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Aesthetics ACDC3: 1st Generation


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Division 1-MOA

Designs 16

Voting Rules

-Vote for your 3 favorite designs based on looks or the idea behind the look. Clearly indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes, along with their respective design numbers.

-Competittors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs, and are only allowed to vote on one of the 3 sites in which this contest spans.

-Voting Ends Dec 31, and results will be posted during New Years.



1 Erasure





2 Scorpio





3 Overflow





4 Rich Ryder





5 The Ultimate Pool Noodle





6 Maliwan

"Where form meets function." - Maliwan





7 Donatello





8 Klondike Joe






9 Headless Horse-Man





10 Coleslaw





11 FOG X





12 Gentleman










14 Metanoia





15 Chief





16 Man Shoes



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1. #09 HEADLESS HORSE MAN : it's headless as it looks like, you can say hand gun in right hand is his head.

2. #02 SCORPIO : dark-purple, so gud.

3. #01 ERASURE : most harmonized colored theme.


edit : (added why I like them)

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This seemed easy to vote on at first then I got stuck on the last 5



8 Klondike Joe

it reminds me of yukon cornelius so s/o to him cuz he's the man



11 FOG X

rad, and it does look like it'd be one of the Team FOG bots too



15 Chief

that's uncanny hahahaha fuck

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1 Erasure


bat is a bit too bland for my tastes. there was some attempt at using a different hue in the legs but its far too subtle to be appreciated. too much of same color. it looks too standard. head matching sniper rifle is just about the neatest part about this ac. WELL MADE SACK OF LAME


2 Scorpio


pink shoulders look both corny and unique at the same time. frame choice isnt the most solid, but u really cant go wrong with H10 head on quad legs. fantastic shade of green in the joint parts to offset the purpleness and match the slug gun. i feel that the muted red detail is a bit unnecessary, as well as the blue highlits. together those two match well but they arent a good fit for the overall bot. had they been different colors, the bot would have been much stronger.


3 Overflow


looks like default pink paint youd find in AC2, which makes it both standard and charismatic. the standardness of this bot is its defining quality, but standard entries in any competition are likely to get washed out. i dont think standard entries deserve higher than 3rd for anything, but thats not to say that this robit isnt solidly constructed (although i dont agree with the leg choice, but it still works out ok)


4 Rich Ryder


moa has fantastic camoflauge options that dont get much use because they are kinda hard to incorporate into a unique ac. this ac is a good example of that. u get a B for effort tho. fuck that head


5 The Ultimate Pool Noodle


old lame and mediocre

i dont think the pool noodle concept should be ridden for 3 contests. it probably shouldnt have even happened twice, but thats still somewhat acceptable. 3 strikes and ur out of the pool kid


6 Maliwan


form did not meet function. this robit does not look like a maliwan thing. simple as dat 2/10


7 Donatello


this robit doesnt even need to allude to TMNT to look badass, and then it does and it looks badass and comical and cheesy in an endearing way. its a very clever use of paint and parts to construct the image of a turlteninja, even with the scaly texture in the legs to mimic reptilian skin. is definitely a top tier moa bat


8 Klondike Joe


this robit reminds me of duke nukem or serious sam with its wife beater, blue jeans, and massive GUNS. also features shotguns and cannons but those arm weapons look deadly. robit made me smile a bit but i rly dont understand how it relates to klondike joe after i had to google who klondike joe was and im lost on the concept so its lukewarm at best


9 Headless Horse-Man


i like how the designer took advantage of the extreme paint in MOA to create a headless robit. this robit does everything it needs to do in terms of concept so for that it is very strong, but it still leaves much to the imagination because of the concept itself. i feel that the concept is weak and the execution is on-point considering the games limitations


10 Coleslaw



dats not coleslaw

dats da iron giant

dirty fkn liar


11 FOG X




12 Gentleman


is dis suppose to be sum blak rapper dude or sometin iunno. its got same prob as headless horseman where the concept is ass and the execution is where it needs to be due to the limitations of the game




omg is a snowmobile usin da snowmobile legs and da handlebar head and omg dats great

only complaint is that its NAMED FOR CANADIA AND CANADIA ONLY


14 Metanoia


god fkn dam it exogen



15 Chief


i dont even

i swear whoever made dis just haxd MOA and inserted halo 1 master chief into contest

its even got da battle rifle and omg


16 Man Shoes


i uh iunno wat to say

i m truly at a loss for words because im not sure what i think about this robit

its funny and ridiculous and obnoxious but im not sure exactly why

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1 - Erasure


There's really nothing wrong with it, I just don't find it particularly exciting. While I think I can see the idea behind the paint, I find it to be too much of one colour, and the green detail on the head is like a tease of something more. The frame itself does a really good job of not being too much of one shape while still fitting together really well.


