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The Queen's Beauty Pageant: 1st Generation

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Division: AC1-ACMOA

Designs: 15

Competitors: 8


Voting Rules and Info

-Must vote for your top 3 designs, listing which comes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, please vote using design number for my convenience when I do scoring

-Competitors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs

-Design order was chosen using a random integer function on my calculator, so order is completely random

-The voting threads are on ACU, RR, and ACL, vote on only 1 site for a division

-It’s your choice whether or not to state why you voted for a design

-Scoring will be as follows: 1st choice gets 3 points, 2nd choice gets 2 points, and 3rd choice gets 1 point

-Names of designers won’t be revealed until the end of the contest

-Voting ends July 20th


Design 1

Name: Reaverbot

Game: Master of Arena



Design 2

Name: White Glint

Game: Master of Arena




Design 3

Name: Dark

Game: Master of Arena




Design 4

Name: Achrobatic

Game: Master of Arena




Design 5

Name: Tanky the Tank

Game: Master of Arena




Design 6

Name: Pool Noodle’s Revenge

Game: Master of Arena




Design 7

Name: Chikanball

Game: Master of Arena




Design 8


Game: Master of Arena




Design 9


Game: Master of Arena




Design 10

Name: Disgruntled Shoe Salesman

Game: Master of Arena




Design 11

Name: Boy

Game: Master of Arena




Design 12

Name: No Recourse

Game: Master of Arena




Design 13

Name: Firestarter

Game: Master of Arena




Design 14

Name: Sludge Dredd

Game: Master of Arena




Design 15

Name: Negro Angelo

Game: Master of Arena



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Wow, not a bad one in the bunch. Here's my votes:



Design 14

Name: Sludge Dredd

Game: Master of Arena




Design 11

Name: Boy

Game: Master of Arena




Design 15

Name: Negro Angelo

Game: Master of Arena


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(see below for Write-Ups)

  1. Design 1: Reaverbot
  2. Design 11: Boy
  3. Design 2: White Glint
  4. Design 8: ROASTED CORN
  5. Design 5: Tanky the Tank

I must be a fag because I think the 2nd and 3rd gen divisions seem stronger, despite what some have said.

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1 Reaverbot

looks like a mascot for the phoenix suns. the colors are way too loud and the 0/0/0 black is far more detrimental to the overall ac than just having a visible color. its basically just a bunch of orange and purple shapes that sorta look like what could almost be an ac.


2 White Glint



3 Dark

its probably hard to find good looking weapons taht go along with this color scheme, but the weapons take way too much away from it. all black with 1 bright neon color is almost as cliche and lazy as red/black paint schemes. its solid, sure, but ive seen it done way too many times to give it any credit, and since the weapons dont particularly match it well, it has little else going for it. the frame is decent, but its basically the posterboy moa bot with bland LW legs.


4 Achrobatic

great colors on this robot. simple, but great. its a little bothersome that there was no paint slots dedicated to matching to the laser rifle's silver, but its not a big deal since the blue holds it together anyways. the muted teal that goes along with the back units is a much more exciting color than silver anyways. unfortunately, the frame leaves a bit to be desired. the core and legs work together, and the head and legs could work with some more support, but as a whole, it jsut doesnt work. at the very least, a head change couldve helped this ac greatly


5 Tanky the Tank

it definitely captures the tank feel with straightforward colors and definitive missile packs. although it does have a good tank feel, its too bland to keep up with the other acs in the contest. theres nothing that really stands out overall, and overall its unoriginal.


6 Pool Noodle's Revenge

great use of colors on this robot if you dont take the back units into consideration. the bright yellow gives a bold pool noodle look, and the more subtle shades of green help to give the yellow a more solid base without resorting to black/grey/white. dark red gives it more variety as well, and works well with both green and yellow. the back units could have potentially added more to the design, but as it stands, they look like they were lazily slapped on for the sake of having back units. they do not work well with the overall color scheme, the frame geometry, or the ac concept.


7 Chikanball




just like pool noodle's revenge, this makes for a nice spiritual successor to CANDY CORN. my biggest complaint is that all the parts make the design a bit cluttered-looking, and if you showed it to someone who knew nothign about AC, they probably wouldn't be able to make heads from tails.





10 Disgruntled Shoe Salesman

in terms of color, the top half and the bottom half both have decent color schemes, but it looks like someone just taped the top half of a robit to a pair of legs from another robit and called it a day. they dont do well to match, and it makes the legs look as if they were an entirely different part like a back unit or an extension unit. i guess you could say thats a neat thing, but you could also say that you have no taste and its absolutely heinous to do that to a crucial part of an ac. this ac looks like shit 0/10 go eat a deck mister shoe salesman #shotsfired (o ya the frame looks like poop too why do you people insist on using that head)


11 Boy

i like boys. the biggest attraction to this ac is the use of color along with the head part. the tan separates the ac weapons from the rest of the AC, but since its also blended in with the frame parts in specific areas, it makes it look as if parts of the ac are actually weapon parts. it was a crime in the case of disgruntled shoe salesman, but it works in this case because the entire concept around this particular head part was to make your head a radar. great overall color contrast as well, as the tan complements the burgundy, and the deep blue in the legs complements the red in the core/radar.


12 No Recourse

i have no idea why, but the center line on the core looks crooked and gross in both pictures. its bothering me. nice use of silver colors to give a great mechanical look to the correct mechanical parts. theres a different shade of gray used between the core and the legs, but the difference is a bit too subtle. its definitely noticeable, but something definitely couldve been done to make the difference more noticeable. i feel like there couldve been a better weapon choice for the back units to match the cylindrical geometry of the shoulders.


