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It's probably referring to FA's super death move explosion.


That may very well be the case, but what I mean is that the guy did still say "similar to Overweapons from AC4" which is evidence, if not outright proof, that his translations are far from rock-solid and because of that, none of these things posted should be taken as pure fact yet.

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- The main component of the game is online play


Of all the games to get this right, I can't believe that it might be Armored Core. If it's true though, From might be able to make up for FA.


However, not having 1 v 1 sounds like garbage.

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Some low-quality Famitsu scans. FINALLY.







My japanese friend looked over it and said that what "Single player is an option." could mean is simply that the new gametype itself can also be played single player. Not necessarily that single player itself was bumped to just an option.

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My problem is that it just seems like they aren't going to cater to those who like campaigns, from their wording. Sure, I like multiplayer, but if that's their main focus, I feel like I'll be having like 3 or four hours of gameplay before I switch to multiplayer.

I'm probably wrong, but I'm just super sayin.

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Main topic has been updated with the very, very, very much appreciated links by Griffon and also the new AC5 website will be open on the 4th, Japan time. Look forward to new magic on it! Hopefully. I strongly encourage you guys to read through our collected info AC5 topic and ask me any questions you may have about it and fill me in on anything you think is missing. I would like it to be as comprehensive as possible, but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything.


Much thanks and love!



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Dood's rockin' wyvern.


Sorta looks like Skull in the other hand too.


If this game really is gonna have a strong team-battling element to it, I might have to jump back into the saddle and ruin some lives.

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If they're gonna take another year to localize this thing, then depending on when the japanese get it, i may be right there with you. After I made that mistake with 4 and fA, I didn't want to make that mistake again, but what can I say? I'm an idiot.

Gonna try and keep my eyes peeled in the future for a JP demo though first of all.

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The AC5 summary topic has been updated with all the information I have available to me and was able to verify. For those of you who want a full recap on what AC5 is like, check the topic. For those of you who want the recap without all the fancy mumbo-jumbo, scroll down that topic to the confirmed information list for a short and sweet bulleted list of the currently confirmed features of AC5.




Again, thanks much for the extra info Griffon.




AC5 Official Site has re-opened.






Only has the new trailer on it. More content will be added on the 7th.

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