2 - Scorpio


The frame looks a bit disjointed to me because of the core, but I honestly don't think there's any getting around that here simply because "MoA." It's a bit unfortunate since I like the other parts together. I dunno how I feel about the paint, since the more I look at it, it's really not too much of one colour like I originally thought. It's just not clicking for me. The arms look fantastic.


3 - Overflow


Standard or not, I do think there's some solid ideas here. The upper frame really works well with it's angular parts, even incorporating the radar in that, and the paint has a solid match of white and blue with two of the weapons without being overbearing. It has good balance, plus I just happen to like that pink a lot. The bot as a whole reminds me of this: http://monsterranche...m/wiki/Lesziena


Oddly enough, the frame would work pretty well for that, and it'd be the head rather than the legs that would need to change. I think I need to make some MR themed bots.


4 - Rich Ryder


Decent use of MoA camo. The frame sorta gives me the impression of a fat and stubby looking dude, perhaps riding around on one of those scooters or something. I'm confused as all hell by the name, and it has me thinking I simply don't get the bot enough to say much else.


5 - The Ultimate Pool Noodle


It's either a glow in the dark pool party or someone's been swimming in radioactive waste. Your face probably shouldn't look like that, so I'm going to say something went wrong either way.


Bot looks fine. The glowiness is actually really neat. I like Revenge better.


6 - Maliwan


Some details in the frame work together really well, but as a whole it doesn't click. The paint is tricky too, because the colours look fine as they are, but don't truly capture their inspiration. It's perhaps a bit too ambitious in its execution, trying to incorporate more elements than what would really work in MoA.


7 - Donatello


But why Donatello?


8 - Klondike Joe


Yeah, I don't really get it at all, but it's a lot of fun.


9 - Headless Horse-Man


I appreciate that the name is Horse-Man instead of Horseman since he's kind of a centaur.


10 - Coleslaw


The symmetrical back units work really well here, fitting really nicely with the arms and the legs. I think there are better head + core options. The colour match with the cap on the slug gun is nice, but I think not using the bright green on some of the frame details is a wasted opportunity. Overall the bot comes off real flat for me.


11 - FOG X


Y'know, I called it "the bottiest bot that ever botted" on the batcast, but I'm pretty sure that was the goal. Those FOG dudes all have really botty bots with a sleek intimidating look. They also all use the same legs, core, and head, but this only keeps one of those (head). What you choose to do with this information is up to you.


12 - Gentleman


Like, it's fine but it makes me think of Dudley, but it's not Dudley, and that makes me a bit sad. I'm going to go make Dudley.


I'm back Dudley looks just okay. Oh well.




I can just imagine [8 - Klondike Joe] taking this for a spin.


14 - Metanoia


I really like the bright playful colours, as well as the use of black to enhance them (especially on the legs). The frame is fine, and while I think the radars on the back match the shape of the arms really well, I find their less vibrant colour clashes badly. Both the WR-R57 and the M118-TD have more suitable consistency and vibrancy, and are yellow, so they'd play off that aspect of the frame.


15 - Chief


"Call me Master Chief."

- From Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn


16 - Man Shoes


It's a pretty abstract idea for a bot and is kind of neat even if only for that. Fun design.

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1st Place: 15 Chief

When I first made this bot to take a picture of it, the name and appearance didn't hit me until the very last part of the post where I was told to change the head aid to a certain color. At first I was thinking "oh it's another one of those humanoid monotone bots, how boring." Then I changed the head color and was met with a profound feeling of satisfaction. I'm not a Halo fan, and have never owned an Xbox, but the likeliness here is very immediate. The polygon aesthetic of MOA goes well with an Xbox Halo 1-esque Master Chief, and his monotone green suit with the trademark orange-yellow visor are strongly featured in a way that only MOA paint can do. The battle rifle is a near perfect match as well. Other AC games would have struggled to get that look.



2nd Place: 7 Donatello

This was another bot whose theme didn't hit me until about 2/3 of the way through building it for the pictures. The head choice and paint are pretty clever, allowing for the headband look with the green eyes of the turtle 'poking through' from underneath a hole. The pixely texture adds to the scaly look you'd expect from a turtle, and the bulkiness of the core contrasts the slim nature of the legs to give an allusion to a shell as well. The arms are beefy, which do a good job at mirroring muscular arms. Just like Halo, I'm not really much of a Ninja Turtles fan, but from a quick look at google images, it seems as though I would have gone with a darker shade of purple-- one that's less pink. The sniper rifle does a decent job at emulating the pole weapon used by Donatello, but overall this isn't as striking of a likeliness as Chief was for me, even though it obviously was a more abstract idea.