13 Firestarter

looks like a lego toy or something. fantastic use of silver color, and the weapon choice is spot on to complement the panels on the arms and legs. back units complement head very well. overall a very cohesive design in terms of paint and geometry, but i feel that the red and white couldve been tinkered with a bit more to produce a better result. as it is, they conflict too much with the metallic silver tones since they basically look like plastic.


14 Sludge Dredd

yo fuk u TM u made pukebot in AA already and this one is basically the spiritual successor to vomit (jesus christ fk that head, altho at least here its used appropriately)


15 Negro Angelo

i dislike this AC. its a strange mix of bland and ugly, which is weird since bland things are bland because they lack features, and ugly itself is a feature. i dont feel like trying to articulate my thoughts on this one

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This generation is overall stronger than last contest, with more bots and some creative ideas to boot, as well as a lot of humor as well—bringing out the best in the ACU community.



1 Reaverbot


I really love the look of this AC, as it takes full advantage of the type of unique aesthetics you can pull off with MOA’s painting mechanics. Unlike other games, straight up 0/0/0 makes parts dissapear into the black abyss of the background, while full on chroma makes parts so saturated and bright, that they even lose their textures. The extremes of the paint mechanic in MOA are what make it a unique generation to design for. As for Reaverbot, he reminds me a lot of some kind of teenager all tsuranga’d out with his glowsticks and glowpaint dancing under a black light, so the neon purple and orange are the perfect colors for this idea—this AC literally glows. The angle of the first shot takes full advantage of that head, giving this AC a very :/ and comical look. I can’t say for certain which frame parts would make it even stronger in concept, but as it stands right now it’s strong enough to get lots of love from me.



2 White Glint


Quite a hilarious juxtaposition of using MOA Nineball’s build and literally whiting it out and calling it White Glint. It speaks to me as more of a commentary than an aesthetically driven AC, taking the two most well-known poster-boys of AC (Nine Ball and Whit Glint) and mixing them into one. What is it speaking more of? Is White Glint the more significant part of this AC, or is Nineball the significant part? The pictures also remind me of Kortok’s hilariously photoshopped pictures of various well-known ACs ranging from Evangel to Ninebreaker’s Nineball, and applying a color inversion to make them white, and giving them funny annotations. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he submitted this himself. It’s thematically strong, but I don’t think it’s aesthetically strong enoguh to get my vote.



3 Dark


I really don’t know where to start with this one other than by saying it does a good job of adhering to a stiff and stalwart aesthetic. The back units mirror the arms really well, although have clashing color makeups. The rifle on the right arm does a good job of further strengthening the overall rigid look of the AC, while complementing the back units, and the core comes off as bulky and sharp, making it look as though this AC is puffing his chest out in pride. Overall I think the theme is a very safe, simple and solid idea to build around, but I’m struggling with the paint of this AC. The coloring comes off as too simple to my eyes, and doesn’t do enough to mesh the weapon setup in with the frame as one solid whole. The pink sorta plays an ironic role in directly conflicting with the rigidity and masculinity of the frame, which I can appreicate, but at the same time I feel there needs to be a third color—possibly an off-hue of pink or a lighter gray, to provide a foundation for the pink trim and weapons to play off of. Otherwise this AC comes off as too conflicting to me.



4 Achrobatic


I’m not sure where the name is coming from, but to me this AC looks very much like some kind of 1980s fashion throwback from Nike, which also makes me think of its name as Acrobatic and not Achrobatic. The legs do a remarkable job at emulating old school Nikes, while the color meshes perfectly with the idea, giving them a simple blue trim and off white hue to complete the two-tone of the shoes. The base of the feet look just like shoe tred to me, while the skinny RJ legs come off as either skin-tight jeans or skrawny legs situated in a pair of oversized athletic shoes. I can’t say much about the upper half of the AC other than the right arm and back weapons do a good job of blending in with the rest of the AC while not visually clashing, which is always a plus for MOA.



5 Tanky the Tank


The only tank in this particular generation, and it stands out moderately well without resorting to being obnoxiously loud. Instead it finds harmony in some simple yet effectively subtle design elements. The back units mesh well with the grayish trim on the arms, legs, and especially the ‘eye’ of the head. The reptition in the textures of the back units play well with the repitiion on the arm cannons and leg plating as well. The additional turret in the core and on the front of the legs serves well to giving it even more of a decked-out tanky feel. It’s a simple and fundamentally safe look from a design standpoing, however I feel it’s perhaps too safe and not experimental enough to become a standout choice for this stacked competition of 15 entrants. It’s middle-of-the line to me.



6 Pool Noodle’s Revenge


Pool Noodle’s successor comes off as a decently strong entrant to me, showcasing strong color-theory in its paint job, and utizlies a couple basic design principles to help its aesthetic. The use of slightly muddier gold and muddy green on the frame help provide a foundation for the glowy, golen arms to literally shine in appearance, in effect glorifying them to a certain extent. The sparse use of dark red trim helps bring more color variation to the otherwise monocrhromatic color scheme, while helping round it out with an overall warm and inviting color temperature. I also like the use of repition from the divets in the leg texture mirroring the rocket holes in the back units. However the colors of the back units are a direct clash to the coloring of the frame, and limit the potential of this AC. Poo Noodle’s Revenge comes off as a slightly stronger variant of its predecessor, but is still grounded to some extent due to some inherenet limitations in design choice.




7 Chikanball


The idea behind this one is very apparent, but I’m not sure about the execution. It’s clear that the designer has taken master of arena’s nineball and has added RJ legs to chikanize it, but I’m lost in the back weapon choices and paint scheme in general. For one I don’t particularly like the red hands and lack of a boom-stick. I also consider MOA to have very diverse and very neat looking RJ legs—possibly the best of the entire AC series, but I don’t think thesep articular ones are the best fit for a bird look. They come off as too blocky and bulky. There are some great ones that have very long feet and accented angles that could possibly be better fits. Overall I think the idea is sound, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. A couple simple changes can make it way stronger as an entrant, but it would still have a tough time competiting with the thematically storng White Glint.






