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AC:VD Game Rating, Review, and General Discussion

Harakiri Tiger

ACU Community Rating for Armored Core: Verdict Day  

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Anyone got a team I can join, lol?


We have room over here at M.A.R.S

We all try and help each other in missions or Sortie... If you have a mic it's a lot more engaging but it's cool if you don't. If you're interested contact me


PSN- Ultibreaker


By the way, I don't know all the details of the new patch in the Japanese version but as best as Google Translation I could've read, it looks like the patch is adding UNAC possibility to Free Battle.

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I decided not to import my ACV data, which is biting me in the ass because I don't have the firepower I need to complete missions that have the most rediculous time restraints so that I can earn the cash to buy said firepower for said missions.




Then again, turns out I was doing sorties that are made for teams haha.

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This should have a black box warning, broadband connection required to even get anywhere in this game.


I've also been on 4 different Special Sorties as a Mercenary, died on all 4 of them, this game is sadistic.

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so ACVD was 5 dollars today and it gives me an excuse to do my yearly round and pester everyone here.


if you guys dont remember i thought ACV was garbage and i traded it in after about 4 months.

within that time frame i helped the ACU core team take all territories for world domination.

i guess wallhopping and flying through a city at ridiculous speeds was what they thought was the norm for a mecha game, instead of mechanics and customization.


popped in ACVD today, wouldnt read my saved game (WTF), so i have to restart from scratch with junk parts.

did anyone from the ACU core team get anything special for getting the team to top 5?


the UI is still terrible in this game, shopping and installing parts is almost unbearable.

the heightened challenge is welcoming though. still not a fan of the new controls but i like the fact you can change literally any control, even directionals. I just like to play games with default controls for some reason.

the story pacing and even the storytelling seems miles ahead of ACV, wtf was going on in ACV? i dont even know. something about robots on fire and punching trains at top speed i got pretty lost.

i see they stuck with the whole scan mode and KE, TE, CE thing which is a annoying at times cuz then you cant be as creative in duels so it causes cookie cutter builds.

online play seems a lot smoother but the whole text chat system is still annoying especially with the terrible UI.

im 50/50 on the graphics. while its a vast improvement over its predecessors the grittiness is just a way to mask how next-gen the graphics really arent.

sometimes you cant even tell if youre hitting the guy because of all the masking. it says ineffective hit when im spraying my gatling gun but my battle rifle seems to be hitting dude and his AP isnt flying down.

i guess the main reason i hated the ACV series is because the AC's look pretty retarded. when the hell did ACs turn into retarded mechawarriors.

also NO CG INTRO!?! i mean i know we all just skip it every time to go work on schematics and go boosh boosh boosh and blow things up, but starting the game and not watching a CG intro actually crushed me.


atm i give the game a 3.5/5 but i feel like it might get bumped up to a 4/5 when i play through the bosses and what not

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