3rd Place: 10 Coleslaw

Picking a third place was hard for me. There really weren't any entrants that stood out to me like the first two. In the end I like Coleslaw a good bit, just because it looks very mechanical and intimidating. Those weapon arms are one of my favorite looking parts in MOA, and the the back weapons do a good job of mirroring them to provide a very symmetric and fundamentally solid appearance. The paint job is kinda wacky in a good way, and emphasizes the MOA aesthetic by highlighting its low-res textures. The shape of the parts also highlight the low polygon, boxy nature of the game's parts. I also get somewhat of a narrative from this bot too, as if it could be another one of your usual suspect low-rankers in an arena who stay low to derive pleasure from killing newbs.


Honorable mentions:

Erasure, Scorpio, Rich Ryder, FOG X and Klondike Joe are all cool to me.

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  • 2 weeks later...



Looks nice, and I don't have much to say about it other than that.




Also looks nice. The parts go together well, maybe less so the core, but that's not a bad thing here. I'm not sure about the color though. It's not that it is bad, but I think this AC might look better in a different scheme.




It's like Scorpio in humanoid form. I don't like those legs personally, but I think this is a good use of them. Although the link between core and legs looks weird. Color is weird but good, a little more interesting to look at than Scorpio's.


Rich Ryder


It's a tank. Nice color though.


The Ultimate Pool Noodle


This is a good looking AC and it's also pretty memorable. Good use of nuclear MoA coloring and a well put together frame. The back missiles are kind of just there, but they don't take away anything so I don't mind.




It's a RJ. OK color though.




Legendary. I didn't get the rifle at first though.


Klondike Joe


I see what this is, but I'm not sure it'll make my top 3. Interesting idea in any case.


Headless Horse-Man



Good use of MoA nuclear color and absolute void background. The weapon makes a nice head. It's a good entry but it doesn't strike me as a top 3.




It's cool looking and it has a cool name. Good job. I like the head, or that this AC makes the head work, along with the cartoonishly enormous arms. It has a nice color set too, the slight bit of purple goes a long way.




It's like Coleslaw, but not in my top 3. IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE EN WEAPONS. Any AC with those arms though gets points for having those arms.




I think it's a Blu spy. That's all that comes to mind, mainly from the name. But I don't know. Points for blue.






It does look like a SNOWMOBILE though




It's another good looking quad. Too many good looking quads, not enough numbers between 1-3. Why are the hands yellow?






Man Shoes


The shoes of a real mens. But planes do not fly on feet alone. Sorry my friend, we must part ways here.







1 - Coleslaw


2 - Chief


3 - The Ultimate Pool Noodle

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I'm not doing write-ups for all these, there's too many and I don't give a damn.


1- It's just not very appealing.

2- I like the colour purple. A bit on the bright side, though.

3- Those legs suck but I like that pink.

4- Tanks are boring.

5- Not interested.

6- Orange/blue is obvious and it's a borderlands reference and I fell asleep playing borderlands so fuck this bot.

7- Couldn't care less about TMNT

8- It's a robot that looks like a human. Okay.

9- It's a robot that looks like a horse-man. Okay.

10- Makes me hungry.

11- These colours are nice. Purple is nice.

12- Yawn.

13- The name alone offends me.

14- This bot isn't bad actually.

15- I wouldn't be caught dead playing Halo.

16- God damn those are some big feet but those colours are not good on my eyes.

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Not sure if I'll do write-ups this time around, I'll probably just end up explaining my votes and my bots after results.

  1. #7 - Donatello: Well-constructed. Theme, part choice, color, everything fits.
  2. #9 - Headless Horse-Man: Pretty much something I'd considered making. I don't entirely agree with the colors but the headless gimmick is good enough for me.
  3. #2 - Scorpio: The bright purple arms are very distracting from the rest of the frame. I'd forgive it if maybe the core or head were also different hues of purple, but as is the arms' lack of consistency detracts rather than adds to the design. That said, the part choice is great.

Bonus comments:

#5 - The Ultimate Pool Noodle: GO HOME YOU'RE NAUSEATING.

#6 - Maliwan: Colors are definit(iv)ely Maliwan. Don't remember their guns well so not sure if gatlings fit.

#16 - Man Shoes: For some reason this disgusting robot reminds me of Banjo-Tooie.

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