Another successor from an AC from the previous contest. This time it sports a more modest paint job, allowing for the texture of the arms to show through, and also providing a base for which the orange can work off of. I also really like the play between the arms and the back units, which both match really well in terms of color, but also really well in terms of adding visual balance and dynamism to the ac as a whole. The angling of the arms and back units draw the attention of the veiwer’s eyes throughout the pictures in a serpentine pattern, making this AC a very dynamic viewing experience. The horn on the head also mirrors the angling of the back units as well. I think aesthetically it’s a small step-up from Candy Corn, with much neded color balance, but at the same time it’s a big step down thematically. The head unit of Candy Corn did a remarkable job at helping sell its visual design, while its arms looked more toyish and whimsical in comparison to the texturized arms of Roasted Corn. This AC can also come off as a bit busy at times too, but mostly due to MOA’s lack of resolution.





Another example of what kind of ridiculous tihngs can be pulled off using MOA’s coloring system. This is a very simple idea that’s been pulled off as well as it could be pulled off. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any frame parts that would better suit the overall look more than these parts. The legs look like real legs with calves and oversized shoes, the shoulders and core make Greenman look burly and initimidating, whlie the head is classic MOA at its finest. I can’t really think anything that would better this AC in particular, but I think if anthing it’s the choice of idea that holds it back ultimately compared to many of the other top entrants in this contest. The idea is very limiting, and doesn’t allow it to explore the usage of weapons or different color schemes. The idea is also very simple and easy to pull off from a technical standpoint as well. Overall I’d rank this as one of the better entrants of the contest, but definitely not sophisticated enoguh to be one of my top votes.



10 Disgruntled Shoe Salesman


I think this AC makes best use of the Zero head. The unique emotion of the Zeo head’s ‘eye’ and ‘mouth’ plays well with the disgruntled theme of this entrant. The breast plates of the core stike me as the coat of a dress-suit, while the arms either come off as having his arms stretched out, begging for people to buy his shoes, or holding up two gats, ready to pop some guys who refused to pay for his shoes. The legs come off as classic sneakers like they did with Achrobatic, although Achrobatic pulled it off way stronger in its case compared to this AC. I can get an appreciable idea of what the look of this AC is trying to accomplish, but I think the part choice and maybe even the paint choice could be altered to make overall theme more tangible. The aint itself is a nice cool mix of earthly colors, further reinforcing his disgruntled mood, but it also seems like the upper half and the legs are on two entirely different color palettes. I think at the very least the legs could use some of the cool brown color as well.




11 Boy


This AC has been getting quite a few votes so far. I can see some of the design merits it has going for it, but at the same time it doesn’t stand out to me as a strong entrant. The weapons are matched extraordinarilly well with the paint job in general, and the red accents on the back-left weapon goes nicely with the red accents on the core and slightly redish-purple color of the frame in general. The paint job in general shows a strong understanding of color theory. This ac uses a varied color palette of warm and organic colors, but they all have underlying cool temperatures. The brown is akin to cool, earthly clay, while the subtle purple and blue allow for a color foundation in which the browns to rest upon while providing additional richness and variety to the colore palette while at the same time meshing well temperature wise. The weapons and paint are very strong points to this AC, but I’m just not a fan of some of the frame choices, and I think it has lots of room for improvement.




12 No Recourse


This AC does a great job at looking coldly mechanical—inorganic so to say. At the center of its aesthetic draw are the weapon arms. MOA has the best weapon arms out of any AC game to date, and it’s always a plus when an AC can utilize them for looks. The gunmental gray of the arms and trim of the legs and core contrast nicely with the more subued black tones of the legs, core and head, while the cool purple that accents the barrels of the weapon arms and core go well with providing a sense of maniacle prestige to the AC. It’s almost as if you entered a cold, steel-clad nazi bunker and there was burgandy red carpets lying on the ground. What I do not like however, are the clashing back units and core of the AC. The back units do better in a situation like Dark, where they directly mirror the shoulders of the arms. Here however, they’re in direct confiction to the shoulders and overall look of the AC—more organic in look than mechanical. The core should be swapped out with something more mechanical as well.




13 Firestarter


I really like the simplicityi of this AC. Out of all the entrants in the competition, this one comes off as being the most Playstation 1 like in its overall feel—and not in a bad way. The temperature of its colors is neither cold nor warm, coming off as dead neutral and uninviting. The blockiness of the back units, head and armor panels on the legs are all repeated and emphasized, futher solidifying the PS1 ideal of this AC. The mundane gray of the right arm gun also meshes extremely well with the rest of the paint. It’s almost as if you could expect this AC to be shown in any number of other PS1 games as some ai-controlled robot enemy or boss. In a division with many wild entrants and ideas, this one stands out in an incredible way at being stereotypically plain and ordinary, while at the same time having a greatly inspired idea behind it as well. I can’t really think of anything I’d change on this AC.



14 Sludge Dredd


This is an incredible looking AC. It’s an extremely decked-out and burly heavyweight that has a steampunk draw to it with copper trim. It reminds me of perhaps a Warhammer marine in his oversized, ornately decorated battle suit, or maybe even some kind of magitek robotic creation you’d see coming from the Final Fantasy 6 universe. The color and rugged look also reminds me heavily of #Thick Skin from last contest. #Thick Skin was my favorite-looking AC of the last ACDC, and this just might be my favorite AC of this current ACDC. Green and cool grays give it a military look, while the copper trim makes it ornate at the same time. The copper interiors on the rear of the legs and core fully glorify the mechanical nature of its robotic struture, while the right arm and back left weapons mesh seamlessly with the rest of the paint. The one weak spot is probably the front of the back-right weapon and the head unit itself, but those faults are small enough to be distracting to the overall stength of the idea.




