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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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I'm back, I just remembered this place a month later. Yeah, you can make a fanfic if you want.


I forgot to post this, the much more advanced, updated version of the game I was working on, it's in debug mode right now. After the title screen, there are a bunch of buttons around the character. The red button on the left takes you to what the fully completed level should look like. The gold button or pressing enter takes you to a level devoid of graphics for people with slow computers. The blue button is training mode, and the other buttons are levels testing various levels of graphics. I've been super busy with freelance work since I got back, which is why I didn't come back sooner.


Oh, and some moves of interests: Grafto now moves like the knight character from the comics, in short bursts similar to quick boost, if you try to hold the button or try to spam it, the flares get weaker. It takes about half a second to reach full power again. PIF can now shoot while flying backwards, allowing her to backtrack. I might remove her shield, but not sure yet. Ritrika has invisibility as her 2nd technique, the dragons will furiously attack the last place she was visible at, allowing her to attack with impunity for as long as her energy lasts. Phreit Nor now has a hoverboard and the fastest base boost/flight.


Oh, and Grafto has the highest "hitstun" value, meaning he will take the most damage from consecutive attacks. Pif's has the shortest, so she will take the least damage, but she happens to be the slowest character anyway, her shield won't protect her from higher level attacks like the grenade launcher flame and giant flamethrower.


Rayburst link:



special attack - z, attack - space bar, signature move -x, Powercharge - q, Arrows for moving and jumping


Remember, go to the level in the red button, and tell me the highest score you get. Just a single dragon can kill you now instead of hordes of dragons.


And if anybody wants to record their gameplay with something like bandicam, that be cool, I want to see how people play the game.


I gotta propably nerft Grafto's boost, sends him flying too far. And I have to add to all Phreit's bullets the property to destroy fire, since he has no alternative way to avoid the fire except boosting.

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sure… ill be… kenshin… oro...


(depends on what u mean by old, probably not. IDK Kuroi, Kurenai does ring a bell tho.)


to keep it real, I didn't get into the game till AC4, online play till fA… The first forum I joined was oriented towards ACV.

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@Nescient Oh, I see, I've been around the community since ACMOA. AC4 definately brought a lot of people, it was a pretty interesting iteration.


@YungEpsomSalts Ah, that sucks, that explains why I haven't seen them around since. I use to play matches with Kuroi back on Xlink Kai, around the Nexus/Ninebreaker days. Yeah, old AC gots a different kind of charm, but to me that AC and later ACs are apples and oranges.

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@YungEpsomSalts Ah, that sucks, that explains why I haven't seen them around since. I use to play matches with Kuroi back on Xlink Kai, around the Nexus/Ninebreaker days. Yeah, old AC gots a different kind of charm, but to me that AC and later ACs are apples and oranges.



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I see, lol.


Anyway, some background art and the game banner:








This will be the hero roster in the next game, I ended up picking the slightly faster ogre type, who has hair unlike the slower, heavier type, I probably have to redesign the ice girl, plant girl, and bug dude, but the ogre came out good. On the right some of the bosses, they might be in this iteration of the game.






The game in its present iteration:



  • the keyboard keys are

    q,a,z,x, space bar, arrow keys

    Z is B button on a controller, X is A button, and space is X butoon, lol

    q is y button

    I think A is R1

    and W is R2

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Some sketches of the present roster, and future characters to be added later:



Then I realized that the third characters design was all wrong, and redesigned her. Her attack is actually in the game as Pif's secret move in #4, except it's a laser instead of an icicle. Once she's added in the sequel, the secret move will be removed and given to her since she's suppose to have the longest range out of the shooter types.


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@YungEpsomSalts Yeah, I'll post art of her as soon as I'm done with the game's update, lol. Finished the grasslands level, Ice level, and a level called "Sierra Night" with artificial structures. The next game will have the adventure mode since these levels are meant to be played in order with obstacles and boss fights at the end. Right now it will just be a Time Attack and Survival mode with the levels as just arenas.


Yeah, she is a YukiOnna, it even says in her file name, lol, right click save as and you'll see "Yuki-Onna".


@Siri Lol, kind of ironic since she is the tallest of the female characters.


@The Talentless I heard of that anime. Never got to see it, but read an article about it like 2 years ago.


@Bakahatsu penguin Is that what you see?



Anyway, I was testing a technique for digital illustration, I'm gonna learn about composition and lighting after the game is finished, so the art for future games is more epic and stuff.




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Some sketches of the win/loss screens after a game. The top four are if you win with the character you pick in 2:00 and 5:00 time attack modes. The bottom to are lose screens.




And finally, added the last of the enemies, the Mach Dragon, capable of going over 800mph in game. Their speed vary, but this variety of dragons are faster than any of the heros. Grafto can only get a burst of 150 mph tops.




Your best bet is to get em when they swoop in to drop a firebomb. The green variety are the slowest, but have the highest attack power, the reds are the smallest and the second fastest. The blue mach dragon is the Dragon army's air superiority fighter, and now that I figured out how to put their mechanics in game, I was able to dust off that oild sprite, fix it up, and finish it, and now the entire dragon enemy line up is set.

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I finally fixed Phreit Nors sprite glitch. = _= I can finally say that all the character sprite stuff is done now, except for some cosmetic stuff which I could leave for the sequel{wanted them to fall off the map rather than blow up when being defeated, but whatever.}


I don't know if I should illustrate these game over screens, maybe, maybe not. The regular nighttime background might be fine. Then again, it might add something to the game. I've updated it since the last pic, it better shows the thrusters on the back of Grafto's armor too. His new #5 attack shows thruster fire coming from his back armor instead of his feet. He has thrusters on both, lol.




This was something I was working on for some screen in the menu, but I don't know if its good or not, so I left it unfinished:




I have a better idea for a title screen art anyway.

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