been forgotten or seen its better days. The guns have a beautiful rustic coloring to them, and it looks as though the frame is either using camo with very subtle color gradation, or perhaps there’s some very transparent decals at use (like that blotch of lighter color under the star of the right shoulder?) Once again, I dig the choice of that particular head and coloring it an entirely different color than the rest of the frame, as it helps it stand out from the rest of the body. The shark teeth and various star and stripe decals show that lots of care was put into making this well crafted themed AC. The only thing that troubles me is the name, which I looked up and found that it was a make of a New York City subway car. Perhaps part of the joke, but I also find the name to be more suiting of something like a submarine or carrier—something naval.


Testify (Autobahn)

Compared to a lot of the entrants in this division, this one comes off as simplistic, but it’s simplicity done to near perfection if you ask me. For starters, the paint scheme is very pleasing to look at, and offers the right blend of subtlety and uniformity. The almost glowing-like line decals on the front of the core and legs asnd on the side of the shoulders help highlight the paint. The frame is overall very cohesive, giving off a boxy and rudimentary aesthetic, while the weapons are menacing and almosmt crude looking, which also play well into the overall look of the design. To complete the idea further, I would have liked to see the same type of unsophisticated weaponry on the back, like more shotguns or some rockets, but as it stands, the current back-mounted weapons do a good job of not detracting from the overall appeal. This one was just outside my top 3.


Chubby Buddy

This is perhaps the most interesting of the CBs to me, purely because of the paint job. Whereas the others were bland, 2-toned affairs, this one come off as vibrant and flamboyant, which is fitting of the AC’s name. The colors and patterning remind me of a lava lamp—something very attributable to the 60s. I’ve already commented on the frame and weapons before, but I think it’d be cool if—again—the cannons were positioned like the very first CB.



Overall my favorite bot of this generation, and an easy one for me to pick as first. There’s so much details and ideas going on here that play into my interests. The color scheme is very well executed, and gives off a sense of grunginess to the AC-- this could very well be the Sludge Dredd of 5th generation. Small details like the roll-cage on the core’s front reminds me of raider armor from Fallout 4, which is a very crude and gritty aesthetic. All the holes in the guns of the barrels are fun to look at, and make the weapons easily indentifyable and also play well into the overall industrial and rudimentary aesthetic. The star of the show is perhaps that…thing… on the back of the AC. Its sheer exaggerated proportion and imposing appearance add so much to the grandiose of this AC. I also find it interesting how those cylindrical objects on the side of the legs match well with the details on the back weapon.


Starstalker Undine

I like this on a lot. The frame geometry goes well together, and the paint is interesting to look at. Of prominence is the decal work around the entire frame. The red detailing and almost molten rock look on the left leg keeps the eye wondering. There’s sort of like a molten rock meets watery sea at play with the left leg decal. The only thing that irks me is the slightly too blue hue of the right arm weapon.


Edelweiss II

This one was very close to a top 3 contender for me. Once again, the Galian malitia paint job translates real well to AC, giving it a royal and elegant aesthetic. The coloring on the guns is especially cool. The tank legs have an awesome Dark Knight Tumbler vibe going on, with its many junbled angled plates. There’s so much to like about this tank, but the likeliness isn’t as profound as Ruhm.



I like this Monster Hunter themed AC better than the last. There’s more to look at here, mainly because of the more delineated paint job. I still wish the paint was a bit more complex though, with use of more shades of purple/green or perhaps even some decals, to give the look of the bioluminescence that I see on these google images.

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I wonder if I should've said this before, but the huge weapon arm cannons comboed with howitzers on CB REIMU RACER immediately struck me as giant thrusters/rockets propelling the tank forward rather than simply forward-facing cannons. (The barrels of the weapon arm cannons strike me as the tip of a rocket or some sort of a jet propulsion.) If those cannons were fired in that position it probably would topple the tank comically, though.
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