15 Negro Angelo


This AC shares many similarities with Boy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same person made them. Like Boy, it sports a warm and organic color palette with a cool undertone, but I consider the frame to be stronger on this one. However the color scheme on this AC doesn’t work quite as well as Boy. I don’t really like the blunt two-toned nature of the legs, and I don’ quite understand where the blue fits into this overall aesthetic of this AC in the first place. The back units have a nice play of repetitino with the circles on the arm shoulders and core, as well as matching in color to the core nicely, but there’s an inherent lack of balance without the use of arm weapons in my view. What this AC does pull off nicely however, is looking very organic as opposed to mechanical, and I can see the draw for some people there.





1st Place: 14 Sludge Dredd: It does so many things right, and it does them to an extremely high level of effectiveness. Whether it’s looking extremely rugged or very steampunkish, this AC is very effective at pulling them off.


2nd Place: 1 Reaverbot: Making extremely good use of MOA’s unique painting system, while being thematically strong and interesting and hilarious to look at, this AC gets top marks from me for its looks.


3rd Place: 4 Achrobatic: Whether or not the name was what I took it to mean, this AC gets high praise from me for utilizing those leg parts perfectly, and incorporating other parts with a simple but effective paint scheme to flawlessly convey a very approachable idea.




Honorary mentions: Both Firestarter and It’s Greenman get 5th place for me. Both have extremely sound ideas behind them, and both are flawless in their execution of said ideas, but the ideas themselves were either too simple or too limiting to earn the top spots within this very competitive group.

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I'm that weird person who thinks that MOA got a little weaker this time around. For me, I just like the designs from the previous contest more than these. I don't really have much to say about these.



I like this design and the humor it has by using some of the quirks in MOA's paint system. The purple and orange compliment each other well and they seem to be placed well. The colors come together to create part AC and part void.


White Glint

Cool concept, but meh. The white doesn't quite work with the weapons for me and perhaps a slightly darker shade of blue for the eye/visor thing may help this look better. I do like how there is some shading created by the all-white frame. I don't know if maybe a little black detailing would help since White Glint had some black detailing on it in FA.



It's got a decent frame and a simple paint scheme, but the weapons don't quite go with the black and pink. I think a little bit more color variation would help this design, but it's not bad.



At first glance, I considered this design to be ok. But now, I think this is probably one of the better designs in the contest. The frame works together and the paint meshes with the weapons quite well. The blue detailing helps this design to standout from the others.


Tanky the Tank

A simple and solid design with a good frame and a good paint scheme. However, it's simplicity puts it below other designs.


Pool Noodle's Revenge

I don't really like those legs and the paint is ugly if you ask me. The gold is cool, but the greenish color is a little gross for lack of a better word.



This design has a cool concept, but flawed execution. It appears to maybe be going for an Eightball-esque approach, but fails miserably.


Roasted Corn

This design had a decent frame and paint, but it will never have the charm that Candy Corn did.



The green is funny, but little tiny head and arms that don't mesh with the core don't help.


Disgruntled Shoe Salesman

I like this design except for the weapon arms. The weapon arms are cool, but sadly don't mesh with the frame that well. If they did, this design would probably be my top design.



This design is solid all-around. The paint works well with the weapons and the weapons work with the frame. However, there isn't any standout feature that would put this design higher.


No Recourse

This design is also solid all-around, but I like the pain and frame more on this than I do on Boy.



This is a decent design, but I'm not the biggest fan of the white/gray mix in the design. A different shade of red (a little darker or maybe a little closer to orange) would probably help as well.


Sludge Dredd

This is also a decent design. The heavy frame and weapons work great together and the pain is decent. This is a higher-up design for me, but probably not in my top 3.


Negro Angelo

Another solid design without something that makes it standout for me.

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1. Reaverbot


Stuns spectators with his dazzling neon design. Loves to show off his design in dark arena locations. Black light posters of this AC are a hot seller at any event he participates in.


A fun approach to paint system that had to be done. Accentuating the bright glowing colors that can be achieved with MoA's paint upon a predominantly black frame and the pitch black backdrop. A fun effect for sure, the colored highlights certainly do take on that neon glow appeal. Another thing I like about this design is how the black painted portions add an element of ambiguity to the actual shape of the frame, leaving the highlights as your primary guide to discerning the actual shape of the AC. Although there is enough to gather that it has a very bottom heavy look to it, large legs combined with those arms is a great look. The choice of head is fun, the face is a fitting addition to the overall concept. One thing I do feel however is that due to MoA's limited graphical capabilities it does take on a bit of a rough look to it, exposing glaring polygonal limitations, but what can you do. Certainly an entertaining entry to start things off.


2. White Glint


A mysterious new entry to the raven fold, there are claims he is superior to the top ranker Nineball. Many follow this pilot religiously garnering a large cult following. But will his success pan out? Only time will tell.


Another fun entry, taking Nineballs frame and slapping on a maxed out white paint to the frame with the bright cyan glow to the visor to conjure up the the visage of White Glint. Two of AC's most prominent mascots combined into one. Other than that though I can't say there's much else going for this design in terms of stressing strong aesthetic design fundamentals, although that was clearly not a primary concern of the designer. It dedicates itself completely to its fun bold statement. My main complaint however would be the way the white paint was executed, taking the values all the way to the max eliminates any opportunity to see any of the parts textures and overall just makes the design look fake and bland. Once again it gives way to exposing graphical limitations that are otherwise hidden for the most part. MoA has some great texturing on the parts, covering them up is a mistake in most cases. This too was probably intentional as well though.


3. Dark


A dark raven who stands tall with broad shoulders, his tactics in battle are fast and furious. The pilot is known to be quite handsome outside of the arena.


The traditional MoA look, mostly because the upper frame identical to MoA's poster AC. I do like the choice of thin legs and the wide dual back unit, further enhancing the strong look to the AC's upper portion and emboldening the shoulders, it has a very tall and lean look to it. Basically my ideal proportions when it comes to AC design. The paint however may be a little to simple for my tastes, the black is cool, many shades of black show along with the textures to allow plenty of depth, but some of the bright pink textures do not do much for me specifically on the wrists and leg portions. It also doesn’t do anything to accommodate the red highlights on the dual shoulder units. I feel some more could have been done with the paint while still staying true to the black theme. All in all though, the design is appealing to me, the proportions do a lot for it.


4. Achrobatic


An impressively agile pilot who outmaneuvers his opponents to achieve victory. Has a habit of trying to make his opponent expend all ammunition. Battles can be long and drawn out, but they are always a hit among fans.


An all around consistent design. The most prominent feature is the blue highlights to accommodate the blue on the rifle. Paint matches perfectly with the back units, but I feel that the white on the rifle could have been replicated somewhere, perhaps somewhere far enough away from the back units. One of my favorite aspects of the AC is the matching detailing on the legs and arms, specifically the lines of the hand and inner elbow portion to match up with the bend joint and heel of the legs. Also the round details on the core to match up with the details on the hips. All in all a lot of care has been put into this AC's design, many intelligent choices that go a long way in making this a strong entry.


5. Tanky the Tank


A true tank enthusiast, uses his arena winnings to help fund his tank museum. His tank collection is quite a sight.


I highly enjoy the straightforward nature of this design. It utilizes its simplicity as a strength. The dark metallic blue black and grey paint scheme is well executed, I feel that all shades were placed in the most effective areas. The back units go great with the design, I do like that the color of the back units is a brighter shade of metallic blue compared to the frame as it helps them stand out. The arms work great, they go along with the turret on the core. It's not an overly large tank, gives off more of a recon vibe which is fun, the head is a good fit with its mono-eye and antennae. I cannot really spot any wrongful choices on this design, it stood out to me right away as a solid entry.


6. Pool Noodle's Revenge


Pool Noodle returns to the active raven fold after failing to achieve the success he had hoped. He has spent his days contemplating how to dominate the competition while still brandishing his beloved pool noodles.


The Pool Noodle legacy lives on! Pool Noodle returns with what I feel is the stronger of the two incarnations. It's pool noodles may not be as prominent as before, but they are still present enough to carry on the tradition. The paint scheme is cohesive, all the colors do a good job of working together, none of them really clash with each other. The maroon accents are a great touch and the gold portions on the upper frame really are the highlights of the design. The frame choices all work well with each other as well. However I feel something could have been done in regards to the back units, either by finding a way to match them up with the frame with paint, or by finding new back units altogether. They still look cool though, and they do fit with the revenge theme, he does look ready to take on anything. Overall a strong design with great use of color and a good looking frame.


7. Chikanball


A Reverse-Joint pilot who is confident in their superiority over all other leg types. Believes Hustler One is making a critical mistake by choosing humanoid legs. His whole design is centered around this belief as he is prepared for the day he faces the legendary top ranker.


Another Nineball themed design makes an appearance. It is fun to have a look at the famed design in the form of a reverse joint, and I do appreciate the paint job on this. Although in the end It's obvious shortcoming is originality, but all in all it is a fun addition to the 1st gen division.




A lover of all things corn, a food common before the great destruction. A conservationist who stresses the importance of the natural world and the dangers of unchecked modernization. Uses his prize money to expand his immense agricultural operation.


This design won me over from the moment I saw it. Everything about it, the paint, the frame and the weapon choices all do a phenomenal job of bringing this design together and allowing it to really stand out. The paint job is incredibly well done and attractive, the color placement does a great job of bringing the most out of the frame. The eye-catching golds are present on the prominent exterior panels, while the browns mark the more armored, duty purposed regions such as the chest plates and frontal shoulder plates. I like how the brown regions allow the parts to show off their textures, specifically on the chest, shoulders and arms, those are some of the best looking arms in all of AC with one of the coolest texture patterns. Grey for the joints is perfect and the red accents do a lot for the design and adds some variety as well as matching up with the red on the back units. One of my favorite features is the purple on the head to go along with the purple that can be seen on the back units, a very nice touch that shows a lot of care being put into this design. The head choice with the horn to match the angle of the back units is a standout feature as well. I will mention that the frame minus the head is identical to "The Drac" from the previous ACDC, but this design definitely does enough for me to stand out as its own. An incredibly well executed design with a lot of detail and strong choices going for it, truly a pleasure to look at.




A pilot who has been banned from the arena due to his bizarre and disruptive habits, although this does not stop him from making further appearances. He will occasionally crash arena events with unexpected entrances ultimately leaving the scene in a state of chaos.


To me this is the "Candy Corn" of 2.0. Fun and loud. Also it's a theme bot, which adds another dimension to it. Shape of man in MoA is great, I had a few shape of man ideas planned out myself. This design is a fun and memorable addition to the 1st gen roster.


10. Disgruntled Shoe Salesman


A shoe salesman who decided to enter the arena to help support his struggling business. Takes pleasure in taking his frustration out on others using his powerful grenade launcher arms.


A cool design that grabbed my attention right away. The name is also incredibly fitting, this guy truly does look disgruntled equipped with them huge grenade launcher arms and that displeased look you can make out on the head. Also sporting those Reverse Joint legs that always came across as large sneakers on the feet, which coincides with the shoe salesman theme. Probably my favorite aspect of this AC is the colors on the upper portion, the greatest looking shade of blue I've ever seen come out of the game to go along with the metallic brown on the barrels of the arms and the tan on the chest. Those arms simply look great on this design, hell in the second pic it looks like a walking dual turret. One thing I struggle with though is the choice of color on the legs, with colors that separate themselves too much from the strong color choices present on the upper portion. In the end though the design is attention grabbing with a unique look and a clearly identifiable theme.


11. Boy


Little is known about this pilot, he is believed to be an assassin in Isaac Cities criminal underground. In battle he is cold and calculated, and seems to anticipate enemy movements with ease. He is a crack shot with his rifle.


A design with an all business look to it, gives off sort of a killer without a conscience vibe, equipped with the tools necessary to carry out his mission. A tall design with broad shoulders accentuated by its thin legs. I really enjoy the use of the radar head on this design, it gives an ominous look to an otherwise very humanoid design. I also enjoy its use of the classic looking sniper rifle, and how the tan paints coincide with the weapons. The brighter tan defines certain portions of the upper frame, allowing them to really stand out from the rest of the body giving individuality to the parts. The tan then blends as it works its way down into the darker tans present on the mid-core and legs. The equipment is highlighted against the dark burgundy featured on the majority of the frame, and the dark blue is a pleasing companion to the rest of the paint. The whole use of color on this design is a pleasure to look at and I can't think of much that could have been done differently in terms of paint, everything transitions smoothly and works well together.


12. No Recourse


An overly aggressive pilot who throws out everything he's got without hesitation. Inexperienced ravens who encounter this pilot usually leave battle with a very expensive repair bill if lucky. He has a tendency to run out of ammo.


One of the most intimidating designs I've seen come out of the 1st gen division thanks to the metallic greys, red accents and those wonderfully designed gatling gun arms. It's always been a mystery to me why gatling gun arms with this appearance failed to show up in later entries of the series, seems like a no brainer as they embody the spirit of sheer rapid firepower. This AC truly does look ready to eliminate anything in its path, gatling guns ablaze, while trudging forward in those large reverse joint legs. I enjoy the frame and its large daunting appearance, the arms that jut out to balance the reverse joint legs, and its wide shoulders. The metallic greys and dark reds work well for the overall look of the design, the glowing red of the heads visor matches with the red on the dual shoulder units as well. I do feel that some of the greys feel sort of unfinished, the core sort of matches the color of the back units, and the grey on the legs seem to be striving to achieve something on there own. Overall a great looking design that does well to achieve a menacing look.


13. Firestarter


A quick and aggressive pilot who takes great pleasure in making his opponents panic, ultimately seeking the thrill of seeing them light up in flames. Looks to end battles as quickly as possible never letting up on the opponent.


A design with strong frame and part choices. I enjoy how the right arm gun and shoulder units mesh with the very prominent steel portions of the frame. Overall the AC has a very satisfying compact appearance with nice proportions. However I disagree with how the red and white paints were executed, the design would have been much more pleasing to look at if those colors were toned down a bit to allow for the part textures to show through. Bringing the color values up that high leaves the design looking fake and also makes certain parts look glitchy, such as the blotchy blocks on the arms that stand out due to the overly bright red, or the blaring white squares on the legs. These paint choices do detract quite a bit from the overall appeal of the design. However I can still appreciate some of the finer aspects of this design.


14. Sludge Dredd


Formerly employed to work in Isaac Cities sewer system, he joined the arena in hopes of achieving fame and fortune. Not afraid to get into dirty situations, this pilot will do whatever it takes to come out on top. He has won over many fans with his show of grit and determination in battle.


I'm surprised that heavy bipeds are not done more often in the 1st gen division, this design surely shows off the beauty of the heavy line of parts present in the game. An extremely heavy looking AC that looks like it could withstand immense amounts of firepower. All the frame choices match up well, especially the arms and legs with the angled plates on the shoulders and hips, and the angled indented lines featured on both as well. The right arm machine gun meshes well with the paint and I appreciate how the faint purple was replicated on portions of the head. The back unit choices are great as well. The heavy cylindrical off-hanging nature of the left shoulder part fits the round heaviness of the frame, and the textures on both match up with the outer portions of the core. However as much as I like the choice of colors I do feel that some of the placements could have been switched around a bit. For example I mentioned the texture of the shoulder units that match up with the outer core, personally I feel a feel a very consistent look would be achieved through matching those colors up and would further emphasize how well the parts work with each other. Also on the arms and leg portions that feature the angled indented line, those sections could possibly work better together if the colors were matched up to further emphasize the matching textures. However these things are relatively minor when compared to the strengths of this design.


15. Negro Angelo


Seen as a savior to his people, his followers strongly believe he will help them fight and overcome the overwhelming oppression imposed by Isaac Cities upper class. This raven carries the weight of thousands of hopes and dreams on his shoulders, but this only seems to strengthen his capabilities in battle.


A very unique looking and cleanly executed design. The most standout feature being its back units and chest that show up prominently against the darker tones featured on the rest of the design. The steel grey of the shoulder units is also matched up with portions of the core. I immediately recognized this as a strong entry with a dedicated central look. It does little wrong as it makes sure to stick to it essential design choices without adding unnecessary frills, for example going without a right arm weapon which keeps the designs symmetry intact and allowing the focus to remain on the back units. All of the colors aid each other nicely, and the blue on the legs is a nice addition that adds variety to the palette while not interrupting the rest of the design. All frame parts match great as well, featuring an overall roundness and humanoid shape. I appreciate the choice of head and arms, choosing those over the more common choices for human shaped designs, ensuring that the frame remains unique. I appreciate the designers approach and this one certainly ends up as a personal favorite of mine.


My Votes



2nd: 15 Negro Angelo

3rd: 14 Sludge Dredd

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(see above for Votes)


Design 1: Reaverbot

The juxtaposition of the bright alts and the black primary (?) colors are jarring to the eye, and I would never expect to see such a ghastly combination of colors on any of the entries. The colors aren't pleasing, and taking a step back are reminiscent of Halloween hues. Furthermore, the black background blends with the frame colors, and even masks the outline of the frame on some monitor settings. The back of its legs looks like a terrible mass of third-rate graphics, given the "lighting" and neon purple. By all respects this AC is hideous. On the other hand, the color choices allow the brightly-lit parts of the AC to pop and appear unattached to one another, possibly giving rise to name. The eccentric colors, combined with the goldfish head, make this entry the quirkiest of the entire contest. I originally debated between this AC and Sludge Dredd, and refused to place both in my top three. I stand by this declaration still.


Design 2: White Glint

It's pretty obvious what the creator was trying to do, by referencing ACfA's iconic White Glint here. Having never played MoA beyond the introductory tutorial stage (I think that's what it was), I never knew this was a reference to Nine-Ball in the original games. Thanks to TM I feel that I can appreciate the humor of the mech all the better.


Design 3: Dark

This is a bad AC. The hot pink/purple stripes imposed on a nearly black frame makes it look like ass. I'd rather look at asses wearing Pink than this shitty AC. The only other comment is that the arms and what I think are the back weapons, from a certain angle, look like the Svir arms from ACVD.


Design 4: Achrobatic

The frame is chrome. I don't see anything acrobatic about it and I have no idea what TM is spewing. It's a shitty design but I guess the contrast of the dark blue stripes is interesting.


Design 5: Tanky the Tank

The first five times I scanned through the thread I overlooked this AC. Coming to it now in the write-ups makes me change my mind. The colors are unfortunately rather dark and unflashy, which is disadvantageous given the black background. Otherwise, the gatlings (?) match well with the back missiles, and the overall frame is solid indeed. It's hard for me to make out many of the details of the head and legs--all the more important since, again, I've yet to play MoA--but staring at this AC more carefully has definitely made me reconsider my top five picks in this division.


Design 6: Pool Noodle's Revenge

In my original voting, I claimed that this mech's "colors stand out without being terribly obnoxious," and even ranked it second in my picks. I now retract my statement and vote, and amend my observation by stating that the dark and rusty hues of the quads do not pair well with the rest of the frame. As was discussed by others in the Batcast aired over Twitch, the weapons are not very "pool noodle"-like. Leaving its legacy aside, PNR does a good job of picking out its frame, and the weapons it wields give an imposing air. The square eye also syncs with the black squares on the shoulders of its arms. However, the distasteful brown of its legs leaves a bad taste in my mouth, despite originally being my #2.


Design 7: Chikanball

An interesting take on the chikan series, through an homage to Nine-Ball (presumably). Neat and solid, but nothing too fancy.



The undeniable successor to Candy Corn from the last ACDC, this AC does a fantastic job of choosing harmonizing weapons and picking out a meshing yet contrasting array of colors, such as the occasional accents of red. The broad quadrupedal legs give an air of confidence and intimidation, and the horn on the head is a nice, strong touch.



A visual contender to White Glint, ITS GREENMAN does a great job of hiding any and all physical details of its frame. Essentially a pure mass of polygons, the minute head is a stark and humorous contrast to its gigantic body and muscular arms. If this were not pitted against White Glint, I would have afforded it a spot in my voting, but as it is, it doesn't not rank within my top five.


Design 10: Disgruntled Shoe Salesman

I've never heard of Al Bundy, nor seen Married... with Children, and thus did not make any connection between him and this AC as Niji did in chat. The thematic element of DSS is great, and I can certainly feel his disgruntledness emanating from his massive guns. However, the legs--undeniably integral to the AC's theme--do not mesh well with the visual aspect of the design, and feel almost wasted on DSS, when they could be combined with something even more outrageous above the waist. Had these legs not been reverse jointed, I would have afforded it a vote. As it stands, this monster cannot be allowed to win anything in ACDC 2.0.


Design 11: Boy

At first, I simply could not see what was so special about this entry. Boy's slim, awkward head makes me glance twice, and the due red stripe across its chest is a great highlight, but its colors are not anything too amazing (alternatively, I have no bone to pick with it, despite being a bad match with the black background). The weapons are an extremely good fit with the frame, I feel, for not being too imposing and for avoiding anything particularly "loud" or flashy. The rusty rainbow texture of its back left gun (radar?) is the one oddity--as the rest of its weapons have good matching colors--and this oddity makes the entry much less boring than it would have been otherwise. The barely noticeable blue color dotting the frame is a subtle finishing touch.


Design 12: No Recourse

A lump of shit. This head looks very disagreeable from the front with the RJ legs. The arms, gatling guns and back weapons all look fine together, but they make a bad contrast with the head and core.


Design 13: Firestarter

Not something I initially gave much thought to. However, looking at it now the frame is very solid and resonates well with the choice of red, white and steel-gray paint. The gun is simple and straightforward, and the back weapons mesh with the gun, core, head, and platings on the legs--everything, really. I would like to give this an honorary mention....


Design 14: Sludge Dredd

The name and a few of the colors are obvious references to the Judge Dredd franchise, although of course there is an element of "sludge" apparent here. The fat frame works great together, and the "face" on the head is again put to good use. Nothing much else to say, aside from a good choice of weapons and it's prepared to be judged. Originally my #1, but I decided to revise my picks cause it has too many votes.


Design 15: Negro Angelo

What TM said. In addition, it's a towering, brown Kong wearing a white jetpack.

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This division is a bit lopsided for me. I really like about half the bots, and I'm just not feeling the others. Having said that, the bots here have great variety, even with the repetition of certain parts - a necessity, given the limited options. There are themes and ideas on display that, in my opinion, only work because of one of my favourite aspects of MoA: the paint.


Boy and Negro Angelo both show off natural colour variations, especially in the legs. White Glint and ITS GREENMAN take the effect Pool Noodle showed off last contest to a comical extreme. Reaverbot has that crazy glow, and a few entries make use of metallic tones that never worked quite as well in future games in the series. To me, these are all things that show up after tinkering with things, while Firestarter's paint is the embodiment of what I consider "normal" for first generation AC.


1st - [8] ROASTED CORN


The orange immediately grabbed my attention, the red accents tie in the back parts, and the deep bronze and dark grey do a good job of toning down the overall busy look of the AC. The four colours combine for a really strong overall palette. My one complaint with the frame might have been the head due to its more rounded shape contrasting with the stiffness of the rest of the bot, but it integrates nicely by matching up with the spikes of the legs, and by having the rear units run at the same angle. Also, I know it's a successor bot, but I feel the name doesn't fit at all. Something along the lines of "Spiked OJ" seems like it would've been more appropriate. Name doesn't really affect the looks, though.


2nd - [13] Firestarter


While I do like the paint of a lot of the entries, there's a lot of dark robits. Even some of the lighter robits (Achrobatic, ROASTED CORN) still have a shadowed, darker look to them. This AC stands out because it has a nice brightness to it, and more importantly (to me), because it looks very Canadian. The frame works really well overall, with certain parts sharing distinct features with others. There's plating on the arms and legs, the core and legs have that indented line texture, and the core and head both have what look like intake vents (which the back units play off of, too). I wish the gun had a bit more impact, but it fits the colour scheme and works with the textures of the frame, and I'm not sure what (if anything) else would have. Canadabat.


3rd - [10] Disgruntled Shoe Salesman


He sure does look disgruntled, huh? It's almost like there's two paint schemes going on here, but nob is wrong and they mesh really well with each other (seriously nob why are you always wrong huehuehue I should stop picking on you). I like the colour choices across the board. The frame has a really good balanced look to it, which I'm pretty impressed with. Normally, I feel those arms look best on tanks and some quads, simply because of the bulky and wider look they have, but the big shoes on those legs do a lot to tie things together. I don't know whether there's any actual thematic inspiration behind it or not, but I can't help but think of Al Bundy when I see this bot. Nomrah's description really drove it home for me, too. Al Bundybot.


4th - [6] Pool Noodle's Revenge


I'm pretty conflicted on this one. It's got perhaps the most unique paint job of the whole batch, which has a really warm overall feel. The bright yellow adds just the right amount of 'pop' to it while avoiding looking comical, but I do think the addition of a more neutral colour would have added some balance, like the dark grey does on ROASTED CORN. The leg, core, and head choices are great, but that's where it starts to fall apart. The arm choice might have served the theme better, but I flat out think the AW-RF120 would've fit better while still accomplishing the task. On top of that, I feel the back units actually detract from the overall design. The parts I like, I like a lot, but the ones I don't are killing it for me. It feels like it's somehow not completely committed to being a great looking bot or a pool noodle, instead trying to straddle the line between the two and having trouble maintaining its composure.


5th - [11] Boy


I really like the colour, weapon, and head selection. As mentioned in my introduction, this bot has some colour play going on, and it's most evident on the legs. The paint was also used to great effect on the arms, where the shoulder pieces seem somehow very separate from the rest to me. Overall though, I don't like how the frame comes together as a whole. I think it looks better from the back. Boybit.


In the other divisions, I commented a bit on other bots at this point, but I kind of opened with it on this one. Uhh...I really liked that this division had jokier bots, which I felt other divisions lacked this time, even though I didn't vote for them. They're fun to see.

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my write-up :


#01 REAVERBOT : looks like the ghost with a low-light shine in the darkness. weapon is fine but just one isn't enough, added more thing(s) should be fine or just made it to be RJ for more effective on combat. like the paint concept anyway.


#02 WHITE GLINT : a joke with WG on 9Ball frame. nothing wrong actually, but this design might useful for H+ only. too white to see any detail on the bot and I don't like it...even if I want to safe the Anatolia.


#03 DARK : (this is my bot so I shouldn't give any)


#04 ACHROBATIC : body paints, gun, and missiles, their colors theme are blend together like this bot is the complete-mass production bot, I like this one. (actually I don't like RJ legs but this legs is an exception)


#05 TANKY THE TANK : color theme together as ACHROBATIC but not look good as it. I love 4 barrel MG and love how this tank be but for PvP, this thing might gonna die first.


#06 POOL NOODLE's REVENGE : I dunno how awesome it is about previous POOL NOODLE but this gold-dark gold...and a bit dark-red was inspired me. the weapon, cannon arms is good but back rockets are not so good to fight...but it looks fine when put on the bot btw.


#07 CHIKANBALL : 9Ball with CHIKAN version....................... what more can I say?


#08 ROASTED CORN : looks like #06 but more shine-bright, also looks like more better style. (if back radars were another laser cannon, it would be more perfect for me)




#10 DISGRUNTLED SHOES SALESMAN : H+ version with some grenade launcher on back might make it shine. anyway, it looks like a bird with muscle and wearing jeans for me.


#11 BOY : it looks like a champion from the new-AC-era for me. might be H+ design. nice color theme anyway.


#12 NO RECOURSE : 4 barrels MG better. GG arms firing was easy to avoid and low ammo. somehow, this design make me feels like see T-600 (from Terminator)...maybe 'cuz color theme.


#13 FIRESTARTER : a boy with toys, white-red colors looks like GM. (MS. Gundam) you might be had much guts to use handgun and plasma, that's what I like about this.


#14 SLUDGE DREDD : the boss, the epic, the heavy, and of cause, it's black. also weapon setup are awesome choice. only wanna fixed is booster.


#15 NEGRO ANGELO : one of another design with colors theme together. round-shield arms and 8000R legs are make things look good. just put something on hand, this design might be perfect. (like FINGER for example)


since I give the vote already so I'm just make some write-up